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"Krazy" for Korres

A couple of years ago, after trolling the John Lewis store for some time, I came across a little stand with the sign above, saying "Korres" Korres Website. After an extensive browse and reading up on their impressive philosophies and its roots within homeopathy, I was keen to give it a go. My first purchase happened to be the creamy and lush lip butter in 'Guava'. I loved it. There was something so rich and special about it, not only did it tint my lips a perfect 'my lips but better' colour, but it also gave them a supple and shiny finish. I had been on an extensive search for some time, to find good, classy and natural products that didn't break the bank for so long, and when I found Korres, I didn't look back. 

Korres is a Greek brand, created by George Korres who began working in homeopathic pharmacy. It was here that the realization of natural and organic products being essential in skincare became a true reality. Korres is delightful. There is something so raw and and honest about the products, and being a huge fan of Greece and the Greek culture, I found that I had to invest in more! Here are some of my favourites that I have been loving over the months, and finally, I feel it is only right to give them a place here on my blog to allow the rest of the world to see just how luscious and utterly divine they all are!

Firstly, and possibly my holy grail product has to be the 'Wild Rose 24 hour Moisturising and Brightening cream' - Buy Now . I could write a dissertation on how this has changed my life, but to sum it up in a nutshell - it works. It works! It has the lightest texture, a little like yogurt, airy yet so rich, which is what instantly drew me in. It settles into the skin so effortlessly, and the subtle scent of rose is a little perk for when you're starting off your day and ready to do your make-up! Instantly I can see my skin looking brighter. If you suffer with dull skin or dry skin, it really does instantly give you a glow, and I genuinely have not seen any stubborn dry patches trying to rear their ugly heads, even through this harsh British winter! It is the perfect companion for your foundation because it gives a really lovely base, yet doesn't make your make-up product slip and slide around your face. My face still feels brightened at the end of the day. It has truly been a life-changer! 
Wild Rose 24 hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream

Secondly, of course we have to talk about its sister product, the "Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial" - Buy Now. These two work like magic in conjunction with each other. Similar in texture, although this is a little thicker when applying, it really has made my skin look and feel visibly healthier. I apply this at night after a bath and I'm relatively generous with it but it's so light that you don't need to be (I just personally love applying it!). The scent is a little more tailored to night time, a little more herbally, but again, lovely. This has made my night time skincare routine so much more enjoyable. 
Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial 

Next, I want to talk about a new product I've tried which is the Korres "Waterlily Shower Gel" - Buy Now. So fresh smelling I feel like I'm relaxing in the middle of a rainforest, it's so earthy but floral. It leaves my skin feeling very clean without that squeaky feeling which I personally don't like. My little bathtime routine has become significantly improved. Light a few candles, put on my rain sound app and apply lashings of the Waterlily shower gel on my loofah and pamper away! 

Water Lily Shower Gel 

Next, I want to talk about the "Fig Body Milk" - Buy Now. Being a chronic dry skin sufferer and being at the mercy of annoying flaky skin all year round, I had wanted to try something that I thought could help. During a recent shopping trip, I picked this product up. It sinks into the skin very easily and the fig scent is delicious! The texture is so light but still has that rich feeling, reminiscent of all the Korres products, they sink in they don't just sit there. I find fig to be a delicate yet exquisite scent. It is kind to sensitive skin and is a winner for anyone with dry skin! Rich in vitamins and antioxident enzymes, it is a perfect choice to keep your skin supple and looking refreshed! 
Fig Body Milk

Finally, I can't complete my Korres favourites, without throwing in a body scrub! The one I use and love is the "Mint Tea Body Scrub" - Buy Now. I'm a huge mint tea lover to drink, so this seemed like a perfect bet for me. I use it twice a week, because the one thing I've noticed about my skin after using it is, it seems less coarse, because I can get those annoying pimple patches on my arms and legs, and this seems to really stimulate the circulation, and as it states in its description, it improves microcirculation with its ingredients packed full of vitamins and nutrients, such as zinc, and sodium.

Mint Tea Bodyscrub

So there you have it, my absolute favourites by a brand that is worthy of being praised, and has really changed my outlook on skincare! Additionally, it has made me really scrutinize the ingredients that go into the products I put onto my skin. Your skin is precious, and it deserves the best. So why not go treat yourself to some decadent Korres products, I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!

Happy shopping!