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Get Crafty This Halloween

I love to get stuck in with arts and crafts. It is the most therapeutic thing and really is just so fun! This Halloween I was kindly sent a Halloween Craft Box from Viking #SpooktacularCrafts! I was looking forward to getting stuck in to making things because it has taken me a little longer than most people to get into the autumn/Halloween spirit, but this little box of goodies really has kick started my excitement! This time is so perfect and with the cold rainy weather taking hold, I had a lot of fun sitting down and creating some super cute creations, with the help of my mum (gotta give her some of the credit!). 

The box came complete with:
  • A selection of various sized jars
  • A black marker pen
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Tea lights
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes 
  • Spider web
  • Black paper
  • Plastic spiders
  • Scissors (patterned)
Although my artistic skills could use a little bit of work, I was completely obsessed with the spider web, it was so realistic and it sticks to anything super easily because it is a good clingy material. I started with the jars, and decided to use one to store a tealight, to make it look like an old creepy jar and in the little jar, I used some of the shredded black paper and tissue paper to create something artistic! 

I also decided to cut out some little Halloweeny animals (a cat and a bat) out of the black card and stuck them on the side of a plant pot with the spider web which looks so cute on the windowsill in the kitchen, and makes me feel that extra bit more festive whilst washing up! (Who likes that chore?!) I used some of the spiders web to hang over the lampshade. I have seen this done so many times before and I have always thought it looked really good, especially at night when you can turn the lamp on and the light shines through, making it spooky and creating patterned shadows on the wall behind. 

My proudest creation were the pumpkin lantern that I interwove through my fairy lights on my bed. I don't often decorate my bedroom, for some strange reason that gets neglected over the holidays, so now I have brought some festiveness to the room and it looks super cute! 

If you want to get involved and start making some fun creations for Halloween this year, then head on over to Viking and get your kit today! 

You can find them here. Also make sure to head on over to their Twitter and share your creations with them using the hashtag #SpooktacularCrafts and I'm sure they'll be super happy to see what you've made!