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LIFESTYLE: Sure-Fire Signs You're Becoming An Adult

When you’re a kid, you sort of expect that one day someone will wave a magic wand, and you’ll just become a “grown-up” overnight. As we get into our twenties though, it becomes clear that it’s a much more gradual process. I’ve read about teenagers with more financial sense than me, and middle-aged people with serious Peter Pan syndrome. If you’re not sure where you are on the scale, here’s some signs that you’re finally growing up.

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First of all, you’re starting to think about money in the long-term. When we get that first job, all the money we get exists solely for fun day trips and buying new stuff. As a young adult, you get a few bills to pay, but they’re usually an afterthought for the next fun thing to do. If you’re spending on yourself far less, and most of your money is protecting you against the big, ominous question mark of the future, then you’re certainly leaning more towards adulthood. Mortgage payments, life insurance, investments and saving for retirement are some of the big ones you’re going to have to worry about in adult life. If you’re worried you’re being a little childish with your money, then that’s a great start! Here’s a dry but helpful article as a next step: 

Another sure-fire sign that you’re doing your last bit of maturing is that you no longer care if something’s “cool”. I’m sure you can remember a point in your teenage years when you wore ridiculous clothes and used ridiculous slang, and took shots at anyone who wasn’t “with it”. I hate to break it to you, but now you’re that person. Don’t worry though, that isn’t a bad thing! Forgetting what the latest trends are means that you’re now living your life a little more for yourself, and not that crowd you wanted to get in with back in the day. Aside from that, you now get to laugh at all the kids who are sinking their money into looking like each other, and spend yours on the things that really matter to you.

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Finally, you’re actually enjoying wholesome activities. Think of the next big thing on the horizon you’re getting excited about. If you could talk to your teenage self and tell them that one day they’d be looking forward to something like this, I’m sure they’d call you crazy! As we mature, the weekends completely change their tone. They’re no longer about out-drinking your friends and watching the sun rise somewhere you’re not supposed to be. This kind of debauchery is quickly going to give way to craft fairs, car boot sales, and other slow-paced, wholesome activities. If you haven’t been so much as tips in weeks and you’re enjoying wandering around all those shops you ignored as a teenager, then congratulations; you’re pretty much an adult!

Hopefully this post hasn’t launched you into a premature midlife crisis. Whether you think you grew up too early or you’re afraid of growing up too slow, we all hit adulthood at a time that’s right for us.