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Editing Apps for Instagram

I, just like many of us, sometimes feel the need to touch up my photos. It may be because the lighting isn't quite right, or I have a blemish that just stands out a mile (in my eyes at least), or perhaps I just need that extra pop of colour to make myself look a little less ghost like. We do seem to feel that we will not be 'Instagram worthy' if our photos aren't 'on fleek' as they say, or if we are condemmed to uploading less than perfect photos for our viewers to look at...but that all important double tap on our instagram photos does make us feel quite pleased. 

This is basically in a nutshell how I edit my photos for Instagram, and the best apps, mostly free and one paid for app, that I find really just hit the mark. This is basic idea of how I have them set out on my phone. Easily accessible, all in one folder, I find this just makes the editing procress a tad easier! 

And the process begins. This is the original photo that I will be working with. A regular selfie, with reasonably good natural light but it does need some touch ups here and there before it's ready to go to Instagram. 

The first app I use, is FaceTune (a paid for app), and I love this app. You can do just about everything on it that you would need to, including adding colour in specific areas to your face, so essentially you could change the colour of your blusher or lipstick! There are many things to play around with and it is by far on of the best editing apps there is. Usually I use this to smooth out my face a little. You can go full on with your smoothing or keep it natural, the lighter the hand, the better it turns out in my opinion, you look airbrushed without really trying, 

FaceTune App
Next, for some extra perfecting, I use MOLDIV (free), which has a multitude of options, for altering the shape of your face, making things larger or smaller, and 'beautifying' options, with some delicate filters, but I may just use this to make my eyes pop a little more, even though usually my eyes do come out quite big on camera! The option is there if you want to touch up the shape of your face a little!

If I feel the colour temperature needs to be altered or I need to get rid of some reddy tones in the photo, I will use Felterra (free), and this has many option, for colour correcting, borders, textures and sometimes this just adds an additional layer before it goes to Instagtam. You can play around with the temperature and it tells you in numbers how much you are adding. 

Filterra App
Next, if if I am not feeling like uploading to Instagram, I will use Pixlromatic (free), just to play around with some funky filters, and whilst that is all you can do on there pretty much, they are relatively creative filters. Although this app is not hugely as popular as it was three years ago, but if you want to bypass Instagram and go straight for some cool effects, then this is the one for you. 

Pixlromatic App
Before, I do anything, I am obsessed with the white borders around photos on instagram, I feel it gives a more elegant feel to the photo and your page and you can upload the photo in its entirity. This app I use is PicTapGo (free) which have some great filters, I usually go for the light airy ones, and then crispen the photo up on Instagram, but the lighter and cleaner looking, the better, as darker filters I feel can darken up my eyes and my skin in general and the photo loses it's clarity a little. Then it is time for me to upload to Instagram, which I usually do after applying a Instagram 'Float' option to give it a white border when I upload. Then on Instagram itself, mostly I use the lightest options, so 'Amara', 'Valencia' filters because I find they keep the photo looking as natural as possible. 

PicTapGo App
Happy Editing! Apps Mentioned: 

  • Facetune
  • Pixlromatic
  • PicTapGo
  • Filterra