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Summer bounce!!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about hair! I have never been fortunate enough to have fine hair. It runs in the family and I have always had super thin and fine hair that I have never been able to grow properly, or brush back and have it fall back into place... no. I have thin, fly away hair that is so difficult to style no matter what I do it just looks limp and in summer, with the heat, even that doesn't put any frizz into it. It's so funny how so many people have to try and tame their hair in the summer, but I'm the total opposite. For me, the bigger the better! 

I was kindly sent a product to try from Toppik, which I wanted to do a little speed review on! They come in chic packaging, and they are guaranteed to boost your hair and give it that little bit of extra ooomph it might need. On top of that, they are coloured, so you can choose a range of different colours depending on what you would like. But don't worry, the colour I have is super subtle and washes out really easily too. I have used it a couple of times now and it is a really good volumising product. It does make the hair feel thicker, but perhaps the downside being it also makes it a little stiffer, and harder to style but it's doable and the product does not come out until you wash it. It definitely is a handy hairspray too because it really does seem to set my hair into place. Perhaps it would work different for other textured hair, but for fine hair, it would work as a hairspray too. 

After a super quick spritz it's given me such a boost for my hair that I just love it!!! If you guys want to have a little browse, then check them out here Toppik!! After having a little look on their site, I am definitely wanting to try their thickening shampoo for a more longterm trial to see how it works as I have tried thickening shampoos in the past, and they can be super good.