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What to do with your old jars!

After the Christmas period, I seemed to have acquired a few jars, candle jars, jam jars, chutney jars, all sorts! I usually go through the usual method of having a trip to the bottle bank and recycling, but after being completely inspired by the droves of photos on Pinterest, that I just had to utilize my left over jars! I had a candle jar, a medium sized jam jar and a teeny tiny jam jar. So here's how I began to create some really pretty and useful ways to re-use your unwanted jars! 

Firstly, I bathed the jars in soapy hot water, this helps loosen the labels and also sterilizes them, and left over wax will easily melt but you do need to scrape thoroughly and clean well, depending on what you want to put inside your jars. Also make sure you also sterilize your bowl well after because of the wax and glue or anything that can get into the bowl.

Secondly I went around the house and found some littel decorative pieces that I wasn't using or bits I collect (I can hoard a lot of little things like this but they do come in useful sometimes)! Ribbons, little charms, nail polish (for later), and anything else I could use! Once I had my jars all lined up, I could decide what would work for what jar. For the purpose of the post, I have done a couple of options for how you can use them! 

So, let's start with the large jar. I took the green ribbon and tied it around the edge, then decided to add the little eiffel tower charm thing for extra decor. I decided this could work nicely as a storage for my face wipes. 

In addition to using this as make-up pad storage jar, it can be multi-purpose, and also used to store foods, such as dry foods, like spaghetti! But if you have the lid left, you could put dry pasta in, teabags, candy, biscuits or anything could look super sweet in your kitchen and saves you the additional money of going out and buying more holders! 
Secondly, I moved onto my medium sized jar. Again I did two variations. Firstly, I poured in some silver coloured stones, that I picked up from a craft place a while back, and had some left over so I poured half into the jar. This is just my personal style, but you could obviously use whatever you wished with any colours, the more creative the better! Then I added some seashells I'd collected a few years ago in Barcelona, and a candle on top, and it was bathroom ready! 

The second option, is a make-up brush holder! Using some sparkly nail polish, I used this as a paint just to go around the rim of the jar, to glam it up a little! This is Miss Sporty! Followed by a ribbon with a love heart charm and you are ready to thow your brushes in so they are ready to grab whenever!

Lastly, I have my little jam jar, it is so super cute, but it had writing on the top, imprinted on the metal lid. So I used my trusty nail polish to use as a paint, and trust me...look no further for little jobs like this! A good nail polish can be a wonderful paint. Just two coats of this Essie 'Penny Lane' and I now have a rose gold lid! It can be used as a mini holder for your rings, bracelets etc, or it can even be used as a little container for your Vaseline or lip products, you can easily scoop out some Vaseline with a spoon and put it inside and keep it on your dresser for night time! 

So there you have it... some cool and creative ways to use your jars, which is strangely therapuetic and fun and also cost- effective! Get creative and if you decide to do the same, please post a photo of yours because I would love to see!