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How to say no to anxiety

Firstly, I hope this post will serve as a positive thing for anyone who suffers, or has suffered with anxiety and the whole scale of problems that come under the umbrella of the word. This is a relatively intimate post, but I do hope that some of my tips can help others, in some way.

I have had anxiety on and off for many years. I am a confident person, and I have a small group of friends, but life is far, far from perfect. MANY people suffer with it, in my opinion, it is just part of being a human being. My anxiety can take on different forms, I have never had a 'panic attack', which is something I am thankful for, but some of the things that I can suffer with is, spells of depression, overwhelming feelings of doom or constant feelings of being trapped or unhappy with my life. This can then take hold and cause problems such as palpitations, nausea, heightened emotions that I can't turn off from, insomnia and much more. For a long time, I cut caffeine completely out of my diet because it was adding to my anxiety and worry. I find, that a lot of my feelings are worse at night, when the darkness can consume you a little. Having said that, I am a huge night owl, and love the stillness of night, but everything feels a little more dramatized at least for me.

Here are some of the things I have tried that have really assisted with my anxiety. It may not be banished forever, but coping techniques will help you live a happier and healthier life in the long run.

1. Saying YES

Fear is the worst thing to bring on anxiety. Letting go of it, yes it is a work in progress for everyone, is one thing that allows your body to naturally release itself of those feelings.  For example, feeling too anxious to go out into a busy place on a night out. If you surround yourself with people who you trust, you have your phone, you have maybe even set a time limit on when you want to come home. You go, you embrace what you're doing, and suddenly you're out of your comfort zone. Your mind may be racing, and your body is probably questioning why you're doing it, but that security of having your boundaries can make it that little bit easier. The first time is always hard, but it's all about progress...

2. Have a good sleeping routine

We know this one is the nightmare of them all! I barely sleep, I'm always tired, and firstly my skin can suffer for it, but aside from that, not sleeping enough creates so many psychological issues. I have noticed that when I do sleep more, my mind is much calmer, and I do not worry as much, perhaps it is the fact I have more energy and can focus on doing more, keeping myself busy. But sleeping more is vital. It really is. Even if you are not fully sleeping, if you are in bed at a certain time, and just resting, even meditating, then it all contributes to assisting your body clock.

3. Keep doing what you love! 

When you have a purpose in life, suddenly, your feelings of worry about your life, can slowly dissipate. What I'm saying is, keep busy! There's the old saying that nothing good ever comes easy and it's true. The more time you put into doing the things that you love, the better! Your passions, and your interests can be really cathartic. Immerse yourself in what you love, and the harder you work, the bigger the benefits!

4. Herbal remedies and other tricks! 

Lavender is a great one for keeping calm. You can have in a diffuser or oil burner. Especially for the people who suffer with insomnia. Slow breathing, and even, for me, downloading an app on your phone that plays relaxing sounds, so when those scary thoughts creep into your mind, concentrate on the sounds you're listening to. For example, beach waves, or rainfall, or a serene garden. Transport yourself there, take your mind instantly off those thoughts, because once the bad thoughts get into your mind, you can be sucked in and that can cause a panic.

Don't ever think you can't do it. You CAN. We are all capable of doing anything!! Go enjoy life!!