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Health Issues You Might Face During Sick Leave

Who hates being off work ill? It depends on the reason, doesn’t it? If it’s for an injury like a broken leg, it’s not too bad. You can catch up on your shows and get some time away from that stressful office. When you put it like that, time off work doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. But what about when it’s for an extended period? Then, things can get a tad dicier, and further issues can arise that you weren’t prepared for. Here are the health issues you might experience when you’re off for a long term of absence. 

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Believe it or not, during a long sick leave, many people do get depressed. It’s kind of like when you’re in school. Remember, in school; you used to love the summer holidays. At least, you use to love the first four weeks of the summer holidays. After that, it started to get a little dull and same, same. There was nothing to do or rather; there was nothing you could do. Many days you were confined to the house because despite it being summer, it wouldn’t stop raining. Being off work ill is the same. The first few days are manageable. After that, though, you reach a point where mentally, you might be fine. Your brain is raring to go. It’s your body that hasn’t fully recovered. It’s your body that’s stopping you reaching goals and meeting new challenges. This can be incredibly depressing, and you should watch out for signs of depression when you’re off work. You might notice that you’re sleeping a lot longer than usual.

To avoid this, it’s best to keep your mind active, even while you’re off work. You can complete puzzles, play games or even take some work home. If you’re in a job where it’s possible to work from home, that is. 

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Long periods of sickness can be incredibly stressful because you start to worry about things like money. Money can get quite tight during a long sick leave. Even with statutory pay, you can struggle to pay the bills and continue to live the life you’ve grown accustomed to. You can read about the level of pay you will received in an employers ssp guide. You certainly won’t be making as much as you used to. Stress is one of the reasons for longer sick leave. It tends to cause medical symptoms to worsen and physical conditions to develop into mental issues. As such, the employee needs a lot longer to recover than they should. 
To avoid stress, you can try to save money in different areas. Alternatively, you may want to consider completing some work from home. There are lots of jobs you can take on online to keep your finances healthy, even while you’re off work. 
Difficulty Adjusting
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The last health problem is completely related to your mental wellbeing. You might find after a long period off; you struggle to get back to work. Even if you do return, you might find it difficult to adjust back into that structure and the stresses often involved. That’s why even when you’re off sick, you should keep the work mindset. Wake up at the same time and try to stay as active as possible through the day. Then, you should find it easier to return even after a long period of absence.