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Reds are in! This sleek palette has it all!

I am always so very skeptical about the way a red lip looks on me. It is not the most flattering colour for me, yet it can give me that extra pop of colour, especially on a night out that looks particularly temping and pretty chic. As most people often do with a red lip, keeping a minimalistic eye is always vital. However, not knowing exactly what shade of red would sit me, I opted to try a palette. So I could play around and palettes are so much easier to work with, becuase you are not having to use the thick tip of a lipstick to try and navigate this insanely difficult colour around your lips! This Sleek Palette has all bases covered. Four intense and beautiful reds that you can mix, or use to create an ombred lip, I was super impressed with the shades. This is the palette 'Tease' no. 856.

TOP LEFT:  Show off
TOP RIGHT: Spotlight

Show off is a very bright red, very similar to Dita, but not as true. Spotlight is a pinky red, so for those of you who wouldn't want to go straight in with a bright red lip, this can nicely ease you in, and is perfect for dabbing in the middle of your lips just to bring the light to them a little more. Paris is a gorgeous shade, a tone down from Spotlight, still with pink undertones but a little more crimson tinted and is probably a little more wearable for daytime. Dita is by far the truest red in the palette. It comes out so true it I feel like I've stepped into a 1940's movie. So perfect!

They are exceptionally pigmented, but for some reason, I find the darker coloured lipsticks are the most durable and stay on FOREVER. They are very creamy as well as pigmented, so they are easy to go on but do go a little tacky after they've gone on the lips but it doesn't make them difficult to work with, it just gives them a lovely matte look without it being too drying, so more of a satin finish. I also find that red lipstick is the best colour to overdraw your lips with a little, it looks more natural than other colours and it sits nicely on the lips without looking like you have really overdrawn your lips!

I am very new to trying lip palettes, this is the first one I have had in a long while, and I am a huge fan of Sleek. With a winged eyeliner, or some really feathery eyelashes and a dot of delicate blush, you are ready to go, and it is such an effective and beautiful look. On paler skin tones, it can look a bit stark, for example on me, that is why I tend to mix the colours a little because I am so incredibly fair skinned. It's made me so super excited for wearing more reds in the future! If you are one of these people who does like to make their lips pretty with applying your lipstick with a lip brush, this palette is the one for you!