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Squeezy cheese?!

I am probably the world's biggest cheese fan. I consume far too much cheese and I could probably eat it with anything! I was kindly sent some samples of Primula squeezy tubes of cheese, which is a soft cheese that you can spread on anything. There were so many different ranges of flavours, from cheese and ham, cheese and chive, smoked salmon, cheese with prawns and more. There's definitely something for everyone. I was a little skeptical about trying squeezy cheese, because I have tried it in the past, and usually it hasn't fully appealed to me, but I wanted to give this a go, because I saw that it was high in calcium, so it is perfect for kids lunches. Also, their profits go to charity, which make them a super cool company, and are really setting good morals for other companies!

They taste really good! Not too strong and super creamy! Here are some little ways that I enjoyed eating them but the options are endless and you could probably use the spreads for: 

  • Spread on salmon or fish before baking 
  • Spread on sandwiches as butter alternative
  • Use on crackers, (any type)
  • Use on toast 

You can also use them for: 
  • Picnics
  • Kids packed lunches (because of the calcium benefits) 
  • Quick snack or for brunch 

If you want to check out more about these super cool squeezy cheese spreads, then check them out here: Primula Website

Happy eating!!!