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Skin care Holy Grail

I used to be an exceptionally frugal skincare product spender... throughout most of my teen years, the inexpensive products got me through, and I had never had much interest in branching out from the basic products. I still do not overdo my skincare, which in some ways, is good, and in other ways, it's bad. I try and keep it is as simple and as natural as possible, and here are some of the products that I love, and really think work well, at least for my skin.

My skin is dry/normal. It can be sensitive and susceptible to redness (down just one side - weird), but it has no oil in it at all, so I do constantly endeavour to put the nutrients back in. Sometimes I use the super simple and super easy but sometimes messy way by using some olive oil (pure) and rubbing it into my face, and it does make me skin quite glowy and it does take the dryness away, however, this is only for a limited time. I avoid any kind of heavy scrubbing or any exfoliants that are super hard on the skin, because I don't believe that can be good for your skin at all...but I do need to use an exfoliator for those irritating rough patches on my face that just won't go away!!

I'm firstly going to start with exfoliating. A few years ago I bought this Clarisonic style contraption from No. 7 (Boots). It was around £15 but I knew it was not going to be in the same league as a Clarisonic, I wanted to try it to work alongside my exfoliator. Now, it is a little rough on the skin but it can go at two speeds and I always use the slow speed, because it's a little more gentle but I just lather on my Exfoliator, usually my Clean and Clear and then slowly work on the areas that need work. I have never tried a Clarisonic, but I can tell you that this does do a good job and has not irritated my skin at all, so if you are on a budget, have a look around for cheaper ones, they still can work effectively!

Next, I have three Origins products. Two from the GinZing line. First is the"GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser" is a daily moisturizer that I really enjoyed using, however have since moved on but wanted to include it in this post because it is packed full of vitamic C which which helps boost the skin to look more refre and shedhealthy. It is exceptionally thin and watery when applying it feels like you are putting air onto your face in a way but I think this is part of its charm. It is really perfect for people with sensitive skin because it is so thin and very calming on the skin. It has an orangey-scent but nothing too overpowering at all, which again is part of its charm.

The "Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream" is slightly less great, only because I feel it has no real benefits for my skin, but rather is just a bright shimmery cream used to brighten up the works and I've also been using it under my moisturizer on the tops of my cheeks to make my skin look glowy.

The one I have been loving but I'm running crazy low is the "Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask", which I used as a moisturizer, overnight, and used a thick layer to really soak into the skin and put the nourishment back in and it did just that! Very lovely consistency and smells fruity, with a hint of pepper and it feels so naturaly and earthy when applying. It works nicely on very dry skin and through the winter months.

My other product which has been a favourite for just a few months now, is the "Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial Cream", which is a really thick and rich cream, heavily scented and I have spoken about this before as being one I love! It does keep the dry patches and flakiness at bay.

So that's it for my holy grail products... What are your favourite skin products?