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The Woodwick Candle hype!

This is not thefirst blog post surrounding my love of candles. I seem to collect many candles, because I love looking at them, smelling them, but never seem to be able to burn my way through them all (unless they are the festive smelling xmas candles which are on basically 24/7).

This particular candle in question, is the famous Woodwick candle, which crackles as it burns and was really the talk of many bloggers and people in general. I was a little late on the bandwagon, but I am a super huge fan of them and I will tell you why. This candle, is in Vanilla Bean (one of the only few sweet smelling scents I could find), but they offer a large range. This is from the Woodwick Candle Company.

The top two reasons I love the candle are probably the two most obvious reasons. Firstly, the sound it makes. It doesn't sound overly crackly, but more crispy sounding, and snappy more than crackling and it is loud enough for you to hear it from the other room! It's nice, strangely comforting. My favourite time to use my Woodwick candle is in the bath (of course) becuase the sound of the candle mixed with the swishing soft sound of the water is really beautiful, like the elements coming together.  All you need is a bath bomb and you are good to go. The sound is also particularly nice in bed reading, because you are aware the candle is there, as sometimes I take my candles for granted, which sounds crazy but I light them and leave them.

Secondly, the scent is stronger than some regular candles. Perhaps just the quality of the scents used, or maybe the woodwick helps to circulate the scent a little better?

Any candle junkie definitely needs one of these in their life! Are they worth the hype? Well, that really depends on what you look for in a candle, the sounds they omit are definitely a novelty, and I can imagine for some, it may be a very therapeutic sound, but for others, could be annoying. It is definitely a lovely gift for someone, so maybe if you're not sure about buying it yourself, ask for one for your birthday or special occasion. If you like Woodwicks, please comment below and tell me your favourite scents!