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How to eat more fruit!

We can all have those days where we reach for the easy food option. A slice of toast, a pot of hot coffee. We have busy lives, and life is so fast paced that we sometimes forget to include fruit into our diet! I am a huge fruit lover, but I can be really lazy when it comes to eating it! I love to eat fruit in a creative way...when I can, because there's something about sitting down and taking a bite out of an apple that doesn't excite me in any way. So here are some tips, on how to include fruit into your diet in easy and creative ways, that will get your tastebuds watering, and keep your immune system that extra bit healthy!

When you are either on the go, or wanting to do something a little more creative to include fruit in your diet, here are some good ways to do it, that really don't take up any time at all!!

1. Fruit in your salads

Mango, apple, pineapple, grapes all go so well in a salad! It gives a tad of sweetness to the salad and works really nicely with peppery salad leaves. It's such a simple one, but it's one way to sneak some extra fruit into your life!

2. Fruit pops

Scoop out a piece of fruit, of your choice (the harder the fruit the better) and place it onto a cocktail stick. Dip it in all sorts of your favourite things, chocolate spread, peanut butter, yogurt, and wait for it to dry a little. Perfect sweet treats that will last well in your fridge and, it has the fruit to add extra healthiness!

3. Freeze it!

Frozen grapes really became a 'thing' last year. An alternative to candy, they are hard and they are tasty, but they really a great way to incorporate fruit into your diet in a cool way. The nutrients remain as they are frozen, and you can do this with banana too or cherries. It just makes eating fruit that little bit different!

4. Get mushing!

Mushing up your favourite fruit, with a fork or a blending tool (if you have one, it is much more simpler) and dripping it all over your yoghurt on a morning, as a compote is again a really nice and simple way to add in some fruit, and we all love a little bit of fruit compote with your yoghurt!

5. Water

This was also a huge trend last year, and it is a really god idea. Next time you fill up your water bottle, either for exercise, for work or just for just drinking around the house. Add some fruit into it. It delicately flavours the water, and additionally, it also releases the vitamins, and it is a perfect tumblr worthy photo! Add it into your bottle of your mason jug, and it looks super cool.

So there you have it. Of course we all know fruit is such an essential part of staying healthy. Packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidents, we all should be aware of just how good and important it is to keep fruit in our diet. Even though it can be a task! I hope these little ideas will get your creative brains going and happy fruit eating!