Stay Luxurious And Stay Thrifty

Living a life you envisage is not always easy but it's something we must always strive to achieve. Travelling is one of life's biggest pleasures, it broadens your mind and horizons, gives you inspiration, and creates scores of memories that you can treasure throughout your entire life. Whenever I am travelling, either for work or pleasure, I like to find luxury places to stay that either feel like home, or better. We should not ever settle for substandard, in any shape or form, although it's
also a fact that luxury comes with a large pricetag. I have complied a little list of how you can achieve a luxury lifestyle even when you're living on a budget. It may take a little more preparation, and a little bit of sacrifice, but in the longrun, you should be able to enjoy the more finer things in life. I have to be honest, sometimes planning a trip, no matter how short, or how long can be a full time job. I'm constantly scouring the airlines and set up so many notifications and rechecking comparison sites, to see if the price has altered. It takes a little bit of dedication but if you're as passionate about travel and living a more luxe lifestyle, then a little bit of dedication goes a long way. For a taste of true travel luxury, I would highly recommend heading to Tidlrs Luxury Travel section for a huge directory of some of the most incredible places on the planet.

Flights & Luxury Travel 

When you're looking for flights, you can come up against problem after problem. If you're flexible with dates, then you're definitely onto a winner. Here are some of my top tips to get good prices on your fayres.
  • Switch and change up your flight companies - sometimes flight companies will have really good deals on one way flights, but the flight home can be extortianate. Expel this by looking at one way flights home on another airline. If this isn't a big issue for you then you can even fly out from one airport on one airline and fly home on another airline, to another airport. It is often a good way to find cheaper flights. 
  • Don't spend too much time looking for flights - as we know flight prices zoom up if you're on the page for a long time, and browsing the same page frequently. Delete cookies, and spend less time browsing. 
  • Book in advance if you can - budget airlines are always going to be your best friend; but try and book in advance as often flights nearer the time can sky rocket, sometimes they go down in price, but more often than not, the further in advance, the better deals you get, and of course off season, August is the most expensive month of the year for flights. 
  • If you have booked a long haul ticket; it's always worth asking at check in desk if there would be any chance of an upgrade. Sometimes it can be automatic, but a little hustling never hurt anyone. 


Trains can be a great way of getting around, although they are usually heavily overpriced; and flights can often be cheaper. 
  • Play around on National Rail - If you take a little sneak peak on National Rail, there are usually a choice few tickets from your city to another that you can grab for as little as £3 but they are non-flexible. For example, there are routes from Leeds to York and Leeds to Manchester for £3 one way. Play around and opt for the bigger cities as they are usually the ones with the good deals. More remote destinations tend not to have many hot deals. 
  • Return tickets are not always cheaper - If you're not too fussy with the method of transport, then sometimes taking a one way train ticket and coming back by coach is the cheapest option. A lot of coach fayres start from as little as £5 to and from major towns. Mix and match your travel and keep within budget.

Hotels - Staying And Visiting 

When you're looking at hotels, comparison sites can be a good place to start. They are like search engines for hotel rooms, and I have found Trivago pretty reliable in most areas. If you like a taste of the elegant lifestyle, then you don't always have to stay at a hotel
  • Hotels ARE open to the public - I know so many people who often get very intimidated at the thought of walking into a hotel if you're not a resident. It's a fact that many hotels often have incredible bars and restaurants inside and the general public are always welcome. It is a hobby of mine, to find amazing local hotels on Sunday afternoons and sit and have a little coffee whilst enjoying the surroundings. It's a much more elegant way to drink your pot of coffee. 
  • Book last minute - hotels are more renowned for giving away cheaper rooms if it is last minute; but for every blogger out there who has a passion for hotels, just like me, then dropping them an email to let them know that you are all booked in but you're a Blogger could mean an upgrade, or perhaps a free meal. 
  • Judge hotels by their travellers ranking not their own - If you look on Trip Advisor, you will notice many of the top hotels of the city may not be a 5 star and some of the so-called 5 star hotels of the city are much lower down the list. It's because a 3 or even 4 star hotel is not necessarily lacking in class or elegance. It may just the fact that it is lacking a posh restaurant or a full spa with pool facilities. These are all things to consider. 
It's never an easy task to navigate the luxury market on a budget, and being a blogger definitely does help with this as opportunities are much more frequent than of a person who is not a blogger. Little tips to keep luxurious include, saving less money be frittering it away on many nights out; save the money up and instead go for one or two cocktails at a plush bar, preferably on a night where they have cocktail deals, as many do! Scour the sales and pick up a staple blazer and a good pair of classic heels; these are two classic pieces that you can grab on a budget that make you feel elegant and incredible! Don't forget on your travels to look luxurious and elegant with a fabulous new watch, take a peek here at some of the most incredible luxury watches that the world has to offer, with Tidlrs.

Never feel you are not worthy of trying and hustling for a little bit of luxury. Enjoy yourself and always keep your eyes peeled for airline deals! If you yourself are a luxury brand, then I highly recommend taking a peek at Tidlrs to take your luxury brand to the next level. Become a member today and take your luxury brand to the top.

Summer Styling Your Brassybra

Since getting to grips with my Brassybra, I have been really playing around with ways to use it and I can easily say that so far, it's been my summer saviour. In Corfu, it truly became my best friend, not only to allow me to wear the dresses that I wanted to wear, when I wanted to wear them, but also to give me that added support when wearing my swimsuit. Being a little bit bigger chested, I always like to feel secure, especially when going in and out of the sea and ensuring that I am adequately covered and don't have to worry about the waves shifting my bikini top out of place. Here are just a couple of the ways that I've been enjoying wearing my Brassybra.


Everyone wants to wear that beautiful summer dress. Whether it's a halterneck, a strapless or a cut away dress, there are so many beautiful ones to pick. I was recently gifted a stunning cut out dress from ChiChi London, but had never found a bra good enough to support me to wear it, without feeling uncomfortable, until I found Brassybra. It easily fits on, I used a C/D cup as it fits me nicely, and using the little nipple protectors first, I then stuck my Brassybra and I was good to go. The Vanilla shade bra I used worked perfectly with white and would highly recommend a lighter colour for Caramel or Vanilla. Perfect, right?!


I love wearing swimwear, but I do not often feel fully supported going in and out of the water. I try to find supportive swimwear but this isn't always possible and even if it is, I love the option of having extra support. I decided to try out my Brassybra with my swisuit in the water; yes Brassybras are waterproof and they are amazing! Not only did they do their job well but they also proved to be much more comfortable in general. I hate the feeling of peeling off a wet costume, but it did seem to really protect my chest area so well that it was a little more bearable taking the costume off! Ten out of ten and for this I used the black chocolate coloured bra as it seemed to be the best fit for my outfit. A little island stop for some swimming was exactly what I needed! Even the salty water did not budge the bra, and I cleanly removed it with some of my favourite body oil, which is what I needed after a day in the sun anyway!

I am sure that by autumn, a whole new set of fashion items will be the perfect accompaniment to my Brassybra but for now, summer is still clinging on and if you have any last minute summer trips (hopefully you do!), then Brassybra is the way to go! To shop Brassybra, click here.

*This post is a sponsored collaboration with Brassybra

Depression & Overcoming It

Depression is probably one of the most complex of issues that the humn body can be struck with. There are many forms, it manifests differently in different people and there are variations of mild to severe, but no matter what kind you have, it does not lessen its terrifying symptoms or make you any less worthy of getting help for it. It is NOT taboo and never ever be ashamed to admit you feel bad. Ever. I have always believed, in a sense, that if we do not feel down, even depressed from time to time, then how are we human? We feel. We are human and this is sadly one aspect of our humanity that likes to attack, but it should not make you feel like you are a lesser being. Definitely not.

I have suffered with small bouts of depression from a young age. I believe my depression was born out of anxiety, health anxiety specifically which started in my mid-teens. Having feared every single symptom would kill me (maybe one day it might!), I had set off on a crazy journey with anxiety, becoming cocooned in my own world, missing out on social events, because I liked the quiet simple, safe night at home, and I had also realised that depression was sneeking in to this terrible world too. With the complex nature of depression, it's hard for me to talk so in depth about my own issues, but I can safely say hand on heart, that the way of the world today, can easily contribute to those triggers for depression. My spells of depression can last a few days, wear off and then repeat in weeks, or even months. They often encapsulate my feelings of total utter worthlessness and entrapment. The feeling that nobody cares, everyone hates me and that feeling of, I'm trapped, I'm tied to this life and for whatever reason I'm unable to change it because it's too hard, it's not practical. It goes on and on in this cycle and living in a very small family, I do often feel quite alone, fearing that if the people I am close to were no longer here, I would have absolutely nobody. Although, as we have all come to realise, we are never alone. Someone would be there for you, near or far, someone would be there. So it all comes down to the main question, how do we really battle depression? When we will so low, so defeated by life, so panicked about the future and even the now, so completely worthless and pointless, how do we overcome it in the moment? Truthfully, it is a work in progress, no quick fix and sadly your vulnerability and your weakness to depression, may mean it will keep recurring and rearing its ugly head. In essence, it's like a demon in your head trying desperately to consume you and your thoughts. Panic often sets in for me too and uncontrollable tears; the feel of absolute doom. So here are some of my symptoms that I have from time to time when my mind isn't quite in the best place:
  • Overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and emptiness, as if there is no point to anything I'm doing.
  • Feelings of panic - there isn't a way out, I'm doomed, life will fall apart and when it does I won't be able to cope 
  • Feelings of total sadness - crying uncontrollably, feeling lost, without direction, overwhelmed with life and people 
  • Everything loses it's appeal and taste, I just have no desire or motivation to do anything, but cry and feel sorry for myself and wallow in self pity 
The ways in which I deal with these vary. I have a mother who is completely understanding of these feelings having dealt with it herself; but like for any mother or relative, they don't always know how to react because they don't want to see you this way; but it's a part of life, and you should never bottle it up, if you need to cry, then cry, even if it is front of your family or friends, if you're feeling it, you need to feel it. The next question that I always ask myself is, what triggers this feeling? Is it sudden, is it an experience or an event that's made your mind slip back into that way of thinking. For me, it's a mix. Sometimes, it's almost the final straw that can set off an episode, if someone has said something to me that's hurt me, or I've not had job satisfaction that particular week, or if things consistently go wrong in the day/week, it can trigger off an episode. I shut myself off from the outside world, wondering if anyone will care that I'm not online or that I have gone quiet, but this is no way to measure your life and measure the way people see you. Social media has so much to answer for, we judge our lives on glossy photos and whilst the grass can be greener on the other side, sometimes it isn't and there is always someone less fortunate than you in the world. How do I deal with my depression, what helps me through?
  • Getting to bed as early as I can, even if I cannot sleep, but it's futile staying up when your mind is in such a bad place.
  • Take deep breaths - this is something that I've been working on and it really does seem to reset your body. When you're crying hysterically or feeling overwhelmed or angry with life so intensely, ten slow deep breaths really does help put things into perspective a little.
  • Simplifying life -I've been trying to step away from my phone as often, putting it in another room or turning it off, it stops you from frantically searching other people's seemingly amazing lives online and gives you a reality check.
  • Realising that not everybody can or will like you and that's OK, leave them be; focus on yourself or find people who appreciate you for who you are.
  • Allowing it to pass - know that depression is a cycle, from trigger, to the intense feelings, then to the final bit of the cycle, where the wave dies down. You can't quick fix it, it will take its course.
  • Hormonal treatments - I am starting to incorporate evening primrose oil into my life in supplement form. Sometimes for women, their bouts of depression can be triggered by hormones, either around the time of their period or any time but it can be linked to hormones, so keep track if you can of when you're feeling down. Taking supplements for me is one big key thing that I definitely don't do enough of.
I have come to realise that depression can be tamed, it can be controlled, even without anti-depressants. I have never wanted to take these, just because I'm fearful of other things it may trigger but everyone is different; speak to your GP about it if you want medication. I think finding a good GP to talk to is important also, I know that I have a new GP, a female who is very understanding of all my medical issues each time I go (which is frequently with my health anxiety!!) and sometimes knowing someone professional is there is good. There are plenty of groups out there for people who suffer depression. If it's something in the moment, that you're struggling with or have any kind of suicidal thoughts then you can call The Samaritans on 116 123. It's free to call them.

There is always someone on the otehr end of a phone but most importantly, the thing with depression is, that tomorrow is a new day and the chemicals in your brain do shift with sleep and time, so this is why it's so important to remember that the universe as a whole is constantly changing balance and you as a living being is changing too. The days do get easier. I never tell anyone I suffer with depression from time to time, until now. I have told people about my anxiety, because in some ways this is easier for most people to deal with. I hold myself together in public places with people I'm around, because sometimes that's just human nature, but I have broken down in tears on a night out before; it happens. It's OK.

Just know that if you ever need anyone to chat to, I am here. Tweet me or DM me privately on Twitter or even on my contact form (right). It's time we stand upto depression because life is for living. Life is a gift.

Another thing that does uplift my spirit is creative writing, not just my Blog but my latest book "The Last Verse", a short story available on Amazon (all proceeds donated to the victims of Attica fires) - click HERE to buy/read.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, in northern Greece is the country's second largest city. In the far north, not too far from teh Macedonian border lies this lovely artistic and incredibly vibrant city. A relaxed way of life, where coffee and cigarettes in the sun is practically their religion, it is a brilliant place for young people or groups of friends. Seeped in history, with remnants of WW2 everywhere and of course the iconic White Tower, it is full of cafes, bars, lots of shops and a very bright cheerful atmosphere. It may be a small city but it is mighty and there are plenty of ruins and historical sites to see. The sightseeing bus is €10 per person and takes you to the big sights but possibly isn't the best value, as it seems to miss out some huge churches and monuments but you could pick the nearest bus stop and explore fully on foot; although my tired body did not allow it.

What To See

The White Tower is a historical point in the city and is beautiful. You can enter the tower and climb the stairs to the top to see the view of the sea and the city. Castro is also a brilliant place to see for views, you can hop on the city tour bus (€10 for the day) to see the sights, although it doesn't stop at many great places, it is a good way to get around if your time is limited there. At Castro there are little neigbourhoods to explore and a few ruins, including cafes and taverns with great views. The shopping area is huge in Thessaloniki. It is one long main street with boutiques and high street names, that make it a great stop off for shopping and treating yourself. I saw quite a few beautiful bag shops, good quality at good prices, it really was impressive for shoppers and can see its attraction for that alone. The main shopping street is on Tsmiski. If you take a walk along the waterfront, there are little gardens and artwork dotted around. It is very interesting for those who enjoy a little bit of culture and art. The city is famous for its students, so it's lively and always something going on!

The history of Thessaloniki is very fascinating and you will notice the architecture is slightly different to the south and the islands. It is stone mostly and has a definite influence from it's Macedonian roots. Of course, there was a large Jewish community and there is one lasting synagogue in the city from WW2 when sadly most of the Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. The holocaust memorial is not too far from Aristotelous Square on the main road.

Where To Stay 

I stayed at the Electra Palace Hotel. It was my second stay at an Electra hotel, as I have been to the one in Athens before and loved it. The location was perfect in Aristotelous Square, near to all the shops, all the cafes and within walking distance of the sea edge and the White Tower. There are lots of affordable hotels in Thessaloniki, many are based right in the city centre, but beware, it is a very LOUD city!! There are bikes, street noise, workers noises right through until about 4am and then it seemed to settle a little until about 7am but it's such a vibrant city, I found it to be even more noisy than Athens, but perhaps that was partly bad luck! There are some other 4 star alternatives for people who like a nice home away from home with all the comforts, including the City Hotel which is artistic and I passed it on my walk and it is stylish and very boutique feeling (would be good for couples!)

I took this photo from the breakfast suite of the Electra Palace - those skies! So moody yet so beautiful!

My ultimate travel companion was this amazing heavy duty yet still soft bag from Rox and Ann
What Is Accessible From Thessaloniki

The answer is quite a lot! Down the coast, you have the beautiful resorts in Halkidiki, around an hour or so away, with beautiful hotels and stunning beaches, which are becoming very popular with holidaymakers in recent months. Also, there are plenty of your companies in the city which can take you to the nearby Mount Olympus and Meteora (I was highly impressed) which are all magical wonders of this fantastic country!

So why not make this charming, small and friendly little city your next city break!

Mycanae & Epidaurus With Key Tours

After two previous wonderful trips with Key Tours, I had the opportunity to work with them again, this time going on a bigger trip, a full day trip to Mycanae and Epidaurus in mainland Greece! It was an incredible trip from start to finish, the staff and guides are always informative, friendly, and our guide Katia was very good, telling us about the history of the city and information about the areas we passed. Our itinerary was jampacked, with a stop off at the Corinth Canal on the way and it was a fantastic sight to say the least! Here is a breakdown from start to finish of my amazing trip, including lots of photos which are guaranteed to give you Greek wanderlust!

Dress: Klass Collection 
8:15am - pick up from hotel and head out to the Peloponnese to our first stop at Mycanae. We have a short coffee break at Corinth Canal which is a 4 mile canal which is an absolutely wonderful sight, from the bridge above, looking down into the unforgiving waters! See below how huge the drop is!


Next it is onto Mycanae, an archeological site with fantastic ruins and a beehive monastary which is shaped like a dome and hive, where dead bodies were was truly fascinating and definitely a little creepy! Mycanae is also home to ruins on the top of the hill where their Acropolis was situated. It was interesting to know that many cities have an Acropolis, meaning the highest point in the city but of course the Acropolis in Athens is the most famous. There is a walk upto the ruins but with the bad wind and rain on the day, we were unable to climb to the top, but even just going half way gives you the opportunity to see the most wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. It is wonderful to hear about the mythology of the area and the site has a museum which is also incredibly informative. There is plenty to see and learn about!

After this, we moved forwards onto a pottery shop in the area to have a little chat about how the famous pottery is made, including the famous justice cup which spills out if you fill it too much, which holds a moral message that we should never be greedy. It was great time to look at the amazing shop and I picked up two little pots that were just €2!! The shop was fascinating, there is something very beautiful about the Greek styles, they are timeless and even today they are copied by some of the biggest brands in the world. Before our stop off for lunch in Nafplio (Greece's first capital before Athens took the throne), we had a small walking tour through the old town. It is an incredible place and truly would be a brilliant place to stop for a weekend, if you are in a car. There are boutique hotels, plenty of trendy restaurants, beautiful streets and shops and at the top there is the Fortress of Palamidi at the top boasting beautiful views. We were shown down to the harbour where we had a lunch waiting for us!

The town of Nafplio is used on the weekends mostly by Athenians who escape the heat and the hustle and bustle, for the quiet streets and relaxing waters in the area. It is also home to Greece's first ever pharmacy, which is incredible. Scroll down to see this gorgeous little town and why it was one of my highlights, I am sure you'll be able to see why!


Epidaurus is a popular and stunning ampitheatre and the best preserved in the world. It's not as big as I expected but it is majestic and certainly humbling. Every year, festivals are performed here, available in English also so all can enjoy! The area is surrounded by parkland, cafes and is a hotspot for tourists. Also, there is a museum with in depth details about the history and Greek mythology. The whole area is dripping in history and it is a very inspirational place to visit. The area of Epidaurus is also popular with its town on the coastline, which also makes this a fantastic place to visit if you have time. I was impressed with our tour guide for her consistency and knowledge of the history, it was so fascinating to hear about so much, there was too much to take in, but it was definitely worth it!

The drive back to Athens was also a magical experience. Driving down the coast all the way across back to Athens, you have stunning views high up of the Saronic gulf, and all its luscious villages and landscapes on the way back. The rain had held off, the sun was beaming and bright beautiful rainbows hung in the sky so perfectly. It had been a dreamy trip and I was certainly ready to look back at all my photos!

Key Tours are consistent with performance and prices, they are undoubtedly my go to when in Greece and they also offer airport transfers at competitive prices. If you would lke to see more or are thinking of booking some tours whilst you're in this stunning country, then click here! Thank you for an unforgettable day!!

Cultured Museums & Galleries & Travel With Tidlrs

Travelling is one of life's biggest adventures. Waking up in a new city, dipping your feet into the new culture, perhaps new language and of course making the memories and building up a large collection of Instagram worthy photos. Travel is good for the mind and the body, but also spiritually and I find that this is the biggest benefit of travelling. The outlook it gives you on life, the positivity that seeps into your mind, then creating a strong mindset is priceless. Mixing a little bit of art into your trip is also beneficial. Art galleries are such quiet peaceful places and often very inspirational. One of my favourite hobbies is to play with watercolours, so clearly Monet paintings are beautiful and subtle and it is definitely a goal of mine to see one in person. However, this blog is going to be for those who love that artistic culture of other countries nad so I'm pointing out five of the best museums worldwide that you must see if and when you're on the road.

To pick out some of the best locations and resorts to stay in whilst you're travelling, I highly suggest taking a peek at Tidlrs Travel Category here to see where your next luxury break could be. Whilst you're booking your next stay, take a peek at some of the best galleries you need to check out whilst you're there.

Photo Courtesy:
The Louvre, Paris 

Paris is the city of love, culture, beauty and art. The Louvre is home to the ever so famous Mona Lisa painting of course, and it is a museum that is jam packed full of incredible pieces of art so luscious and magical that you will leave feeling so inspired and probably incredibly fulfilled. From modern art to the renaissance period, The Louvre has it all, and the entrance fee is €9 which is, considering its fame is a good price for a museum entry. It is the world's most visited museum and this is incredibly pleasing for a culture lover like myself, because Paris is certainly holding the crown in the art world and it is a brilliant way to also appreciate history. The museum itself does become busy, so getting an early start may be a good bet if you do not want long queues and busy halls inside. Website here.

Photo Courtesy: Nomadic Matt
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 

Amsterdam, as you probably know is the home of Van Gogh and a well known city for its art culture and its artistic flair; from galleries to shops and artwork in the streets, Holland is truly a place of art. At its core, it represents beauty, culture and freedom. The Van Gogh museum is a brilliant place to start if this is your type of art, however the Rijksmuseum has a much broader spectrum of artwork that would be better suited to art lovers. It focuses on Dutch art and history from the middle ages and some of the work includes Rembrandt and Van Gogh so this may be a good alternative to save money! The price of entry is €17.50 for adults, a little higher than Paris but there is a very good selection of famous artists and paintings. Website here.

Photo Courtesy: Rijksmuseum
Vatican Museums, Rome

Rome is the city of ancient history. Ever inch of Rome is seeped in history and therefore its Vatican Museums follow suit and home some incredible pieces of art. This gallery is not just paintings but is famous for its sculptures, including Renassiance art and of course paying homage to Pablo Picasso. The interior of the museum itself is well worth a visit, with stunning architecture. Its entry is €5 per ticket, which is well worth it for the art is houses and also for the building itself. This price also includes a visit to the Sistine Chapel and should be a brilliant tourist spot if you're in the city and wanting to take in as many sights as you can. Website here. If you're wanting a spot of luxury whilst staying in Italy then look for luxury villas from A&K.

Photo Courtesy: Secret Italy 
Tate Modern

My first visit to Tate Modern was in high school, when I felt that I did not fully aprpeciate it. I did not fully understand the history and significance of art as much as I do now. This is a brilliant museum for modern art lovers, with all its simplicity and bold colours, bright beautiful pieces of art that inspire and are so full of creation you could burst! Based in the heart of London, you can visit Tate Modern at a price of £25.00 (at its highest price, they vary). Inside you will find some pieces from Andy Warhol and more recent artists who have created and brought to life modern art in a way we did not think possible. Impressionism is also a big hit in London, so you will see many unusual and creative pieces. Website here.

Acropolis Museum, Athens

Athens is a very underrated city; beauty and culture all in one with history around every corner and the Acropolis Museum is a must see for those in the city.  The museum focuses heavily on science, with sculptures, findings from the city including rock formations and much more that is integral to the history of the city. Entry is €20 euros and €10 during winter. To experience the true history of Athens and what it represents, this museum is a must see. For more information on Athens and a comprehensive guide to the city, click here!

Happy travelling!

Bottomless Brunch At Issho

Issho is the new "in place", oodles of style and the ultimate in chic. Issho is a Japanese restaurant, which has a huge range of sushi and traditional Japanese dishes, served beautifully, artistically and in the most gorgeous rooftop setting in the new Victoria Gate. The restaurant has a rooftop terrace, which is divine and so comfy, on a beautiful day the blue skies and the tops of the buildings in Leeds really made you see the city in a way you haven't before; especially for a native who, after twenty nine years of living here, is a little sick of the sight of it. Issho is one of the reasons why I'm falling back in love with Leeds again. It's trendy and above all, it's top notch food and service.

They recently launched their bottomless buffet which is a buffet of carefully crafted sushi rolls, salads and a choice of warm food. It is £35 per person and if you should wish, you can add a glass of prosecco to your lunch, but the best part is, that is bottomless too! You can eat as much sushi as you wish which includes Robatayki, Bao buns, Maki, Nigiri and Sashimi, available from 12-3pm on Sundays! The whole experience was lovely, and it was definitely worth a try for me. Very laidback atmosphere and no rush at all. The sushi rolls included spicy tuna and salmon, nothing too difficult for the palate so if you're a newbie, this is a great place to come. They offered a beautiful tomato salad in a whipped tofu sauce, which was so delicate and cleansing. Also they had plenty of meat options which were being served by the waiters, so there was always something new to try if you fancied! There were chicken skewers and pork which looked lovely although I stuck to my regular veggies. If you're a vegan, you do not need to worry, there are vegan options too, I was enticed by the gorgeous looking veg rolls, which were just so delicious. I spoke to the head chef who was a delight and she told me that they are the only place in Leeds to offer this kind of buffet which is freshly made sushi prepared in an authentic way. The staff were attentive and friendly, willing to help, discuss the food options in detail; there to make your experience really good and I have always found them to be of a high standard. Some of the dishes I opted for were: chargrilled asparagus, edamame beans, tomato salad, california rolls, veggie rolls, and a type of veg dumpling to start with which was mildly spicy but delicious!

For dessert there was a mix of fresh fruit and caramel sauces, which were a lovely sweet addition to the fruit. Everything was very fresh and the fruit was a beautiful way to refresh after the sushi. You can request your hot food at the table and it will be made to order. It's a brilliant way to finish a day of shopping or even just for that girly trip you've been meaning to take forever. Or impress on a business date, or even show your friends from out of town what Leeds really has to offer at Issho! It's even a brilliant place to pop in for a drink, on the terrace, after work or for a relaxing pitstop.

For more information on Issho and their menus, including the bottomless brunch, then click here. I would suggest booking for your bottomless brunch as it is likely to get busy and this way you can ensure you have a guaranteed table.

*My visit was provided complimentary in exchange for a review but all thoughts and views are my own.