Is It Time You Fell In Love With France?

Are you looking for ideas for your next travel adventure? If so, why not give France a shot? Here are just some of the reasons it’s high time you fell in love with France.

The food
French food is known the world over, and it’s no surprise. The French are famed for their classic dishes and stunning pastries. Yes, you’ll find snails and frog’s legs here, but there’s so much more to French cuisine. Sample fresh seafood in the seaside resorts and hearty fare in the countryside villages. Opt for fine dining in Paris or indulge in an exquisite array of perfectly formed cakes. Take time to embrace the cafe culture, marvel at the patisserie windows, and be brave in your food choices.

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The scenery 
France has incredible geography, and there’s a holiday to suit everyone. Enjoy a chic city break in the bustling metropolises of Paris, Lyon, or Marseille. Hire a farmhouse and get away from it all in Brittany or Normandy. Hit the powdery slopes of the rugged Alps. Or sleep under the stars in the Loire Valley.
The beaches
You may not automatically think of France if you’re looking for a beach holiday. But you’d be wrong to dismiss it. The beaches on the Cote d’Azur are an idyllic setting for catching rays and recharging your batteries. You’ll also find opulent hotels, bars, and designer boutiques on the shores if you’re treating yourself to a luxury break. If deserted beaches and rugged dunes are more your scene, make for Normandy.

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The wine
If you’re a fan of wine, there’s no better place to spend your holidays than France. Some of the world’s most iconic wines are produced in French wineries. Take a tour, and learn to taste like the experts. If you’re a lover of bubbles, it’s a shame to miss out on a visit to Champagne. Don’t forget to bring some souvenirs home with you!

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The culture
French culture is fascinating. The French are incredibly patriotic, and they are very proud of their traditions and customs. Take time to find out more about French history and culture during your holiday. See the sights, look around the museums, and meet the locals. Book a cooking lesson or try and expand your French vocabulary. Book tickets to a gig or watch the national football or rugby team in action. 
The fashion
The French are known for being chic, and you’ll find some of the world’s most famous fashion houses in France. Indulge in some retail therapy, or try and catch a fashion show. Paris is the place to be if you’re looking for designer stores. 
France is a vibrant country, which has so much to offer visitors of all ages. Whatever your interests, you’re bound to fall in love with France. Enjoy the food, visit the towns, and take in the amazing views of mountains, lakes, and rolling meadows. Embrace the culture and learning more about the history and traditions. Head to the beach, swim in freshwater lakes or spend a day at a local winery.

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