7 Ways To Help The Environment On Holiday

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When going on holiday this year, think about ways you can help the environment. It doesn't take a lot of effort. Just a little preparation and eco-friendly choices. 

1. Consider Staying Close To Home

All transport requires energy and fuel and contributes to climate change. Consider staying closer to home and take the bus or train rather than flying. Avoid short haul flights wherever possible. 

2. Choose Your Destination

When selecting a destination, factor the environment into the decision-making process. Look for providers who offer eco-friendly holidays. Many companies take steps to reduce their carbon emissions and create initiatives to help the environment. 

3. Choose A Holiday Where You Can Help The Environment 

Rather than lying on a beach for a fortnight, look for a holiday where you can make positive change. There are lots of social and environmental initiatives to choose from. For example, whale watching in the Azores. These types of holidays allow you to take an active role in researching and protecting wildlife. 

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay

4. Find Earth-Friendly Accomodation 

When researching your accomodation, ask the following questions: 

  • Do you have a waste recycling policy for staff, visitors and guests?
  • What is your energy efficient rating? Different rating systems will depend on the country 
  • Do you use sustainable energy? Eg. solar power or wind power?
5. Be A Responsible Tourist

Whether travelling alone or with friends, be responsible. When you're away on holiday, treat the environment as you would your own home. Don't drop litter or do anything that impacts the local environment. If you're spending the day at the beach, take your rubbish away with you. Most hotels have a policy where you can leave towels on the floor to be replaced. Don't request new towels each day if it isn't necessary. This will reduce the energy used for washing and the use of detergent. 

Conserve energy as much as possible. When you're on holiday, it's temping to keep the lights swtiched on and to run the shower for longer. If everyone used only what was necessary, think about how much energy would be saved. So, turn the lights off when they're not in use. Keep showering times to a minumum. If it's not needed, turn off the air conditioning. 

6. Transport 

There are lots of ways to get around on holiday. Make the most of the weather and walk as much as you can. Or, consider hiring a bike. These are healthier choices, as well as being kinder to the environment. Rather than hiring a car for the duration of the trip, consider taking a taxi or taking public transport. 

7. Buy Responsibly 

While you're away, think twice when making a purchase. Is it possible to cut down on the amount of bags and packaging you use? Never buy any souvinirs or knick-knacks made from animal products. Not only could they be illegal, but you will be supporting cruel trades. Many people go on holiday and enjoy different environments and different weather systems. They marvel at wildlife and plant life, and rightly so. Remember to do your bit to maintain this and protect the environment for future generations. 

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