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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

With the prodigious number of attacks on wild elephants for ivory ever on the increase, it has become vital to protect the remaining number of wild elephants, which currently stand at 35,000 wild Asian elephants, 450,000 Wild African Elephants, safe from poachers.

Groups of ruthless poachers endeavour to kill as many elephants as they can, daily, to salvage their precious ivory to sell overseas. An elephant's tusk is made of pure ivory, which can be sold to consumers, mostly in Asia to carve jewellery, and ornaments. The selling of this ivory is illegal and has been banned yet poachers still maintain their cruel mindsets and continue on killing. This extermination of elephants can leave behind many baby eles, without mothers or fathers, to fend for themselves. This is when the David Sheldrick Trust comes in like angels from heaven.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Trust - David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Website cares for orphaned elephants, giving them a safe and caring environment to thrive in, to learn in and ultimately give them the foundations they need to a life in the wild one day. They have over thirty years experience in the industry, and have obtained a high level of sophistication in their craft and have a deep-seeted passion  in the welfare of orphaned elephants. Actress and Patron of the DSWT, Kristin Davis, has invested much time into the Trust, to support and honour their work. She also has a range of 'Say No To Ivory' t-shirts on sale, in varied colours, with all proceeds going to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can buy here - BUY Say No To Ivory T-Shirts

With a easy to navigate website, you can browse each orphaned elephant, meet the people behind this incredible Trust, and an easy to select option to support and donate to the Trust. Each of the seven keepers they have, are truly dedicated and skilled professionals, who have undertaken the responsibilites of caring for these desperate elephants who have been left fending for themselves in the depths of wild Africa. Elephants possess an incredibly high level of intelligence and emotion, even more heightened than those of human beings. It is vital that we create a support system for these orphaned elephants to prevent extinction of these magnificent creatures before it is too late. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with supporting these vivacious and beautiful baby elephants, click here - Help

Please take a stand and support this fantastic organization. Make a change. You can. We all can.