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How to be British

It's such a funny thing, that the majority, (and I say that lightly), of British people ar people pleasers. Yes there are exceptions to the rule, but we as a nation, feel that we have to justify our actions, be too polite for our own good, and do things we really do NOT want to do, just because it's etiquette. Here are some of the very British things you do in order to feel really, really British (in no particular order):

  • Overusage of the word 'please' and 'thank you'. And repeated to ensure it's heard.
  • Hold the door open for someone who is at least five steps away, making sure your arm is dropping off for holding it open so long...
  • Always believe that you are ONLY person this has happened to. Joining the end of a long queue, "oh I would join this queue...why me?!"
  • Be super bold and don't take your umbrella, even though you know you will need it, just because it's heavy to carry around all day.
  • Eat the last biscuit, but make sure you ask everyone twice if they've had enough. 
  • Fan yourself in public when it's warm, to prove that summer is definitely here.
  • End every conversation with repeating bye at least 5 times.
  • Stroll round supermarkets like you have all day...
  • Make sure you shop around for the cheapest possible deals ever (or maybe that's just a Yorkshire thing?)

Here are also a few choice phrases that epitomise the British lingo! 

  • "I'm not too bad thanks" (when someone asks you how you are) 
  • "I'll have a cuppa, if you're making one..." (when someone asks if you want a cup of tea) 
  • "I need the loo..." (when you're desperate for the toilet)
  • "You know I haven't seen old Mavis around lately, have you?" (enquiring after a neighbour)
  • "Maybe, I'll see how I feel." (when friends ask you if you fancy a quick drink)
  • "Is it free?" (when a restaurant asks if you want olives)
  • "You're missing the point..." (in a heated argument)
  • "My phone's been playing up..." (when you don't reply to a text)
  • "Should we have a take away?" (when you really don't want to cook)
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