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Landon Tyler

I have spoken about candles on so many occasions, and my love for them. I am obsessed with finding gorgeous new scents, special and pretty containers and jars, and I just am a candle hoarder. That's why recently, I've been really enjoying the new incredible candles from Landon Tyler.

Having seen Landon Tyler candles popping up in shops, I had always wanted to try one, I just love the white and slightly frosted packaging of the candles, they go with so much and are so Instagram and Pinterest worthy! I recently received one of the gorgeous Golden Amber sets... a one wick candle and a diffuser, and both look stunning as decor in my room. They would also make such classy gifts too, and with Christmas coming up, they are good quality candles with a reasonable price tag for sure.


  • THE CANDLE (£8): They seem to burn for a really long time without going down too much which is sometimes something I really dislike in candles that you like. Before you realize it you have left your candle on for a few hours and then the candle is burned half way but this one has longevity! It smells amazing. The golden amber is so woody and musky, it probably would be a perfect candle scent for a male, as it reminds me of a gorgeous male aftershave, there's something really comforting about it, and it's super autumnal! I am obsessed with the jars, they just look good everywhere, and in the bathroom on a night they look so chic.

  • THE DIFFUSER (£10): It gives off a really subtle scent. I didn't notice it for a few hours, but when I came back into the room there was a lovely scent and it was not overpowering. I could probably stand it to be even stronger but for a lot of people, a subtle scent is best and that is the beauty of this diffuser! I love to place mine in my room because it makes the bedroom feel festive, and now we are coming into autumn (it is so cold out lately), it makes me feel so happy to smell it when I walk inside! 

So if you would like to have a browse on all the scents they have, check out the Landon Tyler website. They have some brand new scents, including Citrus Grove, Dark Cashmere, and Tuscan Garden so there are many scents to suit everyone! 

Happy Shopping!