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Do You Really Need A Record Deal?

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For a lot of aspiring young artists, there's one thing that they see as the light at the end of the tunnel, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the ultimate goal: the record deal. For a lot of artists, the aim is to keep building up your following until you can get the attention of a major label and get signed. The idea is that you will then have the kind of power behind you that can propel you from an up-and-coming artist to a household name. For a long time, this is exactly how things worked. You worked at the low level until you got picked up by a label and you were then skyrocketed to fame thanks to the kind of money and experience that they brought to the table. But is that they way things are now? There's a very good argument to be made that it's not. There are a lot of different factors that go into it, but labels may not have nearly as much power as they used to. Here are just a few reasons why you might actually be better of without a record deal.
You don't have to deal with contracts
Just about everyone feels nervous about signing contracts, no one moreso than an artist. When you sign a record contract, you're giving away a lot of power to the label in terms of the music that you make and the way that you present yourself. In an ideal world, a record label would simply put up the money and support that you need while leaving you in total creative control. However, that's not always the case. Instead, many record labels use complex contracts to back artists into a corner and manipulate them into doing what they want. By staying unsigned, you retain total freedom over the music that you want to make.
You can still make your mark without one

Needing a record label to get your music out there used to make a lot of sense, after all the only way to get your music heard was for it to be on the radio or on TV and most of the time radio DJs weren't going to play music by anyone other than major label artists. These days unsigned artists have dozens of different avenues through which they can expose people to their music. Sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp allow you to put your music online for anyone to see. Being able to build a following from the ground up is something that many artists weren't able to do before but now, thanks to the internet, it's surprisingly easy to build up a dedicated audience.
It isn't the best way to make money
When you're signed to a major label, that may mean that more people are buying your music, but it doesn't mean that you're going to end up seeing very much of that money. By the time everyone from record executives to marketing departments have taken their cut, artists are actually left with a very small percentage of their sales. By choosing to do things on your own, you get to keep a much larger cut of the money that you earn. Sure you'll probably have to invest a lot of it back into the music itself for things like posters and studio time, but at least you get to choose where the money you make actually goes.


"Love Your Flaws" - Is It Possible?

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The idea of loving your flaws is an intriguing one. 
On one hand, it’s a win/win situation. It’s not like it’s always possible to cover over the things you don’t like about your physical appearance. Sometimes, you’re stuck with a problem that you dislike, and that means you have two options. If you want to find any body confidence at all, then you have to find a way not only to accept, but embrace, the flaws of your body. 
On the other hand… in some cases, it’s just not possible. Sometimes, you have an issue and it’s so overbearing that the idea of “loving” it is just bizarre. In fact, it’s not just bizarre, but it’s somewhat immature to even expect it. There are numerous reasons we all have body confidence issues and those aren’t going to change overnight, nor are the societal expectations of beauty. Furthermore, you can also feel like you have somehow failed because you don’t love your flaws, you dislike them.

Here’s the real problem… why are we still calling these issues flaws?
If you tell people that they should love their flaws (as numerous advertising campaigns now attempt to do), then you’re still saying: “hey! You have a flaw! Look at that flaw! You should totally love it though, even though it’s a flaw.” 
That’s… a strange attitude to have, isn’t it? 
The simple fact is that we come in all shapes, sizes, and differences. Some of us are blessed with long, thick hair while others have hair so thin they can barely scrape together a recognisable bun. Others have a lifelong battle with cystic acne, while on the other sound, some women see clear skin as a given rather than something they have to aim for. We can be tall or short; fat or thin; curvy or waifs. That’s the benefit of being human; everyone is different. 
So here’s how a progressive attitude could take those “flaws” and actually embrace a positive, healthy way forward. 
If you want to change… that’s okay! 
If you want to do something about your perceived flaws, then you’re not doing anything wrong or failing to “fight the good fight” if you do so. If you have teeth problems and want dental veneers to improve your smile then go for it; if you want to wear heels to boost your height then that’s your business - and so on and so forth. The idea that you might want to conceal things about your body that cause insecurity isn’t wrong, and you should never feel guilty about doing so.

Accept your flaws = far healthier. 
It’s far better for your mental health if you strive to accept (rather than love) your flaws. The areas of your body you’re not happy with are a thing. They are not going to vanish overnight. And while you might never truly be comfortable with them, it’s important to accept them for what they are: a huge part of the puzzle that makes up who you are. This might take a bit of work to get to a point where you truly feel able to do this, but the rewards are rich when you get there.

Feeling Bloated? Give These Tricks A Go

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia
Ah, the joys of being a woman. Regularly bloating is just one of those things we are taught we have to live with, like period cramps and PMS, but it can be a real drag. Well, it’s time for a revolution. Not only is it really irritating when it’s impossible to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, but it can also be genuinely uncomfortable. There are a few possible causes of potential bloating, such as hormones, digestive issues, or food intolerances. If you’re a sufferer, give some of these things a go and see if you can narrow down the cause, and relieve some discomfort at the same time.
Start a food diary
Bloating is often caused by intolerances to certain foods. These are not allergies, but they can be very uncomfortable. In order to rule this out or narrow it down to a culprit, keeping a food diary, along with notes about any symptoms or discomfort, can allow you to start to draw connections between certain food types and discomfort, which in turn may allow you to start to rule these foods out of your diet.

Give your digestive system a helping hand
Sometimes our digestion needs a bit of a boost, whether it’s for IBS or food sensitivities, and probiotic supplements are great for this. Probiotics for IBS help your body to get the good bacteria it could be missing, which can be a great help for a struggling digestive system. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of IBS, give it a go and see how these probiotic supplements can help.
Eat frequent, small meals
Often, people who experience regular bloating have a sensitive stomach and gut. This means, if you overload it with food it can start to struggle, creating lots of bloating and discomfort. People sometimes find that eating smaller meals more frequently puts less strain on their gut, and keeps bloating to a minimum. It can also be great for people who are struggling with low energy.
Avoid certain high-fiber foods
Some foods encourage your body to release a whole load of gas when they’re digested (ooh, lovely). Legumes, such as beans and lentils, are notoriously bad for this, as you probably know. Keeping your diet low in these foods, but high in other high-fiber foods such as wholemeal pasta and bread, might make a significant impact.

Keep your alcohol consumption low
Many of us like a drop of wine every now and then, but if you suffer from bloating, a single glass could help, but much more than that could be exacerbating your symptoms. If you’re a bit of a party animal, try having some time off and see if your bloating becomes reduced - you could have found your culprit right there.
Visit your doctor
Finally, if you can’t seem to get the symptoms to lessen, whatever you do, or you’re experiencing other symptoms such as discomfort or other digestive issues, a trip to the doctor might be in order. They will be able to advise on how you should proceed with your diagnosis and treatment.


Stop Ignoring Your Health Troubles And Become Happier

It’s so easy nowadays to get on with our busy lives and ignore any health worries we might have because we feel there's not enough time to address them, or there's a sense that we should just “get on with it.” Attitudes that push us away from seeking expert help when it comes to our health are only going to be of detriment to it in the long run and will cause unnecessary stress. It’s, therefore, time to take a big breath and be brave, and go and get professional advice on whatever health concerns have been sat at the back of your brain for months (step away from Google, that’s an order!).

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
What’s On The Surface
Our skin is our largest organ and shields everything that’s going on inside, so why do we mistreat it so often? As the skin on our bodies is the only organ we can see every day; it’s usually easy to spot any notable changes in texture and appearance. However, we are quick to cover up a breakout of spots with foundation and concealer and don’t stop to think that our skin’s condition can be improved.
dermatologist can inform you of your skin type and look into reasons behind breakouts, dryness, and discolouration; they are there to advise you on suitable skincare products and even diet choices, which can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your largest organ. Don’t shy away from good skincare, because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and the better you look after it, the healthier and happier you’ll feel.
The Inner Workings
Many of the troubles and pains that we experience on and within the lower half of our bodies are often ignored through embarrassment; however, it’s vital that whatever issue we are having is raised with a healthcare professional as soon as possible to avoid it becoming more serious. Maybe it’s digestion or bladder function that’s causing discomfort every day; it’s time to stop worrying, as it’s nothing your doctor won’t have seen before. More often than not, it won’t be anything to stress over, and over-the-counter items like incontinence products, painkillers, or remedies to aid digestion will be suggested or prescribed.
You don’t have to put up with daily discomfort or pain, especially when the problems are often easily treated and rectified. If you suffer from severe period pains, which affect your life for days every month; the likelihood is that the supermarket or pharmacy isn’t providing the relief you need; but you don’t have to live with it, as there are always different and stronger medication available. For more information on period pain, take a peek here. Imagine the feeling you’ll have when leaving the GP’s office, knowing that your life will feel better and become more manageable; you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing something sooner (but don’t kick yourself, it won’t help anyone).

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
From top to toe, outside or in, you only get one body so be kind to it and stop ignoring when things feel wrong. Whatever specialist you choose to go and see, be as honest as possible, to ensure they provide you with the best resolutions for your issues.


Why Good Health Requires Clarity Rather Than Vanity

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay
Everybody wants to be healthy, but we’re not all motivated by the same reasons. Some people may want to be slim so as to avoid issues with their heart later in life, whereas other people may want to be slim simply because they’re unhappy with their appearance. Whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good no matter what the motivation may be, appearance can sometimes be the wrong type of motivator, as it leads people to opt for quick fixes such as fad diets or simply denying themselves food.
The key to a healthy lifestyle is clarity rather than vanity. This means that you should be driven by a desire to look after your body rather than simply looking after the appearance of your body. Good health can only be achieved by respecting yourself enough to take self-care seriously. Fluctuating between weights even time you feel like slimming down for photos or a holiday is more damaging than maintaining a consistent, healthy diet as will be discussed further. Here are some reasons further proving why good health requires clarity rather than vanity.

Your eating pattern should be a long-term habit

This is perhaps the most important element of a healthy lifestyle because so many people have a bad relationship with food. You might see food as a frustrating necessity because it always piles on the pounds, but that might mean you need to rethink your long-term eating pattern rather than starving yourself on a salad-based diet every few weeks. Perhaps you have a bad relationship with your weight and the food you eat because you’re eating the wrong kinds of food.
The solution to finding a balanced diet and maintaining a consistently healthy weight permanently is to find a consistent eating routine which doesn’t pile on those pounds. This all starts with a diet low in sugar and high in nutrients that your body desperately needs such as protein, carbohydrates, and many other vitamins. If you change your long-term diet to include such foods, cut out the bad sugars and starches, and start exercising more to keep your body active then you’ll definitely notice a healthy difference in your weight and general demeanour.

You should be looking after your face for the right reasons

Your face likely gives you no end of grief, as it does for many people. We are our own worst critics, and that means we often punish our bodies to alter our appearances when there’s actually nothing wrong with us. When it comes to looking after your face, you should be appreciating the way it looks on a natural basis but striving to look after your health on a practical level. You could also look into options such as Belgravia Clinic for safe skin care treatments, as cosmetics can be helpful.
Still, beyond looking after your skin, you might also want to start visiting the dentist more regularly if you’re self-conscious about your smile. Getting teeth whitening isn’t always the answer; again, your teeth may look nice but that doesn’t mean your mouth is healthy. You should be flossing regularly to prevent plaque or gum problems. You’ll be much happier with your smile when you have something to really smile about: a healthy mouth.
You need to remember that your mind and body are closely interlinked

Mental health is crucial to being healthy not just in terms of external appearance but in terms of internal thoughts and feelings. Your body can be massively affected by your mind, as stress, anxiety and depression can all lead to overeating, lack of motivation to remain active, and even other physical problems or illnesses directly caused by your mental state. A strong mind can lead to a strong body, and practicing daily meditation could really help you to re-center yourself and regain clarity on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.