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I've recently been looking to work with some companies who not only reward loyalty but also are a super informatie and exciting way to find new deals, and share new deals! We are all trying to be thrifty, I know that I have really started to become more thrifty recently, using coupons, looking in junk stores for treasures, growing my own vegetables, so finding deals to save you time and money can only be a good thing! I have joined LatestDeals.co.uk which is essentially a money saving site. People find and share the very best deals and discounts in the UK. You can share, save, and add your own (if you are signed up), to spread the word about deals, and for bloggers, it can be a fabulous way to be rewarded for your finds, and meet other bloggers in the process! It can take a little bit of time, but there is a nice way for bloggers to earn a bit of commission from the sales, so stick at it! 
I had a little chat with Tom and he gave me a little bit of a more in depth look into what the company does, and why it's so great. 

What is your role within the company? 
My name's Tom and I'm a co-founder of Latest Deals. We're a very small team (just three of us) so our roles overlap a lot. I wake up early and cycle to work. The office is by the river in London. I first scour the web for today's best deals and share them with you. I read all the tips and feedback I get sent from members and edit and review what's on the site - this is something that makes us quite unique... all the deals are reviewed by real people. I personally write a daily email of the best deals, also post them on Facebook and Twitter, and make a video every day explaining how to get them. A full-time deal hunting addict!

What can Latest Deals offer that other companies can't?
You're right. Latest Deals is not the first deals site, so why choose us? We try harder. Because we're small, we can't afford broken links. Or expired deals. Or things you don't even want. We test and review every deal before we post them. We reach out to real money saving experts and ask them for feedback. We have to win where we can. The best deals. A faster website. Being nice. We built Latest Deals with the UK's top money bloggers. It's a community run site where you're in control.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
The thrill of finding a price glitch never goes away. When you get tipped off to  an amazing deal, like a case of wine for free, or cheap air fares, your adrenaline pumps and it's go go go! I love sharing these and seeing the massive reaction it gets on social media. I recently shared a free voucher to get unlimited cake at ASDA. Money Saving Expert re-tweeted it and then the website crashed. To see that kind of response is brilliant.

What do you want to happen with the future of the company? 
I'd love for it to become a recognised source of money saving deals and discounts by everyone. We've already been featured by the BBC, The Huffington Post, AOL Money and more, but I really feel this could go much further. Ultimately, I will be happy when I overhear people one day saying "Have you heard of Latest Deals? I saved a fortune on there yesterday...". People are really struggling with money today, and I want to help them. You can make your money go further if you know where to look.

What do you like about working with bloggers (if and when)? 
Bloggers are amazing people because they give you such an open look at their lives, for free. I love bloggers who really tell the truth - often the ugly truth - because that's what life is about, the ups and the downs. With Latest Deals, right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to work with bloggers to make it a site for everyone. A way bloggers could share deals they find and get rewarded for it. So you are a blogger and would like to get involved, just send me a message on FB.

What are your hobbies?
Since starting Latest Deals, I'm struggling to "Turn Off" in the evenings. So at the moment, my hobby is trying to clear my mind and not think of all the things that need to be done. Just to try and be in the present, cooking dinner, running in the park, reading a book. It takes me ages at the moment, but hopefully with practice I'll get there! 

If you are passionate about deals, then please have a little look on my page (there will be more deals to come, I'm a newbie!!), and join up, like my deals, share them, click them and enjoy! Comment below or drop me a message for more info! 

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