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The Perfect Winter Dinner Dress

I love winter fashion. There's something so elegant about coats and boots and the way you can double wrap your scarf or flip it over your shoulder. It's the time of year when it's that little bit chillier than usual and being fashionable can be tricky when you're having to layer up and especially on evenings, when you don't want to wear a large amount of layers and don't want to be cold, but you also want to look nice.

Here is one of my recent go to outfits for dinner. This gorgeous jersey dress from House of Fraser is stunning and mixes autumn and summer colours in a super flattering way, ribbed at the side and the perfect winter length, so your legs aren't going to get super cold. Yet it's also a summer dress too with the short sleeves. Add some black tights to this even and it would still look stylish. Super affordable and also lovely quality, soft but also figure hugging and doesn't crease easily (which we all know is a bonus for women's clothing)!! The dress can be found here - House of Fraser Women's Designer Dresses

The quality is lovely, it's 97% Viscose and 3% Elastane, and it is nice and fitting and stretchy which is good, and would suit many body styles as it does really compliment the figure. There's little swirls and twirls in the material that give it an added dimension and it goes with so many things. Yellow and red just look gorgeous together and they work so well with this dress. 

I love wearing it with my Camel Coat, and I love a good warm winter coat that will never go out of style. I also paired the outfit with some black open toed boots which hurt like crazy at the toe area, but do look super cute but this dress could easily be worn with shoes or boots. These two combined are the perfect dinner outfit, and it makes me even more excited for this season!!

Happy Shopping!