Beyond Street Fundraising: Interesting Ways to Raise Money for Charity

All of us have seen street fundraisers asking passers-by for money. You might even have been the person doing the fundraising. This method has its limits though. People don’t always like being stopped in the street and being asked to donate, and it can make some people uncomfortable. That’s why it might be time to think about other ways in which we can raise the money that charities sorely need. Here are some alternative and interesting ideas to get you thinking.

Host a High-Class Evening of Luxury
Sometimes, going for the high-end option can be a lot of fun. Many fundraising evenings come in the form of black tie extravaganzas. This is something that anyone can get involved in too. You can sell tickets to people and sell it as an experience that people probably haven’t had before. They can be served the best food, given some musical entertainment, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also hold a charity auction during the evening. And any successful bids that are placed will be given to the charity that the evening is being hosted in support of. It’s a fun way to raise money, so it’s worth considering.

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An Extreme Sports Challenge
To catch people’s attention, you really need to show them that you're doing something unique and out of the ordinary. That’s why many people choose to take on an extreme sports challenge when they want to raise money for a charity. It’s something that anyone can do if they can muster the bravery. For example, you could do a Charity Skydive with some friends. When people hear that you will literally be jumping out of a plane for charity, they won’t hesitate to donate their cash. And there are many extreme sports out there, whether it’s bungee jumping or mountain climbing.

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Eating Contests
Eating contests can be a lot of fun, and many of them attract large crowds. That’s what makes them fun ways to raise money for a charity. You can sell tickets to an event and take it from there. This kind of event can be fun when ordinary people from a small local community take part. Then, there friends and family can come along to cheer them on. It takes a little bit of organisation, and safety will have to be taken into account. But if you can take care of all of that, then it’s something that could be worth hosting.
Get Schools and Nurseries Involved in a Fun Activity
Charities often build links with schools and nurseries in their community. This is positive because it teaches the children about the importance of charity. And it also raises fundraising possibilities for the charities themselves. Things like charity walks or bike rides are quite common. Each child can then get donations from their family members. All the money collected can then be given to the charity when the activity has been completed. Ensure that you make it fun if you want to get kids interested though. You don’t want to bore them.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia

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