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How I Wear A Red Lip

Every year just after Halloween, I start to countdown the days to Christmas. Undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year, I'm happier, I have more energy and more importantly...I have the burning desire to whip out every Christmassy Make-Up sets I have, including the daring bold red lip.

I often shy away from a red lip, and yet red lipstick goes with so many skintones and it can add the extra zing to any look, taking it another level up, and of course its classic reputation will always make a red lip a timeless look. We all know that wearing a red lip is such a bold statement, that sometimes we can be a little shy about overdoing the rest of our make-up but for Christmas, a little extra glitter and sparkle is the cherry on top of the cake!

This is my wearable red lipped Make-Up look

I always keep my base super simple, Bourjois Healthy Mix, which is a go-to favourite, silky effect, dewy and all round flawless finish for my dull dry skin! With a red lip, I never over contour as it looks heavy and sometimes too intense. I usually dust over a little powder and dab on a bit of rose coloured blush, never peach, as I don't find it compliments the red lip at all. I chose this time to go for a goldy shimmery eyeshadow, the one I use is a low end palette from Collection, really affordable with all the gorgeous colours that dupe nicely for the Urban Decay palette. Any gold looks nice and light on the eyes!  I finished off with a swift brush of mascara to coat the lashes and a litle winged eyeliner, which I have yet to fully master. If you don't want the eyeliner, then it's not essential. Yes, traditional, yes self-explanatory, but that is what makes a red lip so super easy to use. 

The red lip Palette is from Sleek, I have raved about it before and used it before as you can tell, but it is super perfect with four true red shades that suit any skintone or look you want to capture. Also in love with my Pebble Grey illuminated vanity mirror which is not just incredible for giving you that perfect make-up lighting but it's a fantastic selfie mirror too. Plug in and never have to worry about batteries and it looks so elegant on my dresser!

See, a red lip can be easy. It is the perfect time of year to whip out your favourite red shade and dare to wear. The classic chic look of a red lip is timeless, and although at the moment, the reds only come out at Christmas, my goal is to rock it all year round. Never be afraid to play with new make-up looks!!