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7 Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Active

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It's always lovely to have guest writers, and today this article is brought to you by the lovely Elise Morgan - be sure to check her out on Twitter @elisesmorgan1

Most people who live in apartments and need a pet, decide to adopt a cat. However, cats can be quite active and living inside can become boring or even harm their health, and that’s why you need to provide them with enough physical activity. You can play various games together, so don’t hesitate and organize some of these activities.

Food Hunt

Even though cats are domesticated, they still love hunting for their food. Hide smaller amounts of food in your home and let the cat hunt it down. This is a very good exercise for your cat’s mind and body exercises for your cat, just be careful what food you provide in order to prevent obesity. Another possibility is getting a food dispenser toy and let the cat release its own treats.

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Walks on a Leash
It can be tough to train your cat to walk on a leash, but it’s manageable. However, you have to remember that cats are not dogs and there is no way you could teach them to heal. The best that you can do is simply get them used to walking on a leash, but you will have to let your cat take the lead. Some cats don’t like leashes and might start acting out, and if that happens, it is better not to force it. Replace the walks with some quality time spent outside in the garden.

Cat Training

Cats can seem uninterested, but you have to provide proper training so they wouldn’t actually become lazy. Start training your cat to do some simple tricks so they would know that it has to listen to you in order to get treats. As they start cooperating, you can even build a small obstacle course in your living room and guide your cat through it. Such training is perfect for exercising agility and mental activity, and preventing obesity.

Playing with Toys

Playing with toys is important and you should dedicate at least several minutes a day to it. You can engage in play with interactive cat toys, to tease and direct your cat what to do. You can also provide some solo play cat toys such as fake mice, balls and toys on strings. These are not the replacement for interactive toys, but can serve as an additional play time; especially if you leave them on the floor to catch the cat’s attention during the day. Other interesting toys include remote controlled ones, which mimic the moves of an actual prey.

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While you’re not at home, your cat will get bored, so you need to find a distraction. Provide some things for your cat to focus on. For example, you can hang a small bird feeder outside the window and the cat will observe it and jump around trying to catch it. Another option is having a fish tank, but you have to be sure it is properly closed so the cat wouldn’t fall in.

Cat Wheel

This is similar to a hamster wheel, but larger. Your cat might not be interested at the beginning, but if you dedicate enough time to training you will teach it to appreciate it. The cat wheel is good because once you get your cat on it the cat will spend plenty of time there, spending excess energy.

Adopt another Cat

This might be the best investment and your cat will have a playmate every day. However, you shouldn’t do this only because you don’t have the time to play with your cat. Cats are extremely territorial and another one could only cause problems, so make sure you pay attention to and play with both of them, so they wouldn’t feel jealous.

Photo Courtesy of: Elise Morgan
Even though cats can sleep through most of the day, they are active animals who need to spend their energy. This introduction of activities is especially important for indoor cats, so don’t be afraid to invest into various toys and activities both for you and your cat.