Four of the Best UK Destinations For a Weekend Break

If you look for a last minute city break or a long holiday to get away from the daily grind, a lot can be said of staying closer to home. All of your needs can be met, by staying closer to home and exploring different areas in the UK. You wouldn’t need to stress about visas, passports, or getting money changed. You might not get any guaranteed sunshine. But just a break from the daily routine and getting outdoors can do anyone the world of good. Plus, as you’ve not had to travel far, you can make sure you’ve got your waterproofs and Hunter boots at the ready. Here are some of the best locations to visit in the UK, for all different experiences.

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Shopping and Sightseeing in London

You can’t talk about UK travel, without mentioning London. It is a multi-cultural hub, filled with history, good food, shops and plenty to do. It might be one of the more expensive places to stay in. But with a wealth of hotels and hostels available, there will be something for every budget. You could do some shopping on Oxford Street or Bond Street, before heading out to a show in the West End. You could make a long weekend work there or even a week long trip; there is just so much to see and do.

Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

If you prefer a bit more peace and quiet, then heading north to the Yorkshire Dales is a great option for you. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor fun, including hikes, walks, and climbing. There are plenty of watersports on offer in the area too. So it really would be something that would get you back to nature and help you to forget your normal routine. There are lots of lovely cottages that you could stay in, as well as hotels and boutique hotels. You could even stay in one of the holiday Eco-Lodges in the area. Perfect for something a little different.

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Mini-Break in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is home to some amazing culture and festivals. It is also home to one of the world's’ best new year’s eve parties too. The city is divided into the old town and the more modern Georgian part of town. So amongst the fantastic shopping and nightlife, you can view some of the amazing architecture and history. There is the large castle that stands at the top of the city, along with lots of rolling hills. So a quick mini-break away would be perfect in Edinburgh. There are plenty of hotels, so there will be something for every budget.
Relax in Cornwall
If you haven’t been to the far end of the county in Cornwall, then where have you been? It is a stunning part of the country that needs to be seen to be believed. You could surf in the area, as well as walk along the high cliffS. There are fantastic beaches, as well as botanical wonders like the Eden Project. So what is stopping you from exploring?

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