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Coffee....why you should be drinking more.

A lot of us love coffee. Some of hate coffee. Or, some of us, can take it or leave it. For years i had a love hate relationship with coffee. Having been very sensitive to caffeine when I was younger (still am a little bit really), I opted for decaff tea, or herbal tea, or something totally different. Now, incorporating a little bit of caffiene into my lifestyle has really assisted that 'caffeine problem'. 

BUT I'm even more eager to reach for the percolator because coffee can have a really good effect on your health. Yes, tehre are tons of scarmeongering articles about coffee being bad for you too, but the amount of scaremongring that goes around about every single thing we eat is just mindblowing. I'm surprised we don't all just live on water...although, even that can be bad for you, right?! 

So here are some reason to start washing your breakfast down with a swig of hot coffee. Although there are some sweeping statements over the net that say, coffee does not give you that energy boost you so desperately need, but I've personally found that coffee, coupled with a glass of cold water, does help! You should really drink a glass of water with your coffee anyway, because it can dehydrate you, and a lot of cafes in Europe bring a glass of water with your coffee (fab), but in the UK, we're incredibly behind on that bandwagon. Here are some reasons why coffee can be a really good beverage to drink. You even get some of the benefits if you are a decaff fan! 

1. It can help lower your risk of liver disease and diabetes. 
2. It can lower your risk of dementia/alzheimers
3. It can help fight depression.
4. May lower your risk of a stroke.
5. It is packed full of antioxidents! Which are good for your blood and heart! 

I hope some of these have been interesting for you. Whilst I sip on my coffee right now and write this, I want to add a point number 6, that drinking coffee, really does make you feel more creative and more like a 'writer'. Just me? Maybe.

Happy drinking!