Tips For Tinnitus Sufferers

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Tinnitus is an exceptionally overwhelmingly difficult condition to live with. Tinnitus is a condition which creates a severe ringing in the ears, sometimes a roaring or hissing, which can often lead to anxiety, stress and much more. Around five years ago, I came home from a music concert, only the next day, to be very aware of a ringing in my ears that was exceptionally loud and very disturbing to me. I felt perhaps it would disappear and that it was the after effects of listening to very loud music in a small venue. The ringing didn't fade. I went to the doctors, and a referral to an ear specialist, the ringing was incredibly worrying to me, very noticeable and when it was quiet, I felt as though my head was going to pop. It was discovered by doctors that my hearing was top notch. Thankfully it had not affected my hearing, but my anxiety was sky high, and for someone who already has anxiety issues, this was not a pleasant experience at all.

It gets better however. I was never given much advice on how to control my Tinnitus. Some say, it may go away forever, it may go away and come back, or it may never go away. There's nothing we can do, and your ears are perfectly healthy. It doesn't have to end here. Tinnitus varies from person to person, and mine has never gone away, yet I have learned to turn off from it, and I'm no longer struck with a feeling of utter helplessness and the drowning feeling of being trapped in my own head.

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Tip One: Keep low sound around you all the time!

At night, I felt my Tinnitus was at its worst. The darkness enveloped me and coupled with my Tinnitus, I got barely any sleep, I didn't know what to do and it was only when I discovered phone apps that play sounds, that I realized I could finally get my life back. It sounds simple. It is...and it's worth a try. Keeping sounds on low and focusing solely on what you hear can allow you to stop hearing the ringing in your ears. It takes a strict mind, and you have to train your mind to forget but the night times are so much easier for me. I turn on my waterfall sound or rain sounds, and I do not tune in at all to the ringing in my ears. During the day, I tend to keep headphones in if I'm home alone or the TV on low. Keeping other sounds around you are really important.

Tip Two: Do NOT have loud music or loud sounds around you or directly into your ears!

This will only aggravate your Tinnitus in the long run and it's something I have tried and bitterly regretted. Keep it low, or moderate.

Tip Three: Use preventative measures

If you are wanting to go to a loud venue, then taking preventative measures is a must. I often use ear plugs, easy to pop in, and they really muffle the sound meaning your ears don't take as much of the strain and in the long-run, your Tinnitus won't become worse. I often find some basic ones from the chemist do the trick.

Of course every case is different and you have to also remember that there are many tips and tricks to help you live an easier, anxiety free life, which won't stop you from doing the things you love. If you want more information, then please take a look at Action On Hearing Loss who have a whole section dedicated to Tinnitus and what you can do. They are also currently looking into cures for Tinnitus. You are never alone.

Find them on Twitter here.

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I've Discovered the World Now it's Time to Discover Love on Badoo

There comes a time in your life, when the luster of your ever expanding travel itinerary suddenly becomes a little dull, and it’s easy to become burned out. Soaking up culture, and immersing yourself in historical cities is still a boon for my mental and physical wellbeing, I can’t pretend it isn’t, yet there can be a lack of connection to life at home. A certain disruption to the homely obligatory agenda; go for Friday night drinks, or perhaps, catch up with an old friend on Skype that always seems to elude your memory. It’s easy to become burdened with work and travel, but avoiding this emotional burnout doesn’t have to be difficult. Discovering the world is enlightening and perhaps opens up your mind to other cultures, religions and races; it allows you to create a bigger network of friends in the long run, but finding them is not always easy.

Photo Courtesy of: Badoo

I’ve been exploring the exciting vibrant online world of Badoo; a dating focused social network, with a plethora of key features that put this network ahead of the game. Badoo is the largest dating app in the world! Essentially a place to find love, Badoo offers a safe environment to chat, make friends, with both male and females, and engage is enticing conversation, expanding your network of friends, whilst still allowing a distance. Badoo can slot perfectly into your busy travel life, whether you’re at the other side of the world, or stuck pinned to your office chair firing out emails; it’s easily accessible.

Discover 366m people at your fingertips; is one of Badoo’s most exciting slogans. In simple terms, it’s a vast exciting network, and you are guaranteed to find someone who shares your hobbies, passions, problems or postcode! Here are some of the major reasons to use Badoo, and it’s not just their security or safety features, it’s not just their huge collection of people worldwide, but it’s the fun features that they’ve added to Badoo, which create an electrifying buzz whilst you’re using the network. Face recognition allows the app to find the closest person in their network to your celebrity crush; it’s fun, fresh and simple! Highlighted below are some of the most modern, incredible features that Badoo has to offer, which focus greatly on women’s security, which is a prominent topic for any single lady, myself being one of them, I like to ensure the people I am talking to are the people who match their profile photos.  

1.  Video Calls & Selfie Request

Chat to anyone you connect with via video calls, it’s simple and easy and doesn’t require picking up and meeting a stranger for the first time outside of your comfort zone. Play by your rules, and first and foremost stay safe. The ‘Selfie Request’ simply means the person you’re talking to, is required to pop over a selfie as proof that they are the person showing in their photograph. In essence, it is photo verification, and this is a novel idea, especially for first time online daters. If anything seems untoward with any activity on your account, there is a helpful team available 24/7 to assist. 

2. Location, Location, Location

Badoo offer a ‘People Nearby’ feature, which allows you to tap in any location you’re in, whether you’re on the road traveling in Europe or at home perusing the local shops, you can connect. It’s easy to feel a little claustrophobic and potentially concerned when you feel that apps are receiving information about your location, but Badoo only access your location on a 30-mile radius, so you’re always safe.

Photo Courtesy of: Badoo
3. Finding & Maintaining Connection

This makes finding mutual friends incredibly easy. Badoo offers a ‘Friends In Common’ feature, allowing you to find people you may not realize are nearby you often; including a ‘Bumped Into’ feature, such innovative ideas have been sunk into each and every aspect of this dating site, and with this feature, you’re able to see who you may have walked past earlier in the day, whilst stepping out of your favourite coffee shop, maybe even leaving the gym. It’s a brilliant way to make new friends, a new gym buddy, or even a new boyfriend!

It’s a safe, fun way to connect, and of course you can access it by the tap of a button on your phone, no matter where you are. For me, playing around making new friends whilst on a long train journey to work, is an exciting new concept; allowing me to discover life and maybe love on my terms, my time, and my way. Download Badoo today, and find out who you may discover. Our journeys have only just begun!

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Ways To Help Manage And Control Your Eczema

Eczema can be a painful skin condition, and experiencing it can be frustrating, feel unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. But there are things you can do to help control and prevent the symptoms associated with eczema, such as very dry, sore and itchy skin, bleeding, and flare-ups, which is when it becomes very active. This article shares some of the different ways you can manage and control your eczema.  

Use a good skin cream

A first important point to mention when finding ways to manage and control your eczema is to use a good skin cream or ointment. Steroid creams, like a hydrocortisone cream, are a common treatment that can help ease inflammation and reduce redness and itchiness of the skin. Creams like this are easily accessible from both high-street chemists and online pharmacies, like Chemist4U. Always having a cream to hand – at home, or in your bag when you’re at work or out and about ­– can ensure you’re fully prepared if you have a flare-up.

Keep your skin moist  

Dry skin can be a common trigger of a flare-up, especially in the winter when the air can be very dry. If skin becomes too dry it can get rough and itchy, crack and lead to infection. To help prevent this, you should aim to keep your skin moist as best you can. Moisturising the skin with a body cream or lotion regularly and after a shower can help. Having a humidifier in your house, such as your living room or bedroom, can also help moisten the air in your home. It’s also wise to make time for a daily skin routine to keep your skin moisturised each day.

Wear loose-fitting, soft and light clothing

Another eczema trigger can be wearing rough, itchy and heavy fabrics. The scratching and rubbing of the materials can irritate the skin, and repetitive scratching can cause the skin to thicken and become very itchy. Clothes that are too heavy or tight can also cause you to sweat and trigger a flare-up. For this reason, it’s best to avoid wearing tight or heavy and itchy clothes, like those made of wool, and opt for loose-fitting, soft and light clothing, which doesn’t rub, instead. It’s also advisable to wash new clothes before you wear them to help remove chemicals that might irritate your skin. 

Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be common triggers of eczema. They can also create a vicious cycle, as having very itchy and sore skin is likely to cause you more stress. So it’s advisable to do your best to control and reduce any stress you might experience. Be wary of situations that might cause you stress and then do what you can to relieve it. Things that can help include regular exercise, breathing techniques, and methods of relaxation like meditation, massages and warm soaks in the bath. A good night’s sleep can also help, as stressful situations are likely to make you feel less stressed when you’re not so tired.   

Keep your home clean and cool

Dust and warm environments can both trigger eczema or make it worse. Dust can irritate the skin and warm temperatures can cause you to sweat, which can make the skin itchy and cause a flare-up. This can especially happen in the winter when you’re likely to have your heating higher in your home, and the low humidity can dry out your skin. So it’s wise to clean you home frequently, keep it free of dust as much as possible, and at a cool temperature.

Take daily warm baths or showers

When you have eczema, how, and how often, you wash is important. It’s advisable to have at least one shower or bath each day in lukewarm, not hot, water, for five to 10 minutes. When washing you should use a gentle cleanser, like one for sensitive skin, without added perfume or dye, as these can be common eczema triggers. You should also not scrub, but gentle wash, the skin. After washing, it’s advisable to gently pat the skin so it’s still damp when applying your moisturiser. This will help the skin better absorb the cream.

Don’t scratch and go for check-ups

When extreme itching and soreness occurs during a flare-up, it can be tempting to scratch your skin. However, this can make eczema worse, as rubbing and scratching can break the skin, which can lead to infection. If an extreme flare-up happens, it’s better to instead consult your doctor. Sudden or frequent flare-ups could mean you have an allergy, like to eggs, dairy products or pollen. So it’s wise to book a doctor’s appointment and have a check-up. Your doctor might want to discuss allergy testing with you to find out what triggers your eczema. They could then start a course of treatment to help you manage it even better.    

3 Ways to Connect More Deeply with Nature on Your Travels

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The natural world is amazing, and though many of us today live in cities and rarely ever spend much time in the deep forest, or on the top of a mountain, we still give away the game and reveal our amazement and fascination in the natural world by tuning into nature documentaries in massive numbers.
But what about if, next time you’re traveling around on an adventure, you took the time to really connect with the natural world in person, and not just through your TV?
Here are key travel experiences that have the power to dramatically deepen your connection to nature.
Go whale watching
Whales are, without a doubt, some of the most incredible creatures on the planet — mighty giants who live in the endless oceans and have complex social dynamics that we’re only just beginning to understand.Whale watching gives us a direct insight into the lives of these majestic creatures, head-on, and this in turn causes us to make the connection between all those documentaries we’ve seen, and animal conservation campaigns we’ve read about, and the real world in front of us.
Exotic animals like whales are easy to forget about in day-to-day life, because they seem like they come from some other, far away, planet. Seeing them up close and personal reminds us our place in the natural world, and can inspire us to be more conscientious about the ways we interact with the natural world in general, via the products we use, the charities we donate to, or the ways we dispose of our waste.
Hike up a tall mountain
The old story goes that the famous mountaineer, Edmund Hillary, when asked why he climbed Everest, responded “because it was there”.
Something about mountains naturally draws people in, and archaeological evidence shows that humans have been climbing up inhospitable mountainsides for about as long as we’ve existed on this planet.
Mountains almost seem like living organisms, with each having different textures, layouts, microclimates, flora and fauna. Climbing a mountain isn’t just a good way of getting some exercise, it’s a way of overcoming your own sense of struggle and strain.
And once you’re at the top of a mountain vista, you can see the world from a new perspective which you’ve earned directly through your own sweat.
Seeing the world from the top of a mountain gives us a sense of the scope and scale of the natural world, it reminds us of the intricacies and connections between things, and the struggle to reach the summit reminds us that even we humans with our advanced technologies still exist within the natural world.
Get involved in wildlife rescue programs
Many different types of animal rescue programs exist, and many of these rely on volunteers from overseas for assistance. 
These programs can include everything from helping to protect turtle nesting sites so that the eggs have the chance to hatch, to cleaning sea birds whose feathers have become contaminated as a result of oil spills.

Whatever kind of animal rescue program you get involved in, taking the time and effort to help injured creatures will serve to remind you of the ways in which humans and different lifeforms are interlinked.

Four of the Best UK Destinations For a Weekend Break

If you look for a last minute city break or a long holiday to get away from the daily grind, a lot can be said of staying closer to home. All of your needs can be met, by staying closer to home and exploring different areas in the UK. You wouldn’t need to stress about visas, passports, or getting money changed. You might not get any guaranteed sunshine. But just a break from the daily routine and getting outdoors can do anyone the world of good. Plus, as you’ve not had to travel far, you can make sure you’ve got your waterproofs and Hunter boots at the ready. Here are some of the best locations to visit in the UK, for all different experiences.

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

Shopping and Sightseeing in London

You can’t talk about UK travel, without mentioning London. It is a multi-cultural hub, filled with history, good food, shops and plenty to do. It might be one of the more expensive places to stay in. But with a wealth of hotels and hostels available, there will be something for every budget. You could do some shopping on Oxford Street or Bond Street, before heading out to a show in the West End. You could make a long weekend work there or even a week long trip; there is just so much to see and do.

Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

If you prefer a bit more peace and quiet, then heading north to the Yorkshire Dales is a great option for you. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor fun, including hikes, walks, and climbing. There are plenty of watersports on offer in the area too. So it really would be something that would get you back to nature and help you to forget your normal routine. There are lots of lovely cottages that you could stay in, as well as hotels and boutique hotels. You could even stay in one of the holiday Eco-Lodges in the area. Perfect for something a little different.

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
Mini-Break in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is home to some amazing culture and festivals. It is also home to one of the world's’ best new year’s eve parties too. The city is divided into the old town and the more modern Georgian part of town. So amongst the fantastic shopping and nightlife, you can view some of the amazing architecture and history. There is the large castle that stands at the top of the city, along with lots of rolling hills. So a quick mini-break away would be perfect in Edinburgh. There are plenty of hotels, so there will be something for every budget.
Relax in Cornwall
If you haven’t been to the far end of the county in Cornwall, then where have you been? It is a stunning part of the country that needs to be seen to be believed. You could surf in the area, as well as walk along the high cliffS. There are fantastic beaches, as well as botanical wonders like the Eden Project. So what is stopping you from exploring?

Beyond Street Fundraising: Interesting Ways to Raise Money for Charity

All of us have seen street fundraisers asking passers-by for money. You might even have been the person doing the fundraising. This method has its limits though. People don’t always like being stopped in the street and being asked to donate, and it can make some people uncomfortable. That’s why it might be time to think about other ways in which we can raise the money that charities sorely need. Here are some alternative and interesting ideas to get you thinking.

Host a High-Class Evening of Luxury
Sometimes, going for the high-end option can be a lot of fun. Many fundraising evenings come in the form of black tie extravaganzas. This is something that anyone can get involved in too. You can sell tickets to people and sell it as an experience that people probably haven’t had before. They can be served the best food, given some musical entertainment, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also hold a charity auction during the evening. And any successful bids that are placed will be given to the charity that the evening is being hosted in support of. It’s a fun way to raise money, so it’s worth considering.

Photo courtesy of: Flickr
An Extreme Sports Challenge
To catch people’s attention, you really need to show them that you're doing something unique and out of the ordinary. That’s why many people choose to take on an extreme sports challenge when they want to raise money for a charity. It’s something that anyone can do if they can muster the bravery. For example, you could do a Charity Skydive with some friends. When people hear that you will literally be jumping out of a plane for charity, they won’t hesitate to donate their cash. And there are many extreme sports out there, whether it’s bungee jumping or mountain climbing.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia
Eating Contests
Eating contests can be a lot of fun, and many of them attract large crowds. That’s what makes them fun ways to raise money for a charity. You can sell tickets to an event and take it from there. This kind of event can be fun when ordinary people from a small local community take part. Then, there friends and family can come along to cheer them on. It takes a little bit of organisation, and safety will have to be taken into account. But if you can take care of all of that, then it’s something that could be worth hosting.
Get Schools and Nurseries Involved in a Fun Activity
Charities often build links with schools and nurseries in their community. This is positive because it teaches the children about the importance of charity. And it also raises fundraising possibilities for the charities themselves. Things like charity walks or bike rides are quite common. Each child can then get donations from their family members. All the money collected can then be given to the charity when the activity has been completed. Ensure that you make it fun if you want to get kids interested though. You don’t want to bore them.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia

Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Migraines

From time to time a migraine will kick in, and it can be exceptionally debilitating. Without knowing what causes your migraines and how to combat them, it can be daunting and take away from your daily life, leaving you drained and unable to do anything.

The key causes of migraines are stress, hormones or eye strains. Women tend to get migraines or can suffer with general headaches around the time of her period. Stress, this is just sometimes unavoidable but trying tricks like yoga and meditation, can really assist your stress levels. To avoid any problems with your eyes, ensure that you get your eyes tested yearly. It may be that you need glasses or stronger lenses, it may be connected with overtiredness or a bug, but it's best to get things checked.

Ways To Help

  • Cool dark room - expel as much light as you can, wear an eye mask in bed if you bed to and keep it cool. The migraine can get worse in the heat. 
  • Medicate - try over the counter remedies, or look at Independent Pharmacy for some other options for effective migraine relief. 
  • Excerise - if you feel upto it, allow yourself to get up and try to do a little bit of exercise. This will get the blood flowing and you may start to feel a little better. This can be a little jog, or a walk, perhaps even swimming, and it can aid. 
  • Avoid caffeine & stock up on vitamins - may seem obvious but some people think the caffeine will wake them up a little and therefore perk them up but this isn't always the case. Definitely opt for some healthy options, salmon, vegies, any food with magnesium in is very good. 
  • Hydrate - drink plenty! We forget to do this usually when we do feel OK and the effects can be very bad. Keep up your fluids, this will really help also and get some rest! 
So here are some of your tips to keeping healthier and happier when a migraine strikes! Don't allow your life to be dictacted by migraines any longer and be sure to try all of the above to feel better quicker! 

The Weird And Wonderful Things You Can Do For Charity

Doing something for charity can be both rewarding and exciting. Many charities often rely solely on the donations of others for good work to continue. But often people don’t want to just donate a small amount that they can afford, they like the idea of doing something different, to raise awareness and potentially raise much more than they could personally donate themselves. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the weird and wonderful things you could do for charities close to your heart. Perhaps it will inspire you to try one yourself to raise money and awareness.

Photo: Pixabay

Get onboard with an ongoing trek, climb or hike
Thankfully, you don’t have to have that lightbulb moment yourself when it comes to looking out for events and organised activities. All you need is the inspiration to actually do something and then head to the internet to look for something that might spark your interest. There are plenty of organised treks, hikes or climbs you can be part of, often in aid of your chosen charity or something that is close to your heart. Think climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking the Oman desert or even something as simple as a sponsored climb or hike where miles and distance are what you base your donation on. 
A charity swim
A popular way to raise money is to consider a charity swim. This is a great way to encourage you to raise money while also taking care of your health in the process. You could easily be sponsored by how many lengths you do. Or if you want to be a little weird and crazy why not take on some of the biggest swimming challenges. A sea or lake swim can be a great way to encourage more donations, due to the type of event you are taking part in. Although, ensure that you only take on something that you are physically able to do. 
Donate something crazy
If you like the idea of raising a large sum of money but don’t feel confident enough to take part, in any event, yourself, then why not donate something to a charity organisation. Of course, the crazier, the better, and in truth the more money that could potentially be raised. Charities have been known to accept car donations enabling them to sell the asset for funds, old pieces of furniture or clothing with a backstory, or anything celebrity related can always work well with charity. 
Change something about yourself
Finally, why not do something a little different with yourself to raise money for charity. Perhaps you have long hair and would be willing to have it all off for charity. Maybe you would get a tattoo or a body piercing if enough money was raised. There are many different possibilities that you could consider, and as long as you are 100% comfortable with it, the money raised could go to a very worthy cause. 
I hope this has offered you some inspiration for some of the weird and wonderful things you can do for charity.

Take All The Help Going To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay
Trying for a child is one of those processes that pulls your emotions all over the place. Yes, there is the excitement of hoping to bring a new life into the world, always a positive feeling. But with trying, of course, comes the fear of failure. Add into the mix the anticipation, frustration, doubt and love that you'll be feeling, and it is a potent mix. This isn't enough to stop us trying, of course, but it helps to be ready.
One thing that needs to be said about trying for a baby is that it's not easy. Although there is a lot of information and a lot of assistance out there, you may still find that it's not first time lucky. It may not be second time either. You just need to keep up hope that it will be one of these times. Persistence may be necessary. After all, it's not like the process is all bad, is it?
One thing that needs to be borne in mind as you prepare to bring a new life into the world is that you can't have too much help. You may feel like you're getting too much advice - and need to tune some of it out - but the more strings to your bow, the better
Eating Right Does Make A Difference
Sometimes claims are made for diet that people really have no business making. Listen to enough people with enough diet tips and you could believe that this berry will cure cancer, or that bread will make you smarter. But the truth is that diet does play a part in health, on every level, for good or bad. And if you're trying to get pregnant, beans and leafy greens will help. Don't worry, so will ice cream!
Taking Supplements Can Fill In Gaps

Preparing your body for anything you want to make it do is about making sure you have every tool at your disposal. Some of us can get what we need from diet alone. Some of us readily produce, naturally, what is required. Sometimes we need supplementary assistance. If you have a condition like PCOS, you may find it hard to get pregnant and need some help.
If you fall into that bracket, then there are useful supplements. One example is D-chiro Inositol, which promotes improved fertility and oocyte quality. This is essential for balancing up the roadblock that circumstance has thrown in your way.
A Positive Attitude Is More Than Just Self-Help Talk
You'll probably get sick of people telling you that you just need to stay positive. Not least because if all it took was positive thinking, we'd all get lucky first time. You'll need more than a positive attitude, but it does help. You'll reduce stress and with it all of the tangible health issues that it causes. This will make your body more ready to create and nourish a new life. Meditation and lavender are just a couple of tools in your arsenal for stress relief.
Getting pregnant is not going to be easy, and there are bumps along the road, but what you get at the end of it is worth the wait and the worry. Just make sure that you keep a focus on your own well-being, and what will be will be.