Cute Tangle Free Headphones Every Music Lover Needs

How many times have you had some headphones in your bag, for travelling or work purposes, and once you've arrived at your destination, gone to pull them out in a big tangled mess? I always do it! This also really weakens the core design of the headphones and can lead to one ear bud not working (my pet hate) and it's really no fun. I was on the hunt for some really good high quality, super fashionable and RELIABLE headphones that wouldn't do that anymore, and after being in contact with JAYS HEADPHONES, they kindly sent me one of their sets for me to try! 

They're a Swedish brand, and even down to their packaging, it's a million miles ahead of what we seem to get here in the UK! I was sent the a-JAYS FOUR+ which come with a full feature three-button remote, which is super helpful for on the go. 

They are the most gorgeous earbuds!! They're white with gold detailing, although in some lights it certainly looks a little rose gold, and I just think they are so perfect. They are flat which helps them to not tangle! They come with different sized buds and they do say wet the bud a little before use, which I found helpful as these types of buds don't usually stay in my ears, they always pop out, but this are silicone so wetting them just helps them bond a little to the ear. The sound is exceptionally crisp. 

They offer such a broad range of headphones and earbuds, dependent on what you're looking for. I really recommend these, because I can tell they're going to be durable and long-lasting and like a lot of people, I'd rather buy a good pair of headphones than a cheaper pair that may only last two minutes and not have the good sound quality. These retail at around £40 in the UK, and they obviously do ship overseas! If you want to check out these headphones here is the link - Jays HeadphonesThey have such elegance and simplicity that they are a pleasure to whip out and use, and they look classy. If you want to, go say hi to them on their social medias!! 

Twitter - @JaysHeadphones
Instagram -  @JaysHeadphones 

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