How to Keep Your Memory Sharp at Any Age

While we’ve all left our car keys in random places and forgotten about it completely, it’s not as normal to experience memory loss with age as you might think. There are, in fact, preventative measures you can take while you’re still young, and even as you begin to age, that may help to keep your memory as sharp as possible.

Here is a handful of great ways to boost your brain power and make it easier to preserve the memories of your older relatives as well - so that you can hear their stories a few more times.

Photo Courtesy: Pexels

Challenge your senses
When you think about how our senses connect with our memories, it becomes easier to train it on your own. Train yourself frequently by connecting visual memories with a smell, for example, and try to incorporate this even as you study for an exam or work presentation.
It will work wonders for your senior family members as well; by smelling something, in particular, you’re developing a strong association to memories. Think about the aromatic fragrances of a Christmas dinner, for example, and how you may have picked up on the smell of cinnamon once and exclaimed that it smells just like Christmas. 
When your older relatives talk about their memories from when they were younger, try to create similar patterns for them without making it too obvious. Have a look at BBC, by the way, for an interesting read on how to unlock forgotten memories.
Ask them about what it looked like where they grew up, for example, and keep connecting their senses with different memories. It makes it a lot more likely that they’ll stay put in their minds for a long time still.

Never stop learning
It’s relatively easy to keep learning while we’re still young, and it has been proven that those with higher education tend to enjoy an active and sharp memory for longer. 
If you have older family members in your life, make sure they have the right structure in their everyday lives to encourage learning. Many social services, such as Cayon Care Services, are able to provide carers to help elderly out in their homes, which makes it a lot easier for them to keep enjoying their routines even if they live at home.
Mention to one of their carers that you’d like it if they also encouraged your relative to continue playing chess or to keep reading - and make sure you ask them about how the carers can make it more enjoyable to keep learning.
Reinforce memories
Before an important exam, you’d probably repeat what you learned a hundred times to make sure it sticks. Although a lot of this information will seep back out pretty soon, seeing that we don’t always make use of what we learn in college straight away, you can keep the same mindset in terms of keeping your memory sharp. 
Diaries are a good way to this, for example, as you’ll have the opportunity to both write down and re-read your experiences. Keep asking your senior family members about their lives as well, by the way, and let them repeat themselves as much as they’d like.
It’s good for their memory, after all, and you’ll undoubtedly miss hearing their stories over again when they’re no longer able to share.

Why Bloggers Should Join Latest

I've recently been looking to work with some companies who not only reward loyalty but also are a super informatie and exciting way to find new deals, and share new deals! We are all trying to be thrifty, I know that I have really started to become more thrifty recently, using coupons, looking in junk stores for treasures, growing my own vegetables, so finding deals to save you time and money can only be a good thing! I have joined which is essentially a money saving site. People find and share the very best deals and discounts in the UK. You can share, save, and add your own (if you are signed up), to spread the word about deals, and for bloggers, it can be a fabulous way to be rewarded for your finds, and meet other bloggers in the process! It can take a little bit of time, but there is a nice way for bloggers to earn a bit of commission from the sales, so stick at it! 
I had a little chat with Tom and he gave me a little bit of a more in depth look into what the company does, and why it's so great. 

What is your role within the company? 
My name's Tom and I'm a co-founder of Latest Deals. We're a very small team (just three of us) so our roles overlap a lot. I wake up early and cycle to work. The office is by the river in London. I first scour the web for today's best deals and share them with you. I read all the tips and feedback I get sent from members and edit and review what's on the site - this is something that makes us quite unique... all the deals are reviewed by real people. I personally write a daily email of the best deals, also post them on Facebook and Twitter, and make a video every day explaining how to get them. A full-time deal hunting addict!

What can Latest Deals offer that other companies can't?
You're right. Latest Deals is not the first deals site, so why choose us? We try harder. Because we're small, we can't afford broken links. Or expired deals. Or things you don't even want. We test and review every deal before we post them. We reach out to real money saving experts and ask them for feedback. We have to win where we can. The best deals. A faster website. Being nice. We built Latest Deals with the UK's top money bloggers. It's a community run site where you're in control.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
The thrill of finding a price glitch never goes away. When you get tipped off to  an amazing deal, like a case of wine for free, or cheap air fares, your adrenaline pumps and it's go go go! I love sharing these and seeing the massive reaction it gets on social media. I recently shared a free voucher to get unlimited cake at ASDA. Money Saving Expert re-tweeted it and then the website crashed. To see that kind of response is brilliant.

What do you want to happen with the future of the company? 
I'd love for it to become a recognised source of money saving deals and discounts by everyone. We've already been featured by the BBC, The Huffington Post, AOL Money and more, but I really feel this could go much further. Ultimately, I will be happy when I overhear people one day saying "Have you heard of Latest Deals? I saved a fortune on there yesterday...". People are really struggling with money today, and I want to help them. You can make your money go further if you know where to look.

What do you like about working with bloggers (if and when)? 
Bloggers are amazing people because they give you such an open look at their lives, for free. I love bloggers who really tell the truth - often the ugly truth - because that's what life is about, the ups and the downs. With Latest Deals, right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to work with bloggers to make it a site for everyone. A way bloggers could share deals they find and get rewarded for it. So you are a blogger and would like to get involved, just send me a message on FB.

What are your hobbies?
Since starting Latest Deals, I'm struggling to "Turn Off" in the evenings. So at the moment, my hobby is trying to clear my mind and not think of all the things that need to be done. Just to try and be in the present, cooking dinner, running in the park, reading a book. It takes me ages at the moment, but hopefully with practice I'll get there! 

If you are passionate about deals, then please have a little look on my page (there will be more deals to come, I'm a newbie!!), and join up, like my deals, share them, click them and enjoy! Comment below or drop me a message for more info! 

Why You Should Consider This Holiday Hotspot

Having a holiday booked to look forward to is a great way to motivate yourself through those tough work days or cold winter months ahead. It can somehow make the tough days bearable, knowing that you are earning money to pay for that deserved break. As we are fast approaching the winter, it’s common for our minds to wander beyond Christmas and into next year. Making plans for the future and hoping those long days pass quickly. It certainly has me thinking about where I might consider for my next holiday. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some thoughts on the island of Cyprus.

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
Cyprus is one of those places that happens to have a great climate throughout the year. Making it a great location for people like me who would like to travel outside of school holiday times. There are some places to consider that offer different types of holidays. There are the busier resorts like Ayia Napa, popular amongst younger folk for those girls or lads holidays. Then there is Paphos on the other side of the spectrum, mostly favoured by couples and newlyweds wanting a more relaxed vibe. Thankfully Protaras and Limassol offer a great in-between. Making this island a real versatile holiday destination suitable for everyone. 

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

As you can imagine, an island like Cyprus offers many different accommodation types. Suiting all types of budgets and holidays. For some, you may want to try an all inclusive in CyprusThankfully most of the main resorts have an abundance of hotels offering this type of accommodation. Ranging from three stars through to the luxurious five star options. There are also plenty of hotels offering self catering options, and your usual villas and apartments up for rent.

Photo Courtesy of: Wikimedia
Many popular resorts are in the south of the island. Which means they have a Greek influence. There are many Greek Cypriot meals that you can try during your holiday stay. From Kleftiko to Pastichio there will be something to entice your taste buds. With the Greek influence, you are bound to see many light dishes on the menus. Many salads with beautiful dressing for you to drool over. However, in the most popular resorts, you will find an abundance of meal options on offer. Italian, chinese and english meals can all be found. However, many hotels offer themed evenings making it easy to dine in your accommodation if you want to stay close. 
Travel Time
With many airports offering direct flights daily from the UK, you are looking at a flight time of over five hours. While it may be longer than some of the other popular European destinations, it is still more than appropriate. It certainly won't be classed as longhaul. You could still comfortably stay there for seven days and still feel like you have made the most of your holiday.
Having a sunny climate and amazing food options. Amazing scenery and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why Cyprus is popular. Have you been?

Autumn Colour Challenge With Wayfair

Now that autumn is creeping upon us, it's nice to have a little change up of your home and tweak your decor to match the new season ahead. Personally autumn and winter is the best time of year and it is the most exciting time of year to have a little spruce up and treat yourself to some goodies for your home. Wayfair are currently launching their Autumn Colour Challenge, and it's safe to say they are seling some pretty increiblde autumn goodies on their site. I decided to see what finds I could grab with autumn colours in mind, and I think I got a pretty good variation!

Wayfair have some incredible furniture and decor pieces, pretty much everything you can think of for your home, and at really affordable prices. If you want to splash out, they also have the higher priced items, it really does span from affordable to the more luxury pieces and everything is divine. I'm transitioning parts of my home into the autumn style and Wayfair have some gorgeous pieces for the season. From a trendy new clothes rail, to a cute side table and fluffy rug, I picked up so many little treats, and you can see how I styled them all below, but I would like to speak in a little more detail about the quality of the products and the prices.

Here is a full list of everything I purchased. Read on to find out more about them and how I've been styling them!

Clothes Rail (complete with two racks) -CLICK TO SHOP - £47.99

The clothes rail has been a perfect new addition to my room. It's perfect now that autumn is coming to an end, as I have all of my fluffy jumpers super accessible and all my boots ready and waiting. It is a good size, and fits a lot of clothes. It's not too large or invasive and is super helpful with two racks. Easy to put together and the silver fits in with so many decors!

Devos Caby Agathe Gray Area RugCLICK TO SHOP - £24.99

This has been one of my favourite purchases. I have no rugs but knew I wanted one to bring a little bit of comfort and cosiness to my room now autumn is coming and looks lovely on the wooden floor. It's so soft and feel luxurious and lovely quality. It's pretty tiny but they come in a variation of sizes and colours but this was perfect for me and felt the grey would be long lasting and a nice neutral addition.

Diamond Weave Throw (orange)CLICK TO SHOP - £16.65

This screams autumn! I love the delicate intricacies on it and also think it's just super autumnal and really cute. It looks lovely on my bed and can be easily layered. Would be more effective on a single bed, for better coverage but again if you're layering it, it does not matter. It's very stylish and I am obsessed with anything orange. The tassles are a lovely addition also!

Geometric Dip-Dyed Vase (blue) - CLICK TO SHOP - £5.99

I love this little piece. It feels like one of a kind, homemade, kind of rustic and charming. I love the dip dye effect and seems very wintery and would look lovely on the windowsill to see the light shining on it but it's happily set on my bedside table and it is a perfect little touch of modern with also a touch of tradition too, I love pot pieces like this. They really add character!

Riva Squared Wooden Stool (white)CLICK TO SHOP - £31.99

Although this stool on first glance was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, I can still sit on it comfortably and use it as a vanity stool! It is pretty small so it can be probably used for children well or even as a foot stool, but it is so quaint and cute, and really love the wicker effect, I always feel this gives a touch of autumn and it is so non-invasive and sits really well anywhere!

Willow Unpeeled and Buff BasketCLICK TO SHOP - £12.20

I have been after a wicker basket for so long and trust me if you want a big sturdy basket for your blankets or shoes perhaps, then this is the one for you! It's lovely sturdy quality but not super heavy and fits so much inside it! It gives me all the autumn feels and I really do think it's a great purchase for the money. At just £12.20 you can give yourself some storage space and make it look stylish at the same time.

August Grove Bradmoor Side TableCLICK TO SHOP - £38.50

This is such a lovely quality piece. Really heavy, hearty chunks of wood and well made. Looks lovely quality and I really like the wooden effect for the top, it's a nice new dimension and perfect to house all my little autumn ornaments. It is definitely a great addition to any bedroom but this could be easily used in your living room to house magazines, or for drinks. I love the white legs, it really looks clean and crisp and I'm really impressed with all the furniture bits from Wayfair. It is really nice quality.

Snow Beaten Metal VotiveCLICK TO SHOP - £4.98

This is one of my favourite ornamental pieces. It's ultra chic, with gold inside and on the outside more of a brushed metal colour but it sits on a slant, which is perfect for housing jewellery bits inside and really brings out the pop of gold inside. I think it really enhances my little table and you could easily get two of these to match each side on your sideboard. It's modern and chic and the gold colour is so pretty!

Snow Neroli Essence Perfumed CandleCLICK TO SHOP - £8.85

This smells incredible!! It really does smell so good!!! I can't explain how aromatic this is and when I saw the colour and style, it was a must for my shopping basket! It has an antique feel to it and looks really special. The dark blue is a really lovely touch to my all white room and brings a little bit of style to my dressing table space. I light it when I'm getting ready for the incredible smell, but this is so cute and even the little candle top reminds me of a pumpkin! So festive and lovely!

For more information on Wayfair's new Colour Challenge, click here and happy shopping! Get finding the perfect autumnal picks and see what autumn colours you can find!

*This post was written in collaboration with Wayfair, but all opinions are my own. 

Cute Tangle Free Headphones Every Music Lover Needs

How many times have you had some headphones in your bag, for travelling or work purposes, and once you've arrived at your destination, gone to pull them out in a big tangled mess? I always do it! This also really weakens the core design of the headphones and can lead to one ear bud not working (my pet hate) and it's really no fun. I was on the hunt for some really good high quality, super fashionable and RELIABLE headphones that wouldn't do that anymore, and after being in contact with JAYS HEADPHONES, they kindly sent me one of their sets for me to try! 

They're a Swedish brand, and even down to their packaging, it's a million miles ahead of what we seem to get here in the UK! I was sent the a-JAYS FOUR+ which come with a full feature three-button remote, which is super helpful for on the go. 

They are the most gorgeous earbuds!! They're white with gold detailing, although in some lights it certainly looks a little rose gold, and I just think they are so perfect. They are flat which helps them to not tangle! They come with different sized buds and they do say wet the bud a little before use, which I found helpful as these types of buds don't usually stay in my ears, they always pop out, but this are silicone so wetting them just helps them bond a little to the ear. The sound is exceptionally crisp. 

They offer such a broad range of headphones and earbuds, dependent on what you're looking for. I really recommend these, because I can tell they're going to be durable and long-lasting and like a lot of people, I'd rather buy a good pair of headphones than a cheaper pair that may only last two minutes and not have the good sound quality. These retail at around £40 in the UK, and they obviously do ship overseas! If you want to check out these headphones here is the link - Jays HeadphonesThey have such elegance and simplicity that they are a pleasure to whip out and use, and they look classy. If you want to, go say hi to them on their social medias!! 

Twitter - @JaysHeadphones
Instagram -  @JaysHeadphones 

Finding Your Perfect Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to incorporate the outdoors to your indoors. They are uplifting, they look pretty and can be beneficial to your mental health. It's lovely to pick a bunch of flowers from the store or flower shop and display them beautifully in your home. I also have no issue with buying reduced flowers, in fact I always opt for those, as usually they will still last a reasonable amount of time, especially if you find out the best way to care for them. Ensure they have the right amount of water, use the food that is provided inside the packaging and ensure they have the right amount of sunlight also, if this is necessary.

Photo Courtesy Pixabay

I know that I love to also give flowers as a gift. Just as a little mid week gift perhaps for my mum or for a friend, it's a lovely way to show someone that you care, and is always going to be a lovely addition to your home. There are so many flowers to choose, and many different types that need different environments etc, and we often just choose them on the fact that they look pretty, or will survive a long time without needing to be watered too often. However there are so many types of flowers to choose. If you're buying someone a gift, why not look at Flying Flowers, where you can choose flower gifts based on their birth month.

For example, the flowers of April are: Daisy and Sweetpea. It also adds a little extra something when giving a gift, especially a birthday gift. Of course you can always look at seasonal flowers, as now it's coming to autumn, it's lovely to pick the more wild flowers, perhaps some reds and oranges in to make it feel more autumnal and have that fluid transition from summer. I love having flowers any time of the year, but they can really enhance your mood, and if you want to make your home super Pinterest worthy, then you're going to need a huge vase of beautiful flowers! Take a little browse and buy yourself or someone you love some special flowers and light up their day!

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

How To Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes By Using E-Cigarettes

The use of tobacco cigarettes has been proven to be very harmful to our health. There is a lot of information on the NHS website that explains why smoking tobacco is so harmful along with the countless benefits of deciding to give it up.

However, quitting smoking is typically a very difficult task. This is true for the smokers that already understand the risks associated with tobacco. The truth of the matter is that smoking is highly addictive and it is the nicotine inside the tobacco which makes it so addictive. In addition, the act of reaching for cigarettes is also addictive and trying to quit requires extensive will power and in many cases added help.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay
Today, many people are choosing the alternative of E-cigarettes to assist them in giving up traditional tobacco smoking and many people have experienced success due to the following reasons:

Cutting Down The Chemicals

Chemicals found in manufactured tobacco based cigarettes feature highly dangerous ingredients that include butane which is found in lighter fluid, arsenic that is the same poison used in rat poisons, and a toxic by-product known as gas carbon-monoxide. The majority of the smokers are aware of these ingredients and even though they are constantly given this guidance on the actual labels of their cigarette packets, from their doctors and on the TV, they still continue to inhale these substances on a daily basis.

One of the initial steps to quitting smoking and repairing one's health includes banishing these chemicals. This is possible by choosing E-cigarettes in order to accomplish this goal. The E liquids inside E-cigarettes feature non-toxic ingredients such as nicotine, propylene glycol and flavorings without any nasty and dangerous chemicals. The switch from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes is an important step in quitting smoking and getting rid of the exponential harmful side-effects.

Lowering Your Nicotine Levels

One of the big benefits for people in search of a way to quit tobacco cigarettes is that the E-cigarettes provide the choice to slowly decrease nicotine intakes while at the same time enjoying a smoke that is significantly cleaner. E-liquid available for E-cigarettes and the pre-filled disposables types come in varying strengths. This offers a way for smokers to choose nicotine level that they enjoy inhaling with a goal to reduce the strength levels gradually until such stage that they are able to enjoy a chemical and nicotine free smoke.

The typical e liquid in an E-cigarette features around 1.2mg of nicotine which is around the same strength as a standard cigarette. With nicotine levels that vary from 3.6mg up to as low as 0.2mg onto nicotine-free E-liquids it become easy to see how smokers are able to slowly decrease nicotine levels without having to battle the loss of comfort along with the habit associated with smoking.

Breaking Habits

It is well known that the harder of the habits to break when it comes to tobacco cigarettes happens to be the habit in itself. The physical part of reaching for cigarettes and inhaling the smoke is the hardest habit to break. The act of smoking is often calming, a stress reliever and enjoyable. E-cigarettes allow for a nicotine-free or low nicotine smoke so that the smoker can enjoy a smoking past-time reducing or eliminating the harmful effects.

At the stage that they chemicals are now eliminated from your system or you have decreased the amount of nicotine you take in, the only aspect left is to work on the physical habit. This is the stage that many smokers are able to kick the habit altogether. Some smokers find that they are able to decrease the amount of E-cigarettes that they smoke that they only require an occasional use. Others make the decision that they have given up on the harmful chemicals and carry on enjoying the cleaner yet comforting and familiar feeling of e-smoking.

The Future Of Quitting Smoking And E Cigarettes

It is obvious that choosing E-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes with the goal of quitting smoking has worked for many people. It is definitely associated with a number of health benefits and makes a lot of sense for those who truly care about their health.

In fact, there have even been discussions that the NHS plan to officially adopt E-cigarettes for patients to make use of through a prescription over the next few years in the form of smoking cessation devices and it is obvious as to why many people view this as a great idea. While the E-cigarettes are not really cessation devices on an official level as yet, the truth is that many of the tobacco smokers have successfully made this switch.

Holistic Approaches to a Great Body and Mind

Taking a holistic approach to exercise will sound amazing to some people. It will sound weird to others, usually because of several misconceptions. But what is it, exactly? How can it be achieved?

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay

is a holistic approach?
A lot of people believe that holistic is a strange, New Age thing that has a lot in common with alternative medicine. They see it as a very spiritual, metaphysical thing. Well, there is some truth to some of that thinking. Holistic is a sort of philosophy that believes that every part of something is connected to the whole. It’s often used to refer to the universe as a whole!
But holistic also has a related but different meaning when we talk about medicine and fitness. It’s an approach that takes into account the entire body. And not just the entire physical components of a person. We’re also talking about the mental factors that make up a human being. So when we talk about holistic approaches to exercise? What we’re talking about is exercise that takes your entire mind and body into account.

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay

Embracing physical and mental power
It could be argued that pretty much any form of exercise takes this approach, even if people don’t know about it. There’s certainly a good argument for that. Let’s take running, for instance. Running for half an hour a day has amazing physical benefits, of course. It strengthens your legs and your lungs. But it also has benefits for your mental health, helping with stress relief and clearer thinking.
But if you want to take a specific holistic approach, there are some exercises which are better than others. When you look at a lot of exercises, you’ll find that they focus very much on improving a specific body component. Weight-lifting increases the bulk of your arms, for example. From a holistic perspective, there are much better exercises. Take mixed martial arts, for example. Training in MMA puts focus on the entirety of your body. You have to consider every limb, your specific stances, your head and neck... Everything! Mental power is also focused on.

Photo courtesy of: Free Stock Photo
The classic: yoga
If you want to stay really true to the holistic approach? Then you need to consider your life outside of vigorous exercise. Sure, exercise is good for relieving stress. But why is that stress in your life in the first place? And in what quantity? Even with stress relieving exercise, it’s still doing you damage. It can also affect how effective particular exercises are. So you should be looking at other ways of decreasing stress. 
Taking things back to exercise, not every holistic approach is vigorous and tiring. One exercise a lot of people think of when they think of holistics is yoga. But, on the other hand, a lot of people don’t even consider yoga to be “proper” exercise. But not only does yoga help ease mental stress in ways similar to meditation. Doing yoga properly actually works muscles all over the body you probably didn’t even know you had. You should consider getting into yoga. Especially if you’re still working your way up to the physical fitness needed to do the more vigorous holistic exercises.