Why I want to vacation alone... Pros & Cons

Having spent a large number of years not travelling or even vacationing/holidaying, during school and college years, I was always overjoyed when the time came to pack up my little suitcase and go off with family. Europe has always been my place of choice, the lifestyle, the quaint streets, the cute shops, charming little cafes and of course, the weather is naturally a little more appealing.

Now I've come to an age, mid-twenties (gosh that sounds so crazy old to me at least), and being a writer/blogger, and additionally, an only child, let's just say that I am completely OK with my own company, in fact, sometimes I prefer it that way. If you are the type of person like me, who at first thought, would be "...No...No....NO!? I can't travel alone..." then maybe you should first of all, ask yourself why.

1. There is no security of being another person (includes a magnitutde of issues)
2. I would be far too lonely (even just for two days...)
3. I would feel awkward wandering streets alone. 
4. I struggle with flying/travelling with another person yet alone. 
5. It could be dangerous without anyone.
6. I would be bored. What's to do?

There, that's just six reasons why I maybe wouldn't want to travel alone. You may have more. You may have not thought of some of the ones I've put. But here are six of the pros I came up with.

1. You are free to do what you want when you want.
2. You can meet people, on excursions, cafes, places.
3. You can let your creativity take over, do something cool whilst you're there. 
4. You can keep in touch with family/friends, technology is a beautiful thing.
5. There is no troubles with not getting a place for everyone on a trip. 
6. You can become a little more thrifty without having to worry about what others want.

To quickly run through each of the points. We may all have had fears but in order to cast aside those fears, you have to think mostly about the positives of why you want to go away alone. I know that as a writer, it would be hugely beneficial, because not only does travelling really broaden the mind and inspire you, but you also have the freedom to sit yourself down in a little cafe, hotel bar, beach, with your pot of tea, coffee or whatever drink floats your boat, and merrily type away! Ok, so let's work through our negatives!

The most important thing whilst travelling alone is to firstly make sure that you are going to a place you have researched. The first rule of thumb. Use TripAdvisor to your advantage, make sure you research the best areas and the worst areas in the city you're going to. Travelling alone is also a really great way to make yourself familiar with the world around you, to observe, to step out of the comfort zone and live a little!!

If you are travelling on a budget, and are going to be looking at hostels and not hotels, then again, researching to the maximum is important but those of you travel savvy kids, will know that going to hostels can be the best place to make friends for life and build up conversations and future travel buddies! It's all about research. It's all about planning. I am the world's worst planner, I wind up making list after list, only to realize I never got past number one on the list!

As long as you have a reliable phone on you, contact is there. Call, text, FaceTime, Skype... it's there! I always make sure wherever I'm staying has wifi and that it is not extra if you should want it. Most hotels and hostels do offer it free, but if you're unsure, drop them an email and just ask if it is free for guests. Travelling doesn't have to be lonely. The chances are if you take a guided tour, or research into what excursions are available, there will be other lone holidaymakers or small groups, students etc who you can get talking to. It's not forever!!! You know your limits. If you know you could possibly only be alone for three days then go for three days. If you know this doesn't affect you, then fab, but you always have contact and hopefully, you can always get home!!

Make sure that you have all the numbers you will need, including reputible taxi firms, and a bank card that works abroad too because running out of money whilst on holiday can be nothing short of a catastrophe! Make sure you stick to the touristy areas if you are on your own, or that you make sure you know where the landmarks are. Keep a map on you, but probably don't keep it out at all times, any unsavoury people, have tourist radar, and so the more natural you are, the safer you probably are. (Let me know if that's a myth....something I was once told ;) )

It's the twenty-first century and thankfully, most large cities have a very good knowledge of English, so good that you can even have a solid conversation with them about their life and history, again, super intriguing! However if you are going somewhere a little more remote, then naturally bring a dictionary along with you, write some choice phrases and of course make sure you have google translate on your phone so you can whip it out and ask Siri!

Being bored again is something that has me a little concerned. I am one of these people who get bored easily, but I had set myself a travelling mission!! THE MISSION!! I think if you have a true reason to want to travel, then boredom can really not be an issue, and in my own little mind, this is truly helping me see the positives. My aim would be to go and write. Go, see the world, and incorporate some creating writing into my travel; I guess you could say it's a little pipe dream to go write abroad, I feel it would truly open my mind up!

So, if you know you would like to travel alone, even if it is just for two days, or two weeks, or even two months, and you're just that little bit dubious, then go for it. Just think of how many selfies you will acquire... honestly though, a selfie stick may be a necessity for those good long shots. So, go enjoy! Then, you can blog all about it.....

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