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7 Beauty Hacks!!!

We are all living in a tech-savvy, hack-savvy world, where we are constantly on the hunt for tricks and tips that are firstly convenient, secondly thrifty, and thirdly, uber cool!! Here are some little hacks for you and your inner beauty guru who is looking to release your inner goddess that little bit quicker! Here are 7 quick tips!


1. Brows

My brows are so unshapely and sparse most of the time (until they're heavily filled in, woop!) that I don't really need a brow gel; but lots of girls do. However, next time, instead of going out and spending any money on an expensive brow gel, pick up the vaseline! Run a little bit of vaseline over your spoolie and comb through your brows. It helps keep them set in place well, and also assists with their growth! Vaseline is also a fab way to keep your feet supple and soft!

2. Run out of moisturiser?

Anyone who suffers with dry skin should love this one! If you have run out of moisturiser or are seeking out that extra little bit of glow then look no further than...your kitchen! Take a little teaspoon of olive oil, the purer the better really (obviously no flavoured ones...) and put a thin film of it all over your face. It acts as a really good moisturiser and it gives your skin that really clowy look. Gently dab your face with some tissue before applying make-up though, as it can make your foundation slip and slide!

3. Tacky nails! 

When you're waiting for your nails to dry, it's utterly frustrating. Unless you have super fabulous nail polish that dries within 20 seconds or less then you can be left wafting your hand around like an idiot or blowing on your nails constantly until you go dizzy. (Maybe that's just me...) As soon as you feel your nails getting that little bit tacky. Run them under the cold water tap. The cold water will help seal the nail polish twice as quick!

4. Volumising fine hair?

This one is not just for people with fine hair. If you have that little bit of hair at the side or fringey bits that you want to tease but don't have anything small enough? Keep an old toothbrush nearby and it's the perfect mini teasing comb! It also serves as a great exfoliating brush for your lips!

5. Lenghy lashes! 

To help your mascara apply nicer and give more length and volume, try dusting some baby talc through them first, which will help the mascara cling to the lashes much easier!

6. Get out the hairspray

Keep your hair in place with a spritz of hairspray on your bobby pins! It will help them from sliding out over the course of the day because we all know how irritating that is!

7. Banana skin!?

The inside of a banana peel is full of great minerals and good stuff that is really good for helping to naturally whiten your teeth. Give them a gentle rub for a few minutes with the inside of the peel and you will get naturally white teeth. Obviously this is a quick and convenient way and is not super long lasting, but cheaper and probably healthier in the long run!