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Liebster Award

I am so happy to announce that 'Outside of the Box' has been awarded the Liebster award for new blogs! I was awarded by the fabulous Carrie at singleinthecity and now it's my turn to nominate some more blogs so that you can post the Liebster sitcker on your blog too!

Carrie stated in her nomination that 'Outside of the Box' was: beauty, travel, product reviews and more. This blog has something for everyone. 

That is exactly what I hope to achieve with my blog. Have something for everyone! Here are the questions that Carrie asked me:

Why do you blog? 

I blog because it's the best creative outlet for me at this point in my life. I've been a keen creative writer for many years and this way I can fully in be control of what I post and when I post it. It's complete creative freedom. 

How do you get new readers to connect with your blog?

I try to be super active on social media, and I think that's the key. Get involved with Twitter chats, post your blog anywhere and everywhere, and hopefully, the readers start coming! 

What's the best thing you've ever read? 

This is a real tough one. Probably has to be The Great Gatbsy by F Scott Fitzgerald, just because of it's traditional but intriguing writing and of course it's a classic, it really should be the answer to this!

What writers inspire you?

Honestly, I don't really have any writers that inspire me, but more people. People who have passion about what they do, people who are confident and true to themselves, those kind of people really inspire me, in life and in my creative work.

If you could be somewhere else today, where would you be? 

Probably Santorini....

What's the best way to spend a Saturday?

Depending on my mood, either chilling at home, having a lazy day watching YouTube, eating nice food, maybe a glass of wine and a really chilled evening. Or a bit of shopping and then maybe a few drinks on an evening.

What's the best bit of advice you'd give a new blogger?

Keep consistent with your writing and quality. Talk to lots of people, and be yourself.  100% let your character shine through. Even if you don't think you're cool enough (like me most days), someone else will like what you do.

If you could get one celebrity to read your blog who would it be and why? 

Probably someone like Jodi Picoult, one of my favourite writers, because I'd really love her feedback on it!!

What are the best and worst things about blogging? 

The best parts are, knowing your blog is being read, reading sweet comments and thinking up new content. The worst parts are, it can be tricky financially, so you need to go in slowly, plan ahead and make sure you can fund yourself for a little while. Building up a blog takes time.

If you had to eat one food forever what would you choose? 

Probably pasta. Yeah. Pasta!

THE BLOGS I'M NOMINATING! (Thank you to everyone who linked their blogs to me, it was really hard to choose!) - a blog focusing on creative writing, short stories and poetry, really nicely written and endearing. - 'a blog about life, reviews and so much more' really honestly written! - written from a teacher's perspective of working abroad teaching, really interesting! - helpful for those wanting to find a healthier lifestyle! Really well written and helpful tips! - love the post graphics, really simple to follow and about all things beauty! - clean crisp site about travel and fashion and all good things, really lovely site! -
'a beauty blog for beauty lovers', this is a really cool and informative blog! - fashion blog! I love this blog because it is written in both Czech and English! Really helpful and interesting. - A really eclectic blog that targets interesting topics! She is also a mum too! - 'Language. Culture. Travel. Growth' - one of the newest blogs I've nominated but has such potential and really sweet writings! - 'just a girl with a blog about pretty much everything' - exactly what it says! Fun, girly and colourful!  

Well done to my 11 nominees!! Now, here are your questions for your Libester post! 

1. Where is your favourite place to be in the world and why? 
2. What excites you the most about blogging?
3. If you had to choose one colour to wear for the rest of your life what would it be? 
4. How do you relax and wind down after a long day? 
5. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
6. How do you schedule your blogging around your life? 
7. What do you look for in other people's blogs? 
8. What are you doing this evening? 
9. What is your favourite animal and why? 
10. If you weren't blogging, what would you be doing?

HURRAY!!! Now I'm also proudly wearing my Liebster badge! Happy blogging everyone!