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Inexpensive products that take the crown!

I try and be as thrifty as possible for day to day beauty items. Mostly because, when I do splurge, I like it to be on brands I really love, and that can create a dent in my wallet! So, on the whole, I am the kinda girl who will reach for the less expensive items, especially when it comes to make-up. Skincare, I do tend to buy the more reliable, natural products for my face but, I wanted to put together some of the inexpensive (around the £5 mark) items that I use regularly and love, and in my opinion can stand next to some of these big brands that cost probably more than £30 - and that is a bold claim. 

So let's begin! 

Garnier Micellar water - we all know this has been raved and raved and RAVED about... but it really is a gentle, good cleansing water that does remove make-up very well, it leaves your skin feeling cool and calmed and it is an exceptional price, hovering around the £5 mark. It's so super gentle on the skin and sometimes my skin can be sensitive to some products, but with this being a micellar water, it really does feel like silky water on your skin and your make-up swipes off easily. It's a brilliant alternative to some of the more expensive ones! 

Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco - I picked this up in Boots and really like what it does to my hair. As a girl who has very dry ends (endless amounts of ombre-ing my hair!!!), I wanted to put some nourishment back into my hair where it perhaps lacked it. I love putting this through my ends before drying, and when I have used it, my hair is silky, but not silky to the point of being unable to style it. Just enough to make it look like I haven't dyed the hell out of my hair over the years. I sometimes run in through the midlengths too, and I will say this, a little goes a long way! 

Natural Collection Lip Liner (Cinnamon)  - I have found my absolute new favourite lipliner, and I kid you not! There is something so gorgeous about this liner, and for the price, I am so impressed. I believe it was £1.99 or around that area, and it is the most gorgeous browny/terracotta coloured lipliner, that really defines your lips so well, it's creamy but not slippy, and it looks gorgeous with a nude lip if you blend the edges! It's just lovely! I have also been using this as a lipstick alternative because when you colour it in and use it as a lip colour, it's intense but so unusual and I am going to be rocking this through spring too! Good staying power too! 

Natural Collection Lip Liner (Cinnamon)

Seventeen Lipstick (Deep Secret)  - I have had this lipstick a good few months now, so I probably should check how long it lasts because I may need a new one (always keep a check on your lipsticks ladies, lipsticks that go over their usage date can breed harmful germs!). However, this lipstick has been one I have had with me on every night out, and pretty much every day through winter. It is the perfect deep red, without being too vampy. It has a pinky undertone but it really did just bring a pop of colour to my pale face! It does stain a little, but you barely have to reapply it all, it sits there happily on the lips and won't budge even with drinking/eating! A great purcahse, Seventeen have done good with all their lipsticks recently! 

Seveteen Lipstick 'Deep Secret'

Collection Nail Polish (18. Suede) - I am not a huge fan of wearing nail polish, so when I do buy one, I know I should choose one that is less expensive because I won't get much use out of it. However, I have found a really affordable option and Collection have some really cute colours to choose from. I love how it goes on, and this photo is one coat alone! It doesn't chip that easily at all, and claims to be 7 day wear which I can probably agree with, to an extent but it all depends on how much you use your hands through the day! 

Nail Polish - Collection "No. 18 Suede"

I am a huge fan of thrifty buying when it comes to make-up. Of course we do all love our luxury products but drugstore brands can do a fabulous job and you can find some really good bargains, that don't break the bank, because come on, we are all trying to save up as much money where we can and find things that can stand tall against some of the big brands. So there are my favourites! 


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