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Dior Brows???

Call me crazy, but I have never EVER been one to try new brow products. I've had no desire to start with HD brow set, or any kind of powder to fill in my brows. Mostly because my brows need quite a lot of filling in already, and I've always been super savvy with my pencils. For so many years I used the rimmel brow pencil in black, because of it's chalky consistency and how easy it was to draw on brows. I never strayed, until I received the Dior Brow Pencil (also in black) and decided it was time to give it a go.

I'm not one for using high end make-up products. As long as it works well, the luxury of using a higher end product, for me at least, is not a necessity. It's all about experience with lush products, but if it got the job done, which it did, then it was good enough for me. However, the Dior Brow Sourcils Poudre Pencil has been a life-changer. 

Dior Sourcils Poudre
Complete with its own little sharpener (how cute!!), and its own spooly, it is essentially a brow pencil, with a little bit of a twist. It's texture when applying is very light yet very pigmented. It is basically a 'powder pencil', with the effect of what a powder would give you, however with a more defined look, sharp and neat. It is lovely to apply, you can control it easily, and although it does wash off nicely, it also sits well on the brow and doesn't budge. You can easily create different looks with this pencil. I have already used it as an eyeliner, just to define the outer corners, and it works lovely, because it smudges also. 

Swatches of the Dior brow pencil
You can create a thick blunt line, it's buildable and workable for a more thick full brow. Secondly you can create a smudgy powder look, by using a small brow brush you could probably make your brows quite natural looking if you don't need much filling. Or you can create the tiny sharp little hairs on your brows, with precision, which look super natural and defined. It really is a nice and relatively affordable pencil (around the £20 mark), and it doesn't blunt easily because you only need to use a light hand when using it.