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Christmas Guide - Kitchen Edition

It's nearly Christmas!! We all know that it's one of those amazing but undeniably stressful times of year where sometimes we have no idea what to buy our loved ones and friends and often they don't know what they would like either. We all know what the usual hot topics are as of late, health and lifestyle and homeware. Both hugely popular and that's why I want to comprise a little list that compiles both topics for some really nifty little gifts for people this year that range from the cheaper side to the more expensive luxury side, and I'm starting this guide with the kitchen!

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I'm obsessed with kitchenware lately...I have such a yearning to constantly buy new things for the kitchen as I've made a very early New Year's Resolution to spend more time in the kitchen, to cook better, to take better care of myself and to make my kitchen a happy, communal place because we all know kitchens are where it all goes down...FOOD!!!! Of course..

1. Set Of Glasses - have a little look next time you're in TKMaxx at their glasses selection because they have some really quirky and unique glasses that are just a perfect reasonably priced gift that will never not be used. Why not search Amazon for some one of a kind styles there and finish the gift off with a bottle of alcohol (if you buy wine glasses).

2. Kitchen Candles - candles are a perfect gift to sit in the kitchen. Scented candles are the best way to dispel all those unwanted food smells from cooking your tacos or fried onions...we all know how smells linger so a heavy duty scented candle, with a lovely fresh scent is a lovely gift and perfect to sit on your windowsill throughout all that xmas cooking!!

3. DIY Hampers - although this could get a little on the pricier side, they are a lovely gift idea. If you don't want to stick to the regular hampers you can buy in stores or your friend/relative has specific tastes or food requirements, then why not buy your own basket and get creative. Buying from health food stores like Holland and Barrett or Julian Graves for some healthy treats that will set them off perfectly for the after xmas detox!

4. Kitchen Essentials - for a new homeowner, essentials are vital. A tea towel set, a kitchen knife set, oven gloves, or even a pan set...I think I could muster up quite a lot of excitement at a gorgeous set of copper pans. Mason jars are also a fab gift, different styles and colours for your overnight oats and much more. How about personalized mugs that you can keep on your counter to look pretty?

5. Kitchen Appliances - Why not take a little look at some of the goodies on offer at Panasonic Juicers to buy a really practical gift for someone wanting to take an active and healthy approach to life after Christmas. Juicing is such a fantastic and fun way to get your nutrients and can be a substitute for a heavy and time consuming breakfast. It's a gift that will go far and can be such a life-changer for many. I know I definitely need one as my apple tree has shed all its fruits and I totally want to make a large batch of fresh apple juice for the mornings! I will definitely be putting a juicer on my xmas list!

So there you have it. A simple but easy list to have a browse through. Happy Shopping! Feel free to share your ideas also!