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Holistic Approaches to a Great Body and Mind

Taking a holistic approach to exercise will sound amazing to some people. It will sound weird to others, usually because of several misconceptions. But what is it, exactly? How can it be achieved?

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is a holistic approach?
A lot of people believe that holistic is a strange, New Age thing that has a lot in common with alternative medicine. They see it as a very spiritual, metaphysical thing. Well, there is some truth to some of that thinking. Holistic is a sort of philosophy that believes that every part of something is connected to the whole. It’s often used to refer to the universe as a whole!
But holistic also has a related but different meaning when we talk about medicine and fitness. It’s an approach that takes into account the entire body. And not just the entire physical components of a person. We’re also talking about the mental factors that make up a human being. So when we talk about holistic approaches to exercise? What we’re talking about is exercise that takes your entire mind and body into account.

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Embracing physical and mental power
It could be argued that pretty much any form of exercise takes this approach, even if people don’t know about it. There’s certainly a good argument for that. Let’s take running, for instance. Running for half an hour a day has amazing physical benefits, of course. It strengthens your legs and your lungs. But it also has benefits for your mental health, helping with stress relief and clearer thinking.
But if you want to take a specific holistic approach, there are some exercises which are better than others. When you look at a lot of exercises, you’ll find that they focus very much on improving a specific body component. Weight-lifting increases the bulk of your arms, for example. From a holistic perspective, there are much better exercises. Take mixed martial arts, for example. Training in MMA puts focus on the entirety of your body. You have to consider every limb, your specific stances, your head and neck... Everything! Mental power is also focused on.

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The classic: yoga
If you want to stay really true to the holistic approach? Then you need to consider your life outside of vigorous exercise. Sure, exercise is good for relieving stress. But why is that stress in your life in the first place? And in what quantity? Even with stress relieving exercise, it’s still doing you damage. It can also affect how effective particular exercises are. So you should be looking at other ways of decreasing stress. 
Taking things back to exercise, not every holistic approach is vigorous and tiring. One exercise a lot of people think of when they think of holistics is yoga. But, on the other hand, a lot of people don’t even consider yoga to be “proper” exercise. But not only does yoga help ease mental stress in ways similar to meditation. Doing yoga properly actually works muscles all over the body you probably didn’t even know you had. You should consider getting into yoga. Especially if you’re still working your way up to the physical fitness needed to do the more vigorous holistic exercises.