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Why You SHOULD Claim Compensation

This is definitely a topic that I have never really delved into, or thankfully, had to delve into. When you have an accident that isn't your fault, naturally you must feel incredibly angry, firstly that someone has done this to you and you had nothing to do with the event, and that it has happened to you. 

Recently, my young cousin, who is also disabled with a severe form of arthritis, was caught up in a car bump in the middle of the city centre with her dad. She sent me a text and told me, she had been in an accident but she was OK. I was also as shaken as her. The car sadly had to be written off, and a lot of time and money was wasted on an accident that was not her fault. She sustained a knee injury and also hurt her arm, which was from the impact of the bump. The first thing I asked her was 'are you going to look at talking to a personal injury lawyer?' because it is something that can be super beneficial and really help you to move forward on from such a disheartening experience. My cousin is not necessarily the most confident of people, but with a little encouragement, I was able to tell her to put her claim through and see what can be done, because in addition to the anxiety it caused, and the knee pain she had, she is also disabled, which is already a huge thing to deal with daily anyway. 

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We know that claiming compensation can have a stigma attached to it, people believe that you can use personal injury lawyers for all the wrong reasons, and this is true, but what about hte people who genuinely have had a terrible experience, and really do need someone to listen, and fight their corner. Many people didn't make a claim because of "compensation culture", meaning they missed out on something because of the way that personal injury claims can be looked down upon, and to me that's really sad. Nobody should let a minority of dishonest and deceitful people stop you from claiming something you are entitled to - there are some incredible solicitors who would be more than happy to fight for you 100%! 

  • "It's too much time and effort" - It doesn't have to be. Choose the right solicitor to do the leg work for YOU
  • "I may have to pay a lot of money" - Most companies do offer a 'no win no fee' policy, which really means you have nothing to lose
  • "It may be pricey for a consultation" - Some companies offer a free consultation, so you can get good quality advice over the phone for no fee
  • "I'll be OK, I don't need to get anyone involved" - Why shouldn't you? If you have suffered an injury that's causing discomfort, or any physical/mental issues created by something that wasn't your fault, then it's more than right for you to get some compensation! 

If something has happened to you recently, whether you think it's big or small, and it's related to an event that was not your fault, then why not get in touch with Award-Winning Solicitors Slater Gordon Lawyers for a free consultation, to find out whether or not you have a claim and how they can help. It's quick and easy to navigate, and a helpful and friendly voice can mean so much after an unfortunate incident, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and tired. Feel free to share your experiences with compensation in the comments below. 

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