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YSL Lipstick Review

My first ever YSL lipstick experience came a little later than expected. Having wanted to try a high end lipstick for a long time, I had been drawn to the ever so classy and chic packaging of YSL. Drawn in by the weightiness and gold shine of the YSL lipsticks and their rich colours on offer on their counter, I opted for their No. 3 'Rouge Volupte'. Admittedly it did not look that rouge (red) in the shop. The shop lights probably did give this lipstick a slightly different look. However, this was the one I chose.

YSL Lipstick No. 3

The colour itself is a crimson/mauve colour with what appears to be a browny undertone when on the lips. The scent of the lipstick is watermelon and is divine!! I do love a good scented lipstick, although sometimes this can be bad as the desire to lick it off sometimes overpowers me....we've all done that with our tasty lipglosses, right?

So, onto the good stuff. The lipstick itself is a a very silky, almost glossy consistency when you apply it. It goes on like a dream. A glossy creamy dream! The colour has a tad of glitter in it, but it's not hugely noticable, but I've noticed it will give your lips a tad of shimmer in the light which makes it really appealing. Those are the positives. Now, onto the negatives. I am shocked that I am even writing negatives for such an expensive lipstick, and YSL, being one of the greats...but..

Swatch (not this terracotta looking in the flesh)
It's staying power is not the best. This is the only drawback to this delicious lipstick. The texture is so glossy that I have found it easily slips and slides around on my lips and before long, it's wearing off. The colour stains a little bit after the majority has melted and disappeared, but I do find myself applying it consistently because it just seems to go. Upside, this drawback can be rectified, by one of the famous beauty hacks... the dabbing with tissue paper and applying a little bit of face powder over the lips through a tissue. However, I didn't really expect this with such a famous brand. Perhaps it's a little marketing trick of use it faster, buy a new one quicker, but I have known incredibly affordable lipsticks in drug stores have better staying power.

We all know that with high end products, we are paying for the brand, and I do enjoy whipping out my gorgeous YSL lipstick on an evening at dinner or after a coffee. It makes you feel good, all luxury products do, it's why we buy them. Although if you are looking for a durable, everyday lipstick that is going to do it's job 100%, this probably isn't the lipstick you're looking for... I still love YSL though. Obviously. :)