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Lalalab print your own pics!

I'm pretty sure that most of us have some wonderful memories that we have taken snaps of, either on holiday, on a night out, even a night in, great food pics, scenic pics and even photos of loved ones....but how many of them are stuck inside your smart phone? I know for me the majority of my photos are taken on the go, with my iPhone! I had wanted to find someone who would print off my photos so I could have tangible proof that these happened and no matter what happens to my phone, I can still keep all my memories stored in a little box, to remember for the future, or even better, frame them!

My Lalalab Photos

That is when I found Lalalab! I found them on the app store and you can create so many things on your app directly from your phone, from prints, to magnets, posters, phone much! The pricing is really cost-effective, and they arrive within 3-4 days. I was so super thrilled with the polaroid effect photo-snaps I ordered because they look so vintage but glossy and lovely quality. I can frame them or just display them on the wall or even on my bedside table, and was super impressed with the service. Here is a little look at their super cute, colourful and really easy to navigate app, it just makes printing your photos so fun and you can even ad text if you wish.

If you guys want to check them out you can find them here on their website (yes don't worry they have a website too!) :

Happy printing!!!