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Naissance - Trying some natural healthy products!

I was kindly sent some goods to try from Naissance, a company who specialize in natural healthy living with a huge range of products from hair and skincare, to healthy foods and natural oils, which they have a HUGE selection of. I'm definitely one for finding new companies who are cemented in this niche, because finding good companies who provide natural products, at affordable prices, can be difficult!! 

I firstly noticed the products were packaged so lovely, with an extra added touch of wildflowers on the top which are plantable! So cute, and imaginative, and it's little things like that, that go such a long way for me. Attention to detail is always something that I love! I had five products to try, including their famous 'Organic Coconut Oil' which is a finalist in the BOOM Best of Organic Market Awards 2016.  I will start off with this one, because I am a coconut oil novice. I've read multiple blogs about coconut oils, its benefits, in every way and how diverse it can be. My first attempt of trying this oil was as a make-up remover and I really was so impressed with how it took off my make-up and, left my skin so soft, all evening. Of course then I used it to fry up some brocolli and veg in a stirfry, and the taste is so much cleaner, you do not get that greasiness you can get with regular cooking oils. A really top product, not surprised it's a finalist!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

The second product is the BioNutrients Flaxseed Capsules which was super interesting to me. Flaxseed is something that is really good for me yet I hate the taste of it and don't like cooking with it much either, so capsule form is super easier. You take these twice a day, so morning and evening and it is a really good kick! 

Bio Nutrients Flaxseed Capsules

The third product is the 100% Essential Oil - Fennel, Sweet Foeniculum Vulgare Dulce. Very intriguing smell and is supposed to be good in combatting muscular pain, which is always handy, and is really good just to burn away and allow it to relax you. I do believe in the power of essential oils and the way they can assist. I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of this, especially during a hot bath, to reinforce the healing of tired and aching muscles. 

100% Essential Oil

The fourth product that I have tried is the Golden Jojoba Rejuvinating Night Repair Serum. A really lovely consisetency which I have been using instead of my normal night moisturiser, just because I wanted to get the truth effects of the serum. It goes on nicely onto the skin and feels really rejuvinating just by applying it. The smell is fresh and aromatic, and in the morning my skin has felt smoother in itself. I didn't see a change to look at, however, I feel that with time, and prolonged use, it will work, often my skin needs a solid routine before I ever see any change to how it looks. A really lovely product! 

Golden Jojoba Rejuvinating Night Repair Serum

The fifth and final product, is an Argon oil, it is the Naissance Moroccan Argon Oil Hair Serum. This felt lovely when applying, silky and thick and rich. However, I did feel it left my skin a little bit oily, but my hair is very fine, so I feel that it would work lovely on someone with thicker hair, or even naturally curly, because my hair sometimes doesn't respond to oils because it is already fine and quite oily anyway. However, it worked nicely for my mum, so I would say it is probably something worth trying, or mix it with some styling spray so it is less intense! 

Naissance Moroccan Argon Oil Hair Serum

Overall, I have been super happy with the products, and the company are super friendly and helpful, and any queries you might have they would be more than happy to assist. All their links are down below if you want to go check them out, and make sure you have a real good look at their essential oils, if you areally into that because their choice is massive and there is surely something for everyone, no matter your need. 

Here's where you can find them: 


Happy shopping!!