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Be smart at home! Stay protected!

Keeping safe is everyone's first priority. Whether it's keeping your finances safe, keeping your keys safe, or even keeping your secret chocolate stash safe from the friends and family...we all make sure we do it. Keeping your house safe is of course, just as important. We value our homes so much, so it's important to make sure we're doing all we can to keep them safe. 
In recent years, there has been a steady decline in burglary but this is only minor, and with cybercrime on the increase, being vigilant has never been more important. Some of us can be quick to let the world know on Facebook where we are, when we are there, who we are with, and this kind of information is gold to internet stalkers, who are constantly finding new ways of getting access to your house and possessions. Of course most of us lock the doors, and have safety precautions in place, such as alarms, window locks, gates, and even cameras, but it's super important to make sure that you don't become another statistic, because burglary and theft can be such a life-changing occurence, to the point of creating personal and emotional issues, that really, prevention is better than the cure! 
With a few basic simple tricks we can add another level of safety to our houses, some of the top ones include:
  • Ensuring that you remove any rubbish around your home, this can make it look like you are away
  • Keep your windows relatively free from overgrown bushes/plants so it doesn't create added privacy for burglars trying to get in
  • Keep Facebook posts/location tagging to a minimum (this may sound silly but it is important)
  • Make sure you have an effective hiding place for important things, avoid putting them in the typical places like draws, safes, under the bed

Of course these are really the basics, and it is as far as we can go to protect our homes without any outside help. However, there are companies that do offer networking systems that work to protect your home, with very little effort from yourself. Panasonic are currently offering "Smart Home" which is home monitoring and control system, which can give you the peace of mind we all want when we leave and lock up our house. Of course, it's also tech-savvy and can be linked upto a wide variety of smart phones!

For more information on what the system is all about, because, it could save your home...
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