I've Discovered the World Now it's Time to Discover Love on Badoo

There comes a time in your life, when the luster of your ever expanding travel itinerary suddenly becomes a little dull, and it’s easy to become burned out. Soaking up culture, and immersing yourself in historical cities is still a boon for my mental and physical wellbeing, I can’t pretend it isn’t, yet there can be a lack of connection to life at home. A certain disruption to the homely obligatory agenda; go for Friday night drinks, or perhaps, catch up with an old friend on Skype that always seems to elude your memory. It’s easy to become burdened with work and travel, but avoiding this emotional burnout doesn’t have to be difficult. Discovering the world is enlightening and perhaps opens up your mind to other cultures, religions and races; it allows you to create a bigger network of friends in the long run, but finding them is not always easy.

Photo Courtesy of: Badoo

I’ve been exploring the exciting vibrant online world of Badoo; a dating focused social network, with a plethora of key features that put this network ahead of the game. Badoo is the largest dating app in the world! Essentially a place to find love, Badoo offers a safe environment to chat, make friends, with both male and females, and engage is enticing conversation, expanding your network of friends, whilst still allowing a distance. Badoo can slot perfectly into your busy travel life, whether you’re at the other side of the world, or stuck pinned to your office chair firing out emails; it’s easily accessible.

Discover 366m people at your fingertips; is one of Badoo’s most exciting slogans. In simple terms, it’s a vast exciting network, and you are guaranteed to find someone who shares your hobbies, passions, problems or postcode! Here are some of the major reasons to use Badoo, and it’s not just their security or safety features, it’s not just their huge collection of people worldwide, but it’s the fun features that they’ve added to Badoo, which create an electrifying buzz whilst you’re using the network. Face recognition allows the app to find the closest person in their network to your celebrity crush; it’s fun, fresh and simple! Highlighted below are some of the most modern, incredible features that Badoo has to offer, which focus greatly on women’s security, which is a prominent topic for any single lady, myself being one of them, I like to ensure the people I am talking to are the people who match their profile photos.  

1.  Video Calls & Selfie Request

Chat to anyone you connect with via video calls, it’s simple and easy and doesn’t require picking up and meeting a stranger for the first time outside of your comfort zone. Play by your rules, and first and foremost stay safe. The ‘Selfie Request’ simply means the person you’re talking to, is required to pop over a selfie as proof that they are the person showing in their photograph. In essence, it is photo verification, and this is a novel idea, especially for first time online daters. If anything seems untoward with any activity on your account, there is a helpful team available 24/7 to assist. 

2. Location, Location, Location

Badoo offer a ‘People Nearby’ feature, which allows you to tap in any location you’re in, whether you’re on the road traveling in Europe or at home perusing the local shops, you can connect. It’s easy to feel a little claustrophobic and potentially concerned when you feel that apps are receiving information about your location, but Badoo only access your location on a 30-mile radius, so you’re always safe.

Photo Courtesy of: Badoo
3. Finding & Maintaining Connection

This makes finding mutual friends incredibly easy. Badoo offers a ‘Friends In Common’ feature, allowing you to find people you may not realize are nearby you often; including a ‘Bumped Into’ feature, such innovative ideas have been sunk into each and every aspect of this dating site, and with this feature, you’re able to see who you may have walked past earlier in the day, whilst stepping out of your favourite coffee shop, maybe even leaving the gym. It’s a brilliant way to make new friends, a new gym buddy, or even a new boyfriend!

It’s a safe, fun way to connect, and of course you can access it by the tap of a button on your phone, no matter where you are. For me, playing around making new friends whilst on a long train journey to work, is an exciting new concept; allowing me to discover life and maybe love on my terms, my time, and my way. Download Badoo today, and find out who you may discover. Our journeys have only just begun!

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Christmas Cosiness At Home

As much as I love travelling, I do have a distinct love of feeling cosy and being home during the Christmas period. Aside from travels to Christmas markets, I do enjoy staying warm at home, decorating and sometimes inviting people over to share the festivities with me. I have been lucky enough to create my own little basket of festive goodies to give to my next guest when they stay over.

In this gorgeous delicate wicker basket, I've placed a few little items inside, guaranteed to make someone feel all festive and cosy! With thanks to Wayfair and their gorgeous Christmas stock, I've been able to pick up some lovely items, at affordable prices, and it's a fact that Wayfair never fail to succeed with their variety of products, from ultra high end expensive luxury products and affordable products that are still very good quality.

Here are some of my Wayfair choices to make this Christmas extra special! All will be posted below for reference!

1. Astoria Grand Clothier Lumbar Cushion

This beautiful little piece is perfect for your bed, chais lounge, bench or just on the sofa, but is so lovely and boutique like for your room and the red really is so inspirational and Christmassy, it's certainly guaranteed to make them feel a little bit festive! It's soft and red, with two beautiful little detailed buttons to make it super cute. Click here to BUY.

2. Living Bordeaux Fig and Vetivert Votive Candle

This is the best little gift for your guest. Candles make everyone feel all warm and cosy, and this smells divine. The little candle makes your room feel really festive and the writing on the front says it all! Just great! Candles always give you that feeling of a home away from home. Click here to BUY.

3. Caracella 'Radiant Energy' Painting Print

This is a brilliant way to make guests feel at home during their festive stay. A little bit of artwork is always pretty to look at and this particular piece is cool toned and wintery but so beautiful and would make a lovely gift also. I find pieces of art really make a house a home. Look at how pretty this is! Click here to BUY.

4. Catherine Lansfield Nordic Trees Bath Towel

This is a perfect festive towel without being too 'in your face'; it's classy and pretty and the colour scheme is lovely. Works well on the bedroom or bathroom! I think grey works so well with coloured walls and different textures and styles, which makes this such a lovely fit and would be perfect for your guest to wrap themselves in whilst watching the snow fall outside! (If we are that lucky!)  Click here to BUY.

5. Liberty Candles Cloche Earth Scent Jar Candle

This candle smells so good! It's highly fragranced and is so delicate and dainty! It looks lovely on your winterwonderland table, or perfect in the bathroom during your evening soak! It's definitely a lovely quality candle. You can never have too many candles in the house, especially at Christmas, so this is definitely guaranteed to smell and look amazing in your home! Click here to BUY.

6. Castleton Home Glass Lustre Decorative Bottle

Not only would this make a lovely gift, but there's something about gold glass, cute bottles that make me feel Christmassy. The leaf motif running through is just gorgeous also and a lovely piece to add to a collection of smaller and larger glass bottles for depth and style! Click here to BUY.

7. Prestington Floor Palm Tree In Pot

Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors but without the hassle of having to water the plant. This gorgeous potted plant looks real, it works in every room and looks so pretty. If you're not able to put up a real Christmas tree for your guest or in your home at all, then why not add some fairy lights and make it festive in your own way!

Click here to BUY.

8. Ian Snow Cubic Dip-Dyed Vase

This little yellow coloured vase is perfect for ornamental purposes, or to add a few little flowers to for your guests! I've just added this to my other Wayfair vase which is the perfect accompaniment! I just love the way these look, so frosty and pretty, and what nicer way to welcome guests than with some flowers in a cute vase! Click here to BUY

9. An LED neon Christmas sign - these can look beautiful and by adding a little bit of colour to your wall it can light up the space to create an even cosier atmosphere. Treat yourself to festive LED neon signs and enjoy the magic of the season!

Treat someone you love to something lovely and homely this Christmas or put together your own basket for your guests this year!

*I was gifted these products in exchange for this post but all views are my own. 
3 seater sofa bed floating shelf  Electric Fireplace
Pure 3 Seater Sofa Bed Such a delicious colour, perfect to match neutral schemes and add a lovely pop of colour. The texture is comfy and cosy and is really on trend currently. Belle Isle Floating Shelf A perfect pick when you want to stack all your books, line up all your candles and create a homely environment in any room although in your bedroom it’s perfect to display all your little ornaments. Electric Fireplace During the winter months, adding a little extra warmth to your home is exactly what you need. Plug this in and enjoy a little heat and style and it’s the perfect accompaniment to your cosy nights in with a book and a glass of cocoa.
Bedside lamp corner desk jar candle
Sword 60cm Bedside Lamp This geometric gold lamp with a black shade is so stylish and gives off an air of elegance and style. Sit it on your living room sideboard or perhaps your bedside table. Branford Corner Desk For all the people who work from home, this will be a favourite for you quickly. Create a space in your home to work from, with everything you could need and this sits lovely in a corner making it cosy and warm! Corta Casa Pacifica Scent Jar Candle Sometimes you need a special, luxury candle to burn, to relax with, and this is a beautiful design, with a lovely fresh scent and is also of course incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Irresistible!


Ways To Help Manage And Control Your Eczema

Eczema can be a painful skin condition, and experiencing it can be frustrating, feel unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. But there are things you can do to help control and prevent the symptoms associated with eczema, such as very dry, sore and itchy skin, bleeding, and flare-ups, which is when it becomes very active. This article shares some of the different ways you can manage and control your eczema.  

Use a good skin cream

A first important point to mention when finding ways to manage and control your eczema is to use a good skin cream or ointment. Steroid creams, like a hydrocortisone cream, are a common treatment that can help ease inflammation and reduce redness and itchiness of the skin. Creams like this are easily accessible from both high-street chemists and online pharmacies, like Chemist4U. Always having a cream to hand – at home, or in your bag when you’re at work or out and about ­– can ensure you’re fully prepared if you have a flare-up.

Keep your skin moist  

Dry skin can be a common trigger of a flare-up, especially in the winter when the air can be very dry. If skin becomes too dry it can get rough and itchy, crack and lead to infection. To help prevent this, you should aim to keep your skin moist as best you can. Moisturising the skin with a body cream or lotion regularly and after a shower can help. Having a humidifier in your house, such as your living room or bedroom, can also help moisten the air in your home. It’s also wise to make time for a daily skin routine to keep your skin moisturised each day.

Wear loose-fitting, soft and light clothing

Another eczema trigger can be wearing rough, itchy and heavy fabrics. The scratching and rubbing of the materials can irritate the skin, and repetitive scratching can cause the skin to thicken and become very itchy. Clothes that are too heavy or tight can also cause you to sweat and trigger a flare-up. For this reason, it’s best to avoid wearing tight or heavy and itchy clothes, like those made of wool, and opt for loose-fitting, soft and light clothing, which doesn’t rub, instead. It’s also advisable to wash new clothes before you wear them to help remove chemicals that might irritate your skin. 

Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be common triggers of eczema. They can also create a vicious cycle, as having very itchy and sore skin is likely to cause you more stress. So it’s advisable to do your best to control and reduce any stress you might experience. Be wary of situations that might cause you stress and then do what you can to relieve it. Things that can help include regular exercise, breathing techniques, and methods of relaxation like meditation, massages and warm soaks in the bath. A good night’s sleep can also help, as stressful situations are likely to make you feel less stressed when you’re not so tired.   

Keep your home clean and cool

Dust and warm environments can both trigger eczema or make it worse. Dust can irritate the skin and warm temperatures can cause you to sweat, which can make the skin itchy and cause a flare-up. This can especially happen in the winter when you’re likely to have your heating higher in your home, and the low humidity can dry out your skin. So it’s wise to clean you home frequently, keep it free of dust as much as possible, and at a cool temperature.

Take daily warm baths or showers

When you have eczema, how, and how often, you wash is important. It’s advisable to have at least one shower or bath each day in lukewarm, not hot, water, for five to 10 minutes. When washing you should use a gentle cleanser, like one for sensitive skin, without added perfume or dye, as these can be common eczema triggers. You should also not scrub, but gentle wash, the skin. After washing, it’s advisable to gently pat the skin so it’s still damp when applying your moisturiser. This will help the skin better absorb the cream.

Don’t scratch and go for check-ups

When extreme itching and soreness occurs during a flare-up, it can be tempting to scratch your skin. However, this can make eczema worse, as rubbing and scratching can break the skin, which can lead to infection. If an extreme flare-up happens, it’s better to instead consult your doctor. Sudden or frequent flare-ups could mean you have an allergy, like to eggs, dairy products or pollen. So it’s wise to book a doctor’s appointment and have a check-up. Your doctor might want to discuss allergy testing with you to find out what triggers your eczema. They could then start a course of treatment to help you manage it even better.    

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