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Blackfish - Give them the voice they wish they had

Change is never impossible. Give the Orcas the voice they wish they had.
There is a famous quote once said by Frederick Nietzsche; ‘Man is the cruelest animal’. After watching the stunning yet horrifying documentary, Blackfish, there may not be a truer quote. Looking into the depths of this cruel yet compelling documentary, Blackfish explores the truly horrifying reality at SeaWorld; a reality which is still, to this very day, taking place. Right now. As you read this. Behind their glossy fa├žade lie deep dark secrets, secrets held back by SeaWorld about the treatment of their animals, and the tragic and avoidable deaths of two trainers. The very same trainers who jeopardise their own lives, sometimes unknowingly; for the inhumane owners who sink into their own warped world of ignorance, and more importantly, money. It is a sin that these people have the privilege to live gigantically by exploiting animals, and their employees. The sad part may be that, there just aren’t enough people who are aware of this going on, or even sadder, don’t care. Start 2014 right, watch Blackfish. Take action. If you don’t, nobody else will. The shire horror of SeaWorld's proven track record of inhumane treatment of animals is in itself a major concern, let alone the continuation of their breeding program.

Step into the Orcas' world from a more relatable perspective; what if it were you.....
Imagine yourself in a bare room; a room about 70 feet in length. You have only the very bare necessities. Food. Oxygen. You see no other things in this room other than a couple of familiar faces who bring you food. They sometimes communicate with you, but you don’t understand them; your language is different to theirs. They don’t understand you either. The first week would be endurable, but only barely; you begin to feel claustrophobic, you’re edging to get out but you don’t know the key master. You have no means to get out. You’re not the one in control. These people, they tell you to do things, things you don’t want to do but feel you have no choice because of what they may do to you. Another week passes. You’re still trapped. You’re still struggling to understand what’s going on. Confusion sets in; anxiety sets in. You have that sinking empty feeling of panic but you still can’t get them to understand you. A month passes, another month passes, then finally, it’s been a year and your shredded nerves are so damaged that you fear for your life. You want to get out but how? Before you realise it, you’ve been in this entrapment for nearly 30 years. Enough is enough. What do you do? You can’t speak, so you use the only method left. You stand up to them. You may not want to but you have to. You attack. You kill. Even then, it’s not over. Not even close. Welcome to Tilikum’s world. And Katina’s world. And Trua’s world. And another 23 whales in captivity at SeaWorld.
It’s a fact that these beautiful creatures are similar to humans in so many ways. They feel pain. They feel loss; they know when they’re separated from their children. They feel panic; and, they’re entitled to freedom; just like you and I.
Campaigns and protesting may just be the start of a worldwide boycott to take SeaWorld off the map forever, but this mission is no easy one. It has to start somewhere, just like anything in life. The inquisition that should so transpire should be a lengthy one; SeaWorld have raised more questions than answers, but in order to diffuse their rather profuse obstinacy, it takes perseverance and awareness. If you haven’t watched Blackfish yet, there’s time. But not too much. It is currently available on Netflix. Boycott SeaWorld now, and spread the word. It’s no shock to discover that 2014 will be SeaWorld’s toughest year yet but tough enough to have them closed down and their animals freed? Not without you. Of course the political potency of animal rights will continue to flourish I’m sure, but only with your help. Please take a few minutes of your day to sign these petitions; and please spread the word about Blackfish. Give them the voice they wish they had. Today.