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Oxfam Unwrapped - Gifts With A Twist

It is almost that time of the year again!!! Surprisingly, my festive spirit is ever so slowly starting to take hold, I am still in summer mode, and really not sure why. The months come round so fast, it feels like Christmas is always just round the corner! 

We always want to buy meaningful gifts...ones that our loved ones will open up and smile at, perhaps something they've been wanting all year, or maybe something that they didn't expect they would get! It is a joyful time, and of course, a time for giving. This year, Oxfam are running a campaign that is incredibly special. #OxfamUnwrapped is a campaign being run, to give people gifts this year that they desperately need. These gifts can be life-changing for people in countries who struggle day to day. For them Christmas isn't about gifts and great's about survival. Their biggest gift is to receive something that can help sustain them and let them see another day/week/month with their loved ones. 

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Take a little look at  Oxfam Charity Gifts where you can find some really interesting gifts to send to those in need. These are things from school supplies, to winter kits... and even a pile of poo! This can be used as an organic fertiliser which will contribute to growing food and being able to feed their villages. Again the prices are really affordable, depending on your budget, there is something for everyone and a way for everyone to get involved. Christmas is the most magical time of year, and in a couple of clicks, you can give someone a really invaluable gift. 

Image Courtesy of: Pixabay

This is also a way for us to think creatively about our gifts for loved ones. Find out what they really want this year. It can be a struggle to buy something that is exactly what they want and that's also in your budget, but take time to find out what you could give them that is affordable and not in any old high street shop. Having a little browse in your local Oxfam can be really interesting, to find old vintage trinkets or one of a kind tea sets.

There are many things, some ideas include:

  • A voucher for the supermarket where they love to shop 
  • A homemade hamper, with food that will never go a miss
  • Old books that you don't want, someone else may love to read them 
  • Old jewellery that you think would really suit your best friend, wrap it up to them in a cute pouch and make it look super pretty
  • A voucher for a lovely dinner for that couple you know with a newborn that never get date nights anymore

The options are endless, and remember that Christmas is a time for giving, so give someone a #BrightChristmas and don't forget, spread some festive joy! 

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