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Why do we worry?

We must spend a considerable amount of our time worrying about things. Whether it be, worrying about ourselves, a situation, a loved one, a friend, or even worrying about the simplest of things, like what you are going to wear in the morning! We, as humans, worry. 

People who have suffered before with anxiety, will know that worry comes with the job...worrying is so intrinsic for many of us, that we forget that worry itself, is the most redundent thing to do. We waste precious moments, we stress ourselves out, and we can get so consumed with worry, that we forget how to turn off from it. This in turn can cause issues with your physical and mental health. So the real question is, why do we worry? First and foremost it is a defence mechanism, we are trying to protect ourselves, our brain goes into overdrive, it's a way to cope. 

Will it help us? No. Will it make us feel better? No. Will it give us the answer to our questions? No. Will it make you feel worse? Yes. In a nutshell, yes. It will. So here I want to say, the next time you are worrying about something, whether it be in the heat of the moment during an awkward situation, or whether it's just at home when you're concerned about something you have to do next week, just stop and think. What are the options. All the energy that you put into worrying, can be easily turned into positive energy. 

  • Take a moment. Take deep breaths for ten seconds. Slowly. 
  • Get out a pad and pen and write down your worry - this in itself can make you either feel better, because you know you're 'sharing' your problem, or will make you laugh at how silly it is (so either is good!)
  • Work out, what can I physically do to shake this feeling - perhaps a relaxation technique, perhaps talking to someone you know could help, maybe it will include doing something out of your comfort zone, but that can also be the first step to abolishing worry. 
  • Remember that worrying about something is always going to be worse than experiencing it - we all worry so intently about things that when we are in the moment, and we are actually experiencing them, they are not as bad as we thought in our minds, proof that our minds are so crazily overloaded, and we naturally, overthink. 
  • Take another ten seconds of deep breaths. 
  • Look out of the window - sometimes looking outside and taking a few breaths of fresh air can really free your mind a little, so you don't feel as trapped.
  • Take your mind off it - the easiest thing in the world to say, especially when worry has taken hold. Facing upto your worry, is good, but not letting it linger is key, so watch a TV show that you love, or read a book that takes you out of yourself, divert your worry. 

There are just a few ways to help, but you have to remember that no matter how much you are worrying, there are a million other people doing the exact same thing. Don't panic so much, it's not going to be the end of the world....we hope!