Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Migraines

From time to time a migraine will kick in, and it can be exceptionally debilitating. Without knowing what causes your migraines and how to combat them, it can be daunting and take away from your daily life, leaving you drained and unable to do anything.

The key causes of migraines are stress, hormones or eye strains. Women tend to get migraines or can suffer with general headaches around the time of her period. Stress, this is just sometimes unavoidable but trying tricks like yoga and meditation, can really assist your stress levels. To avoid any problems with your eyes, ensure that you get your eyes tested yearly. It may be that you need glasses or stronger lenses, it may be connected with overtiredness or a bug, but it's best to get things checked.

Ways To Help

  • Cool dark room - expel as much light as you can, wear an eye mask in bed if you bed to and keep it cool. The migraine can get worse in the heat. 
  • Medicate - try over the counter remedies, or look at Independent Pharmacy for some other options for effective migraine relief. 
  • Excerise - if you feel upto it, allow yourself to get up and try to do a little bit of exercise. This will get the blood flowing and you may start to feel a little better. This can be a little jog, or a walk, perhaps even swimming, and it can aid. 
  • Avoid caffeine & stock up on vitamins - may seem obvious but some people think the caffeine will wake them up a little and therefore perk them up but this isn't always the case. Definitely opt for some healthy options, salmon, vegies, any food with magnesium in is very good. 
  • Hydrate - drink plenty! We forget to do this usually when we do feel OK and the effects can be very bad. Keep up your fluids, this will really help also and get some rest! 
So here are some of your tips to keeping healthier and happier when a migraine strikes! Don't allow your life to be dictacted by migraines any longer and be sure to try all of the above to feel better quicker! 

The Weird And Wonderful Things You Can Do For Charity

Doing something for charity can be both rewarding and exciting. Many charities often rely solely on the donations of others for good work to continue. But often people don’t want to just donate a small amount that they can afford, they like the idea of doing something different, to raise awareness and potentially raise much more than they could personally donate themselves. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the weird and wonderful things you could do for charities close to your heart. Perhaps it will inspire you to try one yourself to raise money and awareness.

Photo: Pixabay

Get onboard with an ongoing trek, climb or hike
Thankfully, you don’t have to have that lightbulb moment yourself when it comes to looking out for events and organised activities. All you need is the inspiration to actually do something and then head to the internet to look for something that might spark your interest. There are plenty of organised treks, hikes or climbs you can be part of, often in aid of your chosen charity or something that is close to your heart. Think climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking the Oman desert or even something as simple as a sponsored climb or hike where miles and distance are what you base your donation on. 
A charity swim
A popular way to raise money is to consider a charity swim. This is a great way to encourage you to raise money while also taking care of your health in the process. You could easily be sponsored by how many lengths you do. Or if you want to be a little weird and crazy why not take on some of the biggest swimming challenges. A sea or lake swim can be a great way to encourage more donations, due to the type of event you are taking part in. Although, ensure that you only take on something that you are physically able to do. 
Donate something crazy
If you like the idea of raising a large sum of money but don’t feel confident enough to take part, in any event, yourself, then why not donate something to a charity organisation. Of course, the crazier, the better, and in truth the more money that could potentially be raised. Charities have been known to accept car donations enabling them to sell the asset for funds, old pieces of furniture or clothing with a backstory, or anything celebrity related can always work well with charity. 
Change something about yourself
Finally, why not do something a little different with yourself to raise money for charity. Perhaps you have long hair and would be willing to have it all off for charity. Maybe you would get a tattoo or a body piercing if enough money was raised. There are many different possibilities that you could consider, and as long as you are 100% comfortable with it, the money raised could go to a very worthy cause. 
I hope this has offered you some inspiration for some of the weird and wonderful things you can do for charity.

Take All The Help Going To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay
Trying for a child is one of those processes that pulls your emotions all over the place. Yes, there is the excitement of hoping to bring a new life into the world, always a positive feeling. But with trying, of course, comes the fear of failure. Add into the mix the anticipation, frustration, doubt and love that you'll be feeling, and it is a potent mix. This isn't enough to stop us trying, of course, but it helps to be ready.
One thing that needs to be said about trying for a baby is that it's not easy. Although there is a lot of information and a lot of assistance out there, you may still find that it's not first time lucky. It may not be second time either. You just need to keep up hope that it will be one of these times. Persistence may be necessary. After all, it's not like the process is all bad, is it?
One thing that needs to be borne in mind as you prepare to bring a new life into the world is that you can't have too much help. You may feel like you're getting too much advice - and need to tune some of it out - but the more strings to your bow, the better
Eating Right Does Make A Difference
Sometimes claims are made for diet that people really have no business making. Listen to enough people with enough diet tips and you could believe that this berry will cure cancer, or that bread will make you smarter. But the truth is that diet does play a part in health, on every level, for good or bad. And if you're trying to get pregnant, beans and leafy greens will help. Don't worry, so will ice cream!
Taking Supplements Can Fill In Gaps

Preparing your body for anything you want to make it do is about making sure you have every tool at your disposal. Some of us can get what we need from diet alone. Some of us readily produce, naturally, what is required. Sometimes we need supplementary assistance. If you have a condition like PCOS, you may find it hard to get pregnant and need some help.
If you fall into that bracket, then there are useful supplements. One example is D-chiro Inositol, which promotes improved fertility and oocyte quality. This is essential for balancing up the roadblock that circumstance has thrown in your way.
A Positive Attitude Is More Than Just Self-Help Talk
You'll probably get sick of people telling you that you just need to stay positive. Not least because if all it took was positive thinking, we'd all get lucky first time. You'll need more than a positive attitude, but it does help. You'll reduce stress and with it all of the tangible health issues that it causes. This will make your body more ready to create and nourish a new life. Meditation and lavender are just a couple of tools in your arsenal for stress relief.
Getting pregnant is not going to be easy, and there are bumps along the road, but what you get at the end of it is worth the wait and the worry. Just make sure that you keep a focus on your own well-being, and what will be will be.