Need A Loan?

I think it's safe to say that almost all of us overspend at some point in our lives. Whether it is just scraping the bottom of your money box for that gorgeous pair of shoes, or at those times of year, such as birthdays, and Christmas, when your bank balance suffers that extra little bit. It's easy to spend, but the repercussions of overspending can be shocking, and leave you feeling incredibly lost, and worried, and the whole thing can spiral quickly out of control. 

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Sometimes, you need a bit of cash to get you through, and you need it without sinking deeper and deeper into debt, which as we know, is an incredibly desperate situation to be faced with. Thankfully, I try to live as thrifty as possible, I have my tricks and tips to live a life well but without breaking the bank, but even I, especially during my studying years, overspent on extravagant nights out, and did not have the money to make all ends meet. I sometimes wish I'd been more savvy and found someone who could have helped, without having to burden myself with negative thoughts. 

Vivus are a short term loan company that have a simple but effective policy, "Apply. Get approved. Get the cash. Pay back in one repayment when you get paid." For nervous first timers they also offer a half price offer for the first loan, which is a kind gesture, because we all need a little bit of encouragement and kindness when these awful situations arise. They want to place the control into the borrowers hands, and provides them what they need and when they need it. Vivus don't wish to bombard you with a huge amount of small print, red tape and another little bonus... there are no hidden fees. If you are do struggle to meet the deadline arranged for payback, there is a 5 day window before they begin to add interest to the payment. 

If you think that you could benefit from a short-term loan then take a little look at who have a friendly helpful team that are just waiting to help you! There is no shame in needing financial assistance, we all know the economy isn't booming and we probably might not see that day for a good few years, so do not suffer in silence anymore. Take control. Talk to Vivus and live your life with a little less complication. 

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Create a VIP Experience for Your Next Holiday

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Sometimes, you want to plan your holiday on a budget. But other times, you want to splash out and really treat yourself. If you want to feel like you're special when you're on your trip, it's not difficult to do. If you have the money, you can pay for anything you want. However, even if you're not extremely rich, you could still be treated like royalty if you know how. There are some tricks you can use to get reduced prices, even if you can't get things for nothing at all. Whether you've got cash to spare or you want to spend less, try these tips to create a VIP experience.
Select the Best Accommodation
If you want your trip to feel like luxury, you should start by finding somewhere comfortable to stay. There are many different choices of accommodation, from budget options to 5-star hotels. Depending on what you're used to, any of them could feel like luxury to you. If you choose a hotel, you don't have to go to the top-end of the market to find something exclusive. Many 4-star hotels are also excellent options. If you want luxury for less, you might consider renting an apartment or house. It can be more affordable, especially when the cost is shared with others.

Join Exclusive Clubs
One of the best ways to create a VIP experience is to join exclusive clubs. You can find them everywhere, from airports to hotels and even events. For example, if you attend a Grand Prix event, you could benefit from being in the Formula One Paddock Club. Among other things, you'll have access to fine dining and open bars. If you stay in a hotel, they often have executive clubs which come with extra benefits. You can use lounges, bars and other facilities that other guests can't access. Even when you're travelling, being able to use an exclusive airport lounge is useful.

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Take Private Tours
Going on a tour when you're travelling is a great way to explore somewhere new. But why join a group tour when you can book a private one? You can find many tours that will show you around cities, galleries and museums or other locations. They often don't cost a lot more than joining a larger group tour. However, you can spend more on an exclusive experience if you want access to a larger range of activities.
Travel Comfortably
Even if you keep your budget tight on other aspects of your trip, it's worth spending extra on transport. Nothing will make you feel less like a VIP than experiencing poor transport. Whether you upgrade to first class on the plane or hire a private driver to get around, you can make your travel more comfortable. In some cases, you can ensure you won't experience any delays. Even if you do have to wait for a flight or train, you will usually be cared for if you have paid more for your ticket.
It's easy to turn any trip into a VIP experience if you know how. You don't have to be swimming in money, although it does help.

Nostalgia For 90s Packaging

We all grew up with a favourite packaging or design of packaging that made us think about the good tiems of the past. Packaging is everything, and even now I gravitate towards pretty packaging or something that takes my eye, because it's inviting and it makes you want to see more. We can clearly see the change in product packaging over the years and how it has changed due to our culture and what is now fashionable; yet there is a nostalgia for the past! It's super special to open a box with your facourite design on or perhaps tin packaging, that is easily accessible and looks pretty on the dresser or cupboard. It is all about packaging.

Here are some of my top packages from the past that always get my nostalgia running wild! 

1. Loreal Kids Shampoo

There was something exciting about the colourful and oddly shaped packaging of this shampoo that made bathtimes that much more fun, even when you had to wash your hair. They smelled good and lathered up really well and they are by far a true blast from the past for most 90's kids! 

2. Lipsmacker

This is a perfect example of where most girl's beauty additions began. The coolest packaging and back in the 90's everyone had these little hardened plastic cylinders with the little ball roller at the top to add a little glow to their lips. They tasted pretty good from what I can remember also! 

3. Push pops

These little plastic push pops with tasty candy inside were a huge hit in the nineties. You could push it up and down and finish the rest of the candy off whenever you wished. They even came inclusive with a little plastic clip on the side for you to slot it over your belt or pop over the side of your strap! 

4. Altoids

Although these seemed to be more for the adults, their super cute tins were perfect on those road trips, and you can pick up mints or different flavoured candies. They were a perfect example of retro packaging and also very convenient packaging! 

5. Quality Street Xmas Tins

These tins were the perfect storage tins for post-Christmas sweets and they were the epitome of Christmas! Of course now their packaging is plastic and much smaller, and more difficult to get into! Bring back the old packaging it was definitely the best! 

TRAVEL: Making The Most Of The UK’s Most Incredible Cities

As someone who’s caught the travel bug,  there’s nothing that I enjoy more than taking a trip to somewhere new. While it’s always incredibly exciting to jet off to some distant corner of the globe, I also like to explore the UK. We are really lucky when it comes to what the UK has to offer because it’s an incredibly diverse place. From areas of outstanding natural beauty and mountain peaks to metropolitan cities and seaside towns, there’s a lot on offer.
With that in mind, today I thought I would share some tips and advice for making the most of some of the UK’s most incredible cities. Because let’s face it, we can’t always afford to jet off into the sunset, can we? Whether you fancy a romantic weekend away, a break with the girls, or a few days to immerse yourself in culture, these are the perfect places to visit. To learn more about some of the UK’s most amazing cities, keep reading below.


One of the UK’s true gems, Bath is a beautiful city nestled in the rolling countryside of the South West. A very traditional place, Bath is renowned for its grand Georgian architecture and its Roman Bath Houses. Because of its position on top of some of the UK’s only hot springs, Bath is famous, both in the UK and further afield. It is also home to one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, the Royal Crescent. 
The great thing about Bath is that it has a lot to offer its visitors. Set amongst its cobbled streets and fancy architecture are an array of restaurants and eateries and pubs and bars. As well as a selection of boutique shops, and a high street packed full of all the most popular branded stores. Whether you’re in Bath for a night or a few days, there are some things that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. These include seeing the Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, and also, Thermae Bath Spa. This is a modern alternative to the Roman Baths. If you want to pack everything into one morning, then how about going on the City Sightseeing Bath Hop-On Hop-Off Tour?
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The capital of the country and one of the UK’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone. From culture and history to fine foods and unique bars, this is one city that you’ll never get bored in. Its landmarks alone - Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Thames, are enough to keep any visitor occupied. Of course, London is much more than its landmarks; it also has an array of other attractions. Some of which are well known, and others that are a little less famous. Being a multicultural place, London isn’t what you would call a traditional city. In some aspects it is, but when you visit places like Chinatown in Soho, for instance, you could be on another continent.
Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend away, a girly break or a cultural escape to the city, London’s got you covered. For a romantic weekend away, start the day with a stroll through Hyde Park. Then follow that with an afternoon at the Tate Modern and a coffee in a local patisserie. Before spending the evening on a romantic Thames Dinner Cruise. For a girly break away, spend the day relaxing at your hotel spa. Before heading to Covent Garden for dinner, and then onto London Cocktail Club or Below The Smoke for cocktails. If you fancy spending some time away, immersing yourself in London’s culture, visiting art galleries and museums is a must. It’s also worth taking the time to research some less well-known places - the best way to do this is via Trip Advisor.

Brighton And Hove
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Brighton and Hove is the UK’s most popular seaside resort area. Each and every year thousands of tourists descend during the summer months. The two towns of Brighton and Hove were joined together in 1997 before being made a city in 2001. This area is renowned for being a party place. However, that’s much to it than that. Without a doubt, Brighton and Hove make up the UK’s most bright, colourful, and fun city. If you fancy a trip with a unique trip, this could just be the perfect place to head to.
The city is a combination of classy and alternative. Here you’ll find hostels positioned next to boutique hotels, and fast food chains sharing a road with gourmet eateries. The great thing about this city is that whatever your budget, it’s the perfect place for a trip away. As well as lot of bars and restaurants, Brighton also has an array of unique and interesting attractions on offer. The must-see attraction of the city is Royal Pavilion, a party palace built in the early 19th century. There are also an array of art galleries in both Brighton and Hove, Brighton Marina to explore, and, of course, Brighton Pier. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a trip to the infamous chocolate shop, Choccywoccydoodah is also a must. The designs created here are incredible and truly unique to anything else.

The UK is home to hundreds of cities; these are just three of them. So if the idea of visiting Bath, London or Brighton doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other places that you could consider. The great thing about the UK’s cities is that each and every place is unique. Take Bath, for instance; it’s a traditional city that’s famous for its architecture. While London offers a more multicultural trip, packed full of various sights and attractions to see and explore. Then there’s Brighton and Hove, the city that offers more colour and excitement that anywhere else in the UK. It might be nice to jet off abroad, but for those times when you’re in need of a break and can’t afford to go abroad, the UK can offer exactly, what you need. It’s just a case of selecting the perfect city; that’s all.

Post Summer Pampering At Q61

After the memories of summer start to become a little distant and the weather turns a little crisper, we all tend to feel a little sluggish right before the start of the festive season. It's the time ot take a little more cre of yourself and perhaps spruce yourself up after all that summer fun. Earlier in the year I worked with Q61 studio in the centre of Leeds and loved all my treatments, you can read about that here. I really wanted to work with them again, this time trying out their LVL lash lift. It's something I had seen on other bloggers and it looked fantastic, and being one of those people who just cannot ever seem to achieve those curly lashes that last all day, I thought this treatment would be perfect to get and I want to bring you along with me!

The Main Event 

I was looked after by the lovely Sharday, who did my nails, my eyelashes and stepped in as a photographer also! I opted for a dark pink with a purple undertone, Miami Beach I believe it was called and I always find gels are the perfect way to go if you're happy with your nails. They last upto three weeks and they look lovely! This was my first time receiving an LVL lash lift. I wasn't sure what to expect, although the finished product looked so good, and looks like you're wearing mascara, which makes it so natural and incredibly luscious!

Eyelash Treatment

The whole process takes around 45 minutes. Lash sheilds are first placed on your eye and a series of treatments that vary in time are carried out. I also opted for a lash tint, which Sharday recommended, which I'm glad I did, it really makes the lashes pop that little bit extra! It doesn't hurt, it's not uncomfortable, but you do need to keep your eyes closed to make the process easy; which isn't a problem for me!

Sharday spoke through each treatment and it seemed to go very quickly, and the finished product is well worth it. My vision was a teeny bit cloudy for a little while after from having my eyes closed for so long and having creams rubbed over them, so maybe take a rest from driving just after, although it may not even affect you! The finished product looked so good, so natural and really elongated my lashes; I even felt that it made the blue in my eyes pop a little more than usual!  Aftercare was simple, keep brushing through your lashes with the spooly given, and avoid water for 24 hours, which is super easy. I'd say, make sure you avoid make up in the area before your treatment, just so you don't need to worry about having to use any kind of make up remover around the lashes after.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures typically last upto 3 weeks. At Q61 they have a huge range of OPI colours and I of course gravitated towards the pinks, like usual. I also opted for almond nails, I find this shape suits my hand better, and it's more of a timeless shape that I always enjoy wearing. A manicure takes around 25 minutes, and is complete with cuticle treatment, shaping, buffing and painting. It's a lovely pick me up and I have really truly started enjoying having my nails done this year. I used to hate the feeling of nail polish on my fingers, but I have broken through the barrier, and now gels are my favourite! Scroll to see the finished product!

The team at Q61 are lovely, based in the centre of town it's perfectly located for a trip there in your lunch break, after work, or even during a Saturday shopping spree! They do a whole range of different beauty treatments, click here to see what else they do and what may take your fancy!

Beyond Street Fundraising: Interesting Ways to Raise Money for Charity

All of us have seen street fundraisers asking passers-by for money. You might even have been the person doing the fundraising. This method has its limits though. People don’t always like being stopped in the street and being asked to donate, and it can make some people uncomfortable. That’s why it might be time to think about other ways in which we can raise the money that charities sorely need. Here are some alternative and interesting ideas to get you thinking.

Host a High-Class Evening of Luxury
Sometimes, going for the high-end option can be a lot of fun. Many fundraising evenings come in the form of black tie extravaganzas. This is something that anyone can get involved in too. You can sell tickets to people and sell it as an experience that people probably haven’t had before. They can be served the best food, given some musical entertainment, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also hold a charity auction during the evening. And any successful bids that are placed will be given to the charity that the evening is being hosted in support of. It’s a fun way to raise money, so it’s worth considering.

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An Extreme Sports Challenge
To catch people’s attention, you really need to show them that you're doing something unique and out of the ordinary. That’s why many people choose to take on an extreme sports challenge when they want to raise money for a charity. It’s something that anyone can do if they can muster the bravery. For example, you could do a Charity Skydive with some friends. When people hear that you will literally be jumping out of a plane for charity, they won’t hesitate to donate their cash. And there are many extreme sports out there, whether it’s bungee jumping or mountain climbing.

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Eating Contests
Eating contests can be a lot of fun, and many of them attract large crowds. That’s what makes them fun ways to raise money for a charity. You can sell tickets to an event and take it from there. This kind of event can be fun when ordinary people from a small local community take part. Then, there friends and family can come along to cheer them on. It takes a little bit of organisation, and safety will have to be taken into account. But if you can take care of all of that, then it’s something that could be worth hosting.
Get Schools and Nurseries Involved in a Fun Activity
Charities often build links with schools and nurseries in their community. This is positive because it teaches the children about the importance of charity. And it also raises fundraising possibilities for the charities themselves. Things like charity walks or bike rides are quite common. Each child can then get donations from their family members. All the money collected can then be given to the charity when the activity has been completed. Ensure that you make it fun if you want to get kids interested though. You don’t want to bore them.

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