Why You Should Consider This Holiday Hotspot

Having a holiday booked to look forward to is a great way to motivate yourself through those tough work days or cold winter months ahead. It can somehow make the tough days bearable, knowing that you are earning money to pay for that deserved break. As we are fast approaching the winter, it’s common for our minds to wander beyond Christmas and into next year. Making plans for the future and hoping those long days pass quickly. It certainly has me thinking about where I might consider for my next holiday. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some thoughts on the island of Cyprus.

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Cyprus is one of those places that happens to have a great climate throughout the year. Making it a great location for people like me who would like to travel outside of school holiday times. There are some places to consider that offer different types of holidays. There are the busier resorts like Ayia Napa, popular amongst younger folk for those girls or lads holidays. Then there is Paphos on the other side of the spectrum, mostly favoured by couples and newlyweds wanting a more relaxed vibe. Thankfully Protaras and Limassol offer a great in-between. Making this island a real versatile holiday destination suitable for everyone. 

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As you can imagine, an island like Cyprus offers many different accommodation types. Suiting all types of budgets and holidays. For some, you may want to try an all inclusive in CyprusThankfully most of the main resorts have an abundance of hotels offering this type of accommodation. Ranging from three stars through to the luxurious five star options. There are also plenty of hotels offering self catering options, and your usual villas and apartments up for rent.

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Many popular resorts are in the south of the island. Which means they have a Greek influence. There are many Greek Cypriot meals that you can try during your holiday stay. From Kleftiko to Pastichio there will be something to entice your taste buds. With the Greek influence, you are bound to see many light dishes on the menus. Many salads with beautiful dressing for you to drool over. However, in the most popular resorts, you will find an abundance of meal options on offer. Italian, chinese and english meals can all be found. However, many hotels offer themed evenings making it easy to dine in your accommodation if you want to stay close. 
Travel Time
With many airports offering direct flights daily from the UK, you are looking at a flight time of over five hours. While it may be longer than some of the other popular European destinations, it is still more than appropriate. It certainly won't be classed as longhaul. You could still comfortably stay there for seven days and still feel like you have made the most of your holiday.
Having a sunny climate and amazing food options. Amazing scenery and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why Cyprus is popular. Have you been?

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