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How To Set Up A Meditation Space In Your Home

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

1. Give up clutter

As the ultimate goal of meditation is to enable you focus and get absorbed by a single idea, you are going to have a very difficult time reaching this goal in a room chocked full of clutter. Ideally, you should be able to find a quiet corner and use it to set up your meditation space. Make it welcoming and relaxing by adding various accessories such as candles and decorative cushions. Don't overdo it, as you want to avoid clutter at all costs.

2. Keep it as simple as possible
Assign one central object to be the focal point of your meditation space. This can by a statue or anything else you may wish. Just make sure you choose something that's not too distracting, and perhaps with a hint of sacred, should you be the spiritual kind of person.

3. The four elements are your friends
You can use some symbols of the four elements, as they might help you in your contemplation.

Use a crystal or a plant to represent earth. Burn incense to impersonate air. Light a candle to bring in fire. Last but not least, a ceramic bowl could hold water.
If you want to create an outdoor space for meditation, then it’s a lot easier to use the four elements. Flowers work well for air, fire can be created in a number of ways and something like these outdoor wall water fountains could work well for the water element.  

4. Define a safe area
If you light candles, place them beyond your reach, as the last thing you want is to set your place on fire instead of finding the peace within yourself. You should put the holders in a sand box or in a water bowl, in order to prevent such incidents.

5. Make yourself comfortable
Beware that candles and incense use up oxygen, so you should make sure the place is well ventilated. If you don't get enough fresh air, you're going to feel exhausted, which is far from being the purpose of your meditation.

6. Bring in the music!
Wind chimes are perfect for creating the space you need, a relaxation oasis and a comfortable area. Special meditation music or natural sounds would also do pretty well. It's a good idea to vary the sounds from day to day.

7. Bring the nature to your home

You should establish a close connection with nature by adding a natural element to your space. This element can be a bowl with water, a plant or a vase with flowers. You can use this element as the focal point of your meditation, as it can be very effective in helping you fade out everything else.