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Budget Contouring (Make Up Revolution)

The trend is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Contouring is the new make up "thing" that has just overtaken everything...even brows! It has taken me a while to jump onto this countouring bandwagon but it is probably a good thing I did. As a girl who was in the shallow end of the cheek bone and jaw bone gene pool, I have always wished my face looked that little bit more chiselled. I've never been able to create that look well with my regular bronzers and highlights, and was on the hunt for a creamy contour set, mostly becsaause I have dry skin, so the cream kits seemed a good option to keep a little look of moisture in my skin.

The countour kit I decided to purchase, based on its packaging and its price is the Revolution Countour Kit. I believe they do a pure powder one but this is the cream (to powder) one that you can find in most Superdrug stores. This is my first time trying anything from Make-Up Revolution but they do have some gorgeous eye shadow palettes, some of which are amazing dupes for Urban Decay's Naked Palettes!

Top set of colours

Bottom set of colours

The palettes come with six colours, the lighter shades on the top, with one champagne coloured highlight, and the lower line comes with three darker contour shades. Overall it seems to have a colour for every skin tone. A couple of the colours are similar in tone, the one on the far left and the third one in are almost identical, but the one on the left has a more terracotta undertone to it, a little redder, which you could probably use as a blusher too.

Each cream has a powdery but creamy consistency, almost like a satin feel to it, and very light feeling. It goes nicely on top of your foundation. It's not the easiest to work with, you have to be quite quick off the mark to get it blending before it stays but once it's on, it does last. The highlighter is AMAZING. It is a gorgeous champagne colour, shimmery and really does bring light onto your cheekbones, on camera it picks up nicely and naturally, like a glow from within. For a lower budget product ( £8 ), it really is a good investment for a countour newbie like me! Here is a photo I took to show you how natural the countour looks.

Really impressed with the quality, and being a high street make up shopper, I do always like to find new finds!! If you want to check out the make up Revolution Contour Kit then you can -

Happy countouring!